Greenleaf’s School for Elves – Part 1 – The Elf

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Rebeka woke as the first rays of the pale morning sun stole in through the round window at the end of her room. Still dressed in her pyjamas, but with an added jumper, she climbed through the skylight above her bed then slid silently down to the balcony below. The garden beneath her melted into the soft Carmarthenshire hills which rolled over one another in an effort to reach the sea, sparkling in the far
distance. As the winter sunlight warmed Rebeka’s body, her thoughts travelled to part of another world, one which had existed long ago, though she did not yet know that. In this world she saw, as she always did, a beautiful turquoise-blue lake surrounded by lush green woodland. All about her Rebeka heard the sounds of singing and of water falling…

“Come an’ get it!” Beth’s morning shout for breakfast snapped her back to reality. She climbed up to her room, slipped from her pyjamas to jeans and a T-shirt then joined the rest of the kids in the charge for the kitchen. This morning there were the usual two owls waiting for Alice and Jack who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, a glimpse of something white outside grabbed Rebeka’s attention away from breakfast. There on the windowsill outside sat a rather large white dove carrying, like the owls, and official-looking letter. Rebeka went outside to retrieve it and was surprise to find it addressed to herself:

Rebeka Silme,
Attic Bedroom no. 5,
Prince William Orphanage,

For that was what she was her and all the other kids here. They were orphans. Rebeka had never known her parents, all she could remember was that blue lake surrounded by the green forest, and singing and dancing and the sounds of water falling. Sitting down at a table with a slice of toast, Rebeka opened the envelope, noticing for the first time a crest of a green leaf pinned down by an arrow. Inside there were three letters, she opened the first:

Dear Rebeka Silme,
We at Greenleaf’s School for Elves are delighted to invite you to attend next year. A list of all the supplies you’ll need is enclosed and they can be bought from Angel Street, London. If there are any problems in obtaining these please notify before the start of term.
Animals (preferably small ones) are allowed, but the owner(s) must take full responsibility for their welfare. If it/they are not being looked after properly they will have to be sent back home, otherwise all animals will be banned by the ECOA (Elvish Care Of Animals). If you are bringing an animal(s) please let us know before the beginning of term so we can arrange somewhere for it/them to stay.
It must also be noted that First Years with any problems involving transport to or from London would please inform us before the beginning of term.
Term starts on the 1st January.

Halfin Hyarmen – Headmaster

The second letter simply listed everything Rebeka would need. Though where she would get the money to buy all this stuff she had no idea. Her question was answered in the third letter:

Dear Rebeka,
We are fully aware of your current situation. There is enough money for you to buy all your school supplies for the next 7 years, which is how long you will be at this school, plus a little extra. If you have any friends who would take you to London you may travel with them, otherwise we shall send someone to collect you a couple of days before the start of school on the 1st January. Otherwise, Merry Christmas!

Ellenwyl Greenleaf – Deputy Headmistress

Stunned, Rebeka lent back against the chair. Was this for real? She thought about Alice and Jack, and when they had first received their Hogwarts letters. They hadn’t believed it either. But whereas Harry Potter wasn’t real, Hogwarts and the Wizarding world certainly were. Could it be that there is an Elvish Hogwarts? Just then Jenny walked in carrying a screaming 2-year-old. Jenny, like Beth, Jodie and Emma, was
one of the orphanage `mums’. There were `dads’ too, Dave, Andy, Gary and Phil. Rebeka relieved Jenny of the now hic-coughing Graham and Jenny noticed the letters still lying on the table.

“What’s this she asked?” Picking one up.

“Letters, for the new school I’ve chosen, or that’s chosen me actually.”

Jenny read while Rebeka walked around, thumping Graham’s back.

“I see.” Came the predicted answer, Jenny’s answer to pretty much everything.

“Well, can I go?”

“I don’t see why not, everything is sorted, and now we’ll have an Elf as well as aWitch and a Wizard.”

Christmas came and went leaving Rebeka with plenty of new clothes, and 101 other
useless bits and pieces from the `brothers’ and `sisters’ she would be leaving behind.
Right now, though, she was at her desk writing to the school with a pink fluffy pen –
one of her Christmas presents.

Dear Halfin Hyarmen,
I shall be unable to make it to London in time for the start of term, and will also have problems
purchasing most of the supplies listed. As well, I shall be
bringing my dog (Alsation), Strider. He doesn’t need much
in the way of accommodation, just a kennel and a blanket.

Rebeka Silme.

This is my first story and I hope it’s not too boring! If I continue with this it should become more action packed.I would like your views and comments so I know whether or not to continue.


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