Grey Eyed Elven Twins – Where are we now?!

by May 7, 2003Stories

DISCLAIMER! – dont own Lotr, but i do own myself (Jo!) and Ceinwen is independant too. Enjoy!

AUTHORS NOTE – !!!IMPORTANT!!! – This is a joint fanfic between myself and my friend Ceinwen, yes I have her permission to do this, and every other part is mine, starting with this one. ENJOY READERS!


“Your turn.” yawned Jo lazily, leaning back into the brown comfy chair.

“Ugghh…” came Ceinwen’s reply and she slowly raised herself upright. “What colour am I again?” she asked groggily.

“Um…bl-ack.” answered Jo slowly, eyes half-closed, the warm sunlight streaming through the window and across her face, making her drowsy.

Ceinwen studied the chess board, her brain on a go-slow. It was a hot sunny afternoon in August and the two friends were stuck indoors. Ordinarily they would have been outside with ‘the gang’, but since the incident with her mother’s favorite vase, Jo had been grounded. She had protested that it wasn’t her fault, that the stupid vase was to fragile anyway, a waste of money. Apparently though, her mother believed that Edwardian antique vases were not to be used as lemonade pitchers for her mates, to which Jo had just scowled. But that made no difference now; they were landed inside, playing chess (chess!) of all games.

“Oh I really can’t be bothered with this,” said Ceinwen finally, “I give up, you win.”

“You know I’m good baby girl.” Jo attempted to raise her arms in triumph, but found that she just, well, couldn’t be bothered either.

“What are we going to do?” Ceinwen asked a few minutes later.

“Don’t know – there’s nothin'”.

“What about your garden? There must be something we can do out there.”

“Oh do we have to? Its sooo comfy here…”

“Oh no, its happened – you’ve become a-a-a COUCH POTATO!” Ceinwen covered her mouth in fake horror and pretended to faint.

“Alright, alright,” laughed Jo, “To the garden!”
A few minutes later, the pair were beneath the shade of the huge and ancient oak trees in Jo’s back garden. It was adjoined straight on to the Old Pickwick Forest, a massive nature reserve on the English/Wales border. The sunlight came through the thick canopy in patches, dappling the girls in light. Outside, they found themselves more awake, the constant buzzing of bees and birds song filling the air. Ceinwen gazed longingly into the forest.

“Couldn’t we just…”

“No!!!” Jo interrupted stubbornly.

“Oh please?”


“Please please please please please?” begged Ceinwen, putting on her world famous angel face.



“Ceinwen, I’m grounded, you know we can’t…”


“Oh, fine, but not too long! Mum will be back from work soon,” checked her watch, “one hour, ok?”

Soon they had left Jo’s back gate far behind and they were surround by trees on all sides. They kept to their usual path, chatting and laughing as they went, Jo’s long dark hair swishing around down her back, Ceinwen’s strawberry-blonde locks illuminated by the sun. They must have been going for about half an hour when Jo suddenly began to pay attention to where their feet had led them.
“Um, Vi? Do you actually recognize these parts?” she questioned.

Ceinwen glanced around her. “Ah. Well, no.”

“Brilliant. Well, we’d better just head back the way we came.”

This they did, again not paying to much attention and when they finally stopped again at 2:45, they were completely lost.
Jo groaned. “Oh for Gods sake, the amount of times we’ve been in these woods, and the one time we’re against the clock, we get lost. Just bloomin’ marvelous.”

“Oh, we’re bound to find some way out,” commented Ceinwen light-heartedly, “Come on, lets keep going.”

They walked deeper and deeper in to the forest, until at least Jo was in a state of utter panic.

“Sin, its five to three! Mums home in five minutes and we have no idea where we are! I should never have let you talk me into this, I just knew it, you and that angel face….”
But Ceinwen was blatantly ignoring her and was listening intently to something else.

“What?” demanded Jo.

“Can you hear that? Listen!” Faint and far away came the sound of horses and bells – and voices.

“There you are!” smiled Yavanna triumphantly, “Let’s just follow those voices! To your left.” and scrambling through the bracken and thick ferns they found themselves at a road. Not a tarmac one, rather a wide dirt track, like one leading to a farm. And standing in front of them, on two magnificent white horses, were the most amazingly identical twins the girls had ever seen…


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