Greenleaf’s School for Elves – Part 11 – The Professor

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If you haven’t read any of my previous `chapters’ (sorry I haven’t posted in so long guys!) I advise that you read them first as otherwise this will make no sense at all to you! Links to them can be found at Enjoy!

A rumour travelled round school that week. “Professor Aenon is dead,” it whispered. “Killed, by orcs.” On hearing this, a cold shudder ran down Rebeka’s spine. She ignored it; she was late for Defence. An hour of her favourite subject pushed all horrible thoughts from her mind and it wasn’t until Hadmn came out of the infirmary during History that she remembered.
He sauntered in, “Prof Aenon ain’t in there,” he reported.
“What?” Rebeka asked, completely confused. Findel explained, leaning over Vedyn as she did so.
“Hadmn `fell’ off his horse in order to get into the infirmary and see if Professor Aenon was in there.”
“Yeah, and before that he `spilt’ his ink on one of the tapestries to look into the staff room.” Continued Findel.
“He wasn’t in there either.” Hadmn added bitterly.
*crazy*” Ondolon coughed, receiving a hard slap on the back from Hadmn.
“You OK mate?” Hadmn asked with fake concern.
“Fine, thank you.” Came the reply, followed with a muttered, “Dunno `bout you though.”
“So, is he really, you know?” Rebeka asked Barad next to her.
“Dead? Prof Aenon? Doubt it but you never know. Ever since the King and Queen went missing, weird things have been happening in The Divide?”
“The what?”
“Divide. Where Earth and Middle-earth meet.”
Rebeka frowned as she turned back to her work. Why did the stupid King and Queen always keep coming up? How could they possibly be her parents anyway? What with the name `Celana Silmé’ apparently being the same as the princesses,’ why had no-one said anything? She sighed, then stretched her arm into the still air.
Professor Aya saw it, “Yes Miss Silmé?”
“Professor, is it true that Professor Aenon was killed by orcs?” From the looks of those around her, Rebeka realised this may not have been such a good thing to ask…
“No. Of course not! Whatever gave you that idea?”
Silence filled the room like a blanket, covering even the sounds from outside.
“On the other hand,” Professor Aya continued suddenly, almost making Rebeka jump, “I believe you have the right to know.” Another pause. “Professor Aenon was not, as you say, `killed by orcs’ but has received from them many injuries and is now in a critical condition in The Houses of Healing.”
“Across the divide?” Hadmn asked, trying to make light of the situation which was beginning to become uncomfortable for him, “No wonder I couldn’t find him here!”
Rebeka’s hand rose again. This time she did not wait. “How did this happen?”
Professor Aya didn’t speak for a minute, obviously debating with herself as to whether to continue or not. “Orcs came across The Divide during summer. Ever since the disappearance… “
Rebeka quit listening. She knew what was coming. King Celefin and Queen Ariendel. Sheesh! It was as if the whole world resolved around them or something!
“Maybe some of it did.” A voice! In her head! Rebeka shrieked and fell off her chair.
“Miss Silmé! Are you alright?”
“Uh, yeah, I… I’m fine.”
Aware of the stares she was receiving, she bent over her books and parchment before thinking, “Are you my conscience?”
“No,” it replied, “I’m your headmaster.”
“What!” She called aloud.
“Sorry Professor.”
Rebeka discreetly plugged her ears, knowing as she did so that it would make no difference. “What are you doing in my thoughts?” She demanded.
“Hopefully helping you a bit.”
“Helping me? You’re scaring me, as well as intruding on private property!”
“I shall take my leave then.”
“How do you do that anyway?”
“It’s not easy. I didn’t even know if you would receive me…”
“Oh, OK. Bye then.” She ended, as if it has been a phone call, which, in some weird way, it sort of had been.
“Professor Aenon had no reason to cross The Divide,” Rebeka began once all five girls were tucked up in bed and trying to sleep, “Therefore, the orcs must have come to him. Why him, though? Do you think maybe he knew something important?”
“Celana! Two things: First, you can’t just cross The Divide, otherwise everyone would be doing it so the orcs defiantly couldn’t have. Second, shut up!” Findel replied as an answer.
“What were the names of the son and daughter of the old King and Queen?” Rebeka continued, ignoring Findel exaggerated sigh.
“Don’t you mean sons and daughters?” Rebeka was surprided by Hanah’s answer, “They were Elhyarmen, Elnumen, Celaya and Celana Silmé.”
“Well, don’t you think it’s weird that my name is Celana Silmé, and I have a brother called Elnumen… “
No-one said anything yet Rebeka knew them to still be awake. “What?” She whispered, “What did I say.”
Gwen came over to her. “Celana. When we received our letters, there was an added note asking us not to comment on your name etc. It didn’t say why, we thought maybe your parents had named you after her or something.”
“Then how come people are so surprised all the time, like with my sword.”
“That’s something different altogether. That sword, your sword, was destroyed.”
“Oh goody. This sounds like something out of a book.”
“You’d be surprised how book-like life can be sometimes.” Jess commented.


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