Greenleaf’s School for Elves – Defence

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In the smaller gymnasium the afternoon sun streaked in through the ceiling-high windows, lighting up a square of soft mats in the centre and a cupboard at the end. The ten Vilya first-years entered and were temporarily blinded by the sinking sunlight. Professor Daer led the nervously excited elves up to the cupboard and opened it. Inside, hung a row of ten swords.

“These are yours. Each one has either been passed down over the years, or crafted especially. Until next year, however, you will not be able to keep them yourselves.” Professor Daer explained whilst handing out the sharp, shining weapons.

Half an hour later, Professor Daer had finished practing simple
deence with the first-years, using sticks, and allowed them to bring out the real ones. Rebeka clasped the handle and pulled her sword from the sheath Elnumen had bought her. A gasp. Rebeka looked up and was surprised to see the whole class looking at her. She looked around. No, they were looking at the sword.

“Where did you get that?” Elodan breathed.

“I…I was given it, I think,” she shrugged. “Why?”

Just then Professor Daer placed a hand on Rebeka’s sholder and led her to the other side of the room. “I don’t supposed you’ve heard much of the more recent history,” he began explaining, “But you may have heard of King Celefin and Queen Ariendel who, over 1000 years ago, were ambushed and kidnapped by orcs. No-one knows much about it, no-one survived. Except, supposedly, the prince and princess though they’ve never been seen since. Anyway, the sword you have in you hand is similar to the one the princess owned.”

Rebeka nodded as Professor Hyarmen’s words fom the infirmary echoed back to her… “Your sword.”

The room was completely silent. Everyone had heard.

Another half an hour passed before the horn was blown and resounded around the three buildings to signal the end of lessons. For the first time in her first fortnight at Greenleaf’s, Rebeka actually felt as though she was actually good at something. Her feelings were confirmed by the compliments given by her fellow students as they replace their swords. As a group, they left the gym, then split into twos and threes and went their own ways. Rebeka and Findel decided to drop their books in their locker before joining the rest of the school for lunch. On their way, they passed Elrohir and Elladan in the open library. With big smiles they both waved as the girls walked passed. Obviously, they were up to some sort of mischief.

Once alone in one of the locker rooms, Rebeka asked, “Findel, do you remember your mother?”

“No, nor my father. You?”

“I do, now.”

“Has this got anything to do with when you freaked out in Geography? You were calling out all sorts of names, mine and Elnumen’s encluded.” She paused, “Then out of nowhere you drew that magnificent sword and soon after collapsed on the floor and started bleeding.”

“It has everyhting to do with that. I don’t understand what happened, but I flashed back to an event that took place over 1000 years ago.” Rebeka looked at Findel, “I saw your mother.”

“I remember.” A whisper, so quiet Rebeka nearly missed it. She took Findel’s hand, it was cold and shaking.

Findel turned to her, “Don’t you get it?”

“Don’t I get what?”

“You! Who you are!”

“Who am I?”

“The princess, you muffin. You’re the lost princess. Elnumen, your brother, is the lost prince. And me, I’m the daughter of the King’s sister.”

“We’re cousins?”

“Well, Celefin and Findel were twins.I just never realised it was my mother, Findel”

“I’m 13, not 1013 though.”

“You, me, Elnumen, we’ve been lost for 1000 years.”

“Lost? How do you know so much?”

“I remember.” She repeated. “Your sword isn’t similar, Celana, it’s the real thing.”


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