Greenleaf’s School for Elves – Part 3 – The School

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On the first of January, Elnumen took Rebeka back to his car, which was parked outside Angel Eats. They drove down the M3 to Southampton and The New Forest. At a place called Fordingbridge they turned off down an old forest track, lined with leafless Beech trees and pretty winter flowers. After about half an hour, though it seemed much longer to Rebeka who’s heart was beating unusually fast, Elnumen stopped the car beside a particularly fat Oak tree. Rebeka stepped out, dragging her sports bag and dog from the boot. Elnumen followed her, but instead of locking the car as she thought he would, he removed from his pocket a minature globe on a
keyring. This he hung above the rear view mirrrror, and on closing the door, the rusty green Landrover disappeared.

“W…What?!?” Rebeka exclaimed.

“Just a little Elvish trick. No-one comes down here, but just in case.” Elnumen replied, smiling at her the stunned look on her face.

Rebeka wandered off while Elnumen rustled through their bags. “Oomph!”

“Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Rebeka managed. “What was that?”

“You didn’t think we were the only ones here! I’m waiting for a couple of friends, then we’ll be off”

“Off to where exactly?” Rebeka looked around her, they were in the middle of nowhere! Unless the school was hidden in the forest, and she didn’t fancy traipsing through there.

“School, of course.” Then seeing her glancing worridly into the mirky depths, “but not in there though!”


They waited, alternately throwing sticks for Strider, who was enjoying all the attention. Not much later, two red cars entered and pulled into their own parking spaces. Their contents lept out and the drivers used their keyrings (a fish and a football) to repeat what Elnumen had done earlier.

“Elnumen, hi! Sorry we took so long, lots of traffic you know.” One of the young Elves called.

“I heard. Is everyone here now?”

“Not quite!” And Rebeka saw two identical twins, about her age or older, staggering towards the Oak tree, weighed down with excessive amounts of luggage. Looking at Elnumen, she raised her eyebrows.

“Don’t mind them!” Elnumen replied with a laugh, passing her her stuff.

Unsure of what to do, Rebeka watched an older Elf whisper something to the Oak tree, which, in response, seemed to come alive, waving it’s branches in a non-existant breeze.

“You first.” he said, motioning to one of the twins, who was slightly taller. The twin approached the tree, heaving his stuff along with him. He walked through a door which had come of nowhere and which disappeared with him. The taller twin was was followed by his shorter brother, and then the younger Elf
who had spoken to Elnumen.

Elnumen took Rebeka’s hand and together they followed another first-year and her accomplice through the `door’. Rebeka must have been expecting something weird and unnatural to happen because she was surprised when nothing did. It was just like walking through any other ordinary door.

“Look.” Elnumen told her, and she did. All around her were other fat Oak trees, with Elves appearing from them. In front was something that looked like it had come from Mirkwood, Rivendell and Lothlorien. Above, built into the cliff, with a waterfall falling through it was the `Rivendell’ part. Below, `Lothlorien’ was partly hidden by beautiful Mallon-like trees as it met the stream from the waterfall. Mirkwood was on the left side of `Rivendell’ and `Lorien’, and was built part in the cliff wall, part in the trees.

“Greenleaf’s School for Elves.” Elnumen announced proudly beside her.

All she could say was: “Wow”


As a group, the Elves who had come through the trees walked towards the school. Rebeka saw others arriving, either on horseback or by boat. The main hall, into which they all went, was positioned right in the middle of the three different `parts’. It was hexagonal, with the main staff table in the middle, and three v-shaped tables round the edge. Elves were pouring in from three enterances and seating themselves at one of the three tables. Rebeka, however, along with all the other first-years was hearded into the middle. A tall silver-haired Elf with a friendly smile approached them.

“Welcome, to Greenleaf’s school for Elves. I hope you had a good journey, and are equipped with all your stuff for the year ahead. I am the Headmaster, Halfin Hyarmen,
to your left…” (all the students turned) “…is the Deputy Headmistress, Ellenwyl Greenleaf, behind you…” (they turned again) “…is Professor Quesse who teaches Elvish, and Professor Celirnan who teaches the horseback riding. Finally, to your left…” (they turned once more) “…is our caretaker, Silemon. The other teachers are due to arrive shortly”

Professor Greenleaf approached them, causing them to complete their circle.

“As your Deputy Headmistress, it is my duty to sort you into your various houses. There are three: Narya, Nenya and Vilya.”

I so glad you all like my story, I was really worried at first that it would be rubbish. The next chapters will be coming, though not soon, unfortunatly. With my GCSEs next year, all my teachers have taken the oppertunity to pile me with homework.


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