Greenleaf’s School for Elves – Part 4 – Narya, Nenya or Vilya?

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“As your Deputy Headmistress, it is my duty to sort you into your various houses.There are three: Narya, Nenya and Vilya. So named after the three rings of power which passed over the sea many ages ago. To Cirdan, the ‘ship-maker’, was given Narya, ring of fire, later passed on to Gandalf the Grey. Galadriel was given Nenya, made from Mithril, the ring of adamant and water. This she kept always, ruling the
beautiful Laurelindorinan, or Lothlorien .Vilya, ring of air and mightiest of the three was given at first to Gil-Galad who, before his death fighting against Sauron at the end of the Second Age, passed it on to his herald, Elrond Half-Elven.”

Professor Greenleaf scanned her eyes across the thirty new first-years, checking to see that they were following. Her gaze settled on two young she-elves, Findel and Celana. It seemed that a light had been kindled inside them as they drank in this new information. The Deputy Headmistress then motioned to one of the tables where a student had stood up. As soon as all the students were watching, he began:

“Those who go to the Narya house usually have a fiery temper when roused, but are gentle and kind – thought few but those closest see this. They are skilled with their hands, especially when it comes to metalwork. However, books and lessons are not at the top of their agenda, and concentration is not easily found.”

At the Nenya table, another student rose, she began:

“Nenya was the ring of adamant, therefore those in this house are rock-solid and not easily broken. However, the water, of which the ring also represents, shows their ability to change, and in more ways than one! Sometimes called ‘boisterous’, those in the Nenya house work hard but enjoy a break.”

Finally, Rebeka was surprised to see Finley, the elf who had gone ‘through’ the tree in front of her, rise at the Vilya table. When he began, his clear voice sounded throughout the hall:

“Mightiest of the three, Vilya. This does not mean, however, that those in Vilya are in any way better than those in the other houses.” Rebeka saw him glance at a couple of
female elves at the end of the table. “Vilya was also the ring of air and many in this house are able Changers, mainly flying. Elves in this house either love to travel or are firmly planted in the ground. With their keen sense of adventure, they often join with those from Narya and Nenya where good friendships are formed.”

Halfin Hyarmen rose and introduced, not an elf, but a mortal -a young boy of about 16/17. “This here is Daniel, a Facemaker. He has the gift of seeing and drawing what it really there. This way, we shall be able to find you the right house.”

One by one, Daniel patiently sketched the frightened faces of thirty new students. Each time he finished one, he passed it to Professor Greenleaf and Professof Hyarmen who, after a short discussion, would point the child to a table. Leaving their bags, they would approach their new ‘family’ admist cheering and clapping. When Findel Lanthir (the she-elf who’d preceded Rebeka and Elnumen ‘through’ the tree) seated
herself in front of Daniel, he paused for a moment at the less than sipmle task ahead, then he began to draw quickly, trying to get in every detail. Later, the same thing happened to Rebeka.

The Headmaster and his Deputy studied the two pictures hard: These two posessed all the qualities from each of the houses, where would they go? “Vilya.” Halfin stated in quiet whisper to Ellenwyl, “It was the mightiest of the three…”

“Findel Lanthie and Celana Silme – VILYA!”

The two walked shyly over to their table, Rebeka having left Strider with Silemon, the caretaker. Finley greeted them both, “Come, I’ll show you the common rooms and your dorm. You’ll be sharing with these three other girls: Jessica Burgess, half-elven, though she found out her ‘Elvishness’ the same way you two did; Hanah Rochir, horse master’s daughter, and one herself I should hope; and Gwen Edhelen, an Elvish Maiden.”

Finley, the head-boy of Vilya, led the five girls and five boys through a door behing the Vilya table. “Welcome to Rivendell.”

The Rivendell?” one of the boys piped up.

“A likeness.”

The party followed him down the labyrinth of corridors, and seeing their faces, Finley told them they’d soon get used to it, but they didn’t look like they believed him. He smiled. Near the waterfall, Rebeka saw the twins, comically dressed in a t-shirt and combat trousers, but with grey Elvish cloaks around their sholders.

“Elladan, Elrohir! There is a ‘NO FISHING’ sign right above your heads, can you still not read it?!!?!”

“Hey, we wern’t fishing!” Exclaimed the slightly taller one: Elladan.

“We were rescuing the fish…” Elrohir couldn’t think of a good excuse quick enough.

“Scram! No, wait! Do me a favour and show these girls around.” Finley caught them before they ran off.

“Darn!” said, Elrohir, “We wern’t quick enough!” But he was smiling as he said it.


The twins led the laughing girls off a a tangent to Finley and the boys, keeping up a running commentru as they went:

“This here is a tapestry of the King and Queen, Celefin and Ariendel, who were captured and haven’t been seen for near 100 years.”

“Down there is the staff rooms for Vilya. Shh!”

“That statue on your right is of Aragorn’s son, Eldarion, and the one further up on your left is Elenya, who came at first to Middle-earth in a dream – or so they say.”

Rebeka jumped in before they could say anything about the mirror of the wall hanging ahead. “Elladan and Elrohir? Wern’t those the names of Elronds sons?”

“Yup! But we’re not his sons!” -Elrohir

“We’re only 16!” -Elladan

“Out mother named us after them.” -Elrohir

“Obviously. Oh, here we are.” -Elladan

The students looked around, seeing nothing but the mirror and the wall hanging. Elrohir kicked a spot on the wall and a rope fell down from above them. One-by-one they climbed up, finding themselves in a beautiful room with five large four-poster beds, each accompnied by a locker.

“Wow!” Exclaimed Findel, “Wow!”

“Great isn’t it? Your stuff is already here, we’ll leave you to fight over the beds. Be ready in about ten minutes so we can show you your common room and the main one before food” Elrohir said at the pair left the room.

Sorry this has taken so long to write. I’ve got a website at which I’d love if you visited! -R.S.


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