Greenleaf’s School for Elves – Archery

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Five girls and five boys stood in a line facing five targets. Each of them was armed with an ash bow and three arrows. Pacing back and forth between the young elves and `Will’ (fire at will…) was Professor Narie.

“One at a time I want you to load your arrows – as I showed you – and fire at the target. Off you go, Barad.”

Barad aimed and fired, nicking the edge of the bottom of the target. His second arrow flew too high over the top, but the third landed on the red/yellow line.

Vedyn’s arrows collected easily on the red circle, and he smiled proudly, not vainly or arrogantly, just pleased with what he’d achived.

Next was Jessica who’s first shot fell short. The second and third, however, landed in the red circle with Vedyn’s.

She was followed by Hanah. One after the other, in quick succession, she landed three arrows in the center, but then, she was decended from the Rohirrim…

Ondolin sent his first into the black circle, missed entirely with the second, but succeeded in landing the third into the blue.

Gwen nervously shot her first attempt into the grass. Her second attempt embeded itself in the stand, and her third, in the white `circle’.

Elodan managed to send all three somehow into the target. One of them, barely hanging on, eventually fell off.

Findel, who had never before shot an arrow, succeeded in knocking one of Hanah’s out… The other two joined Jessica’s and Vedyn’s in the red.

Penultimatly came Hadmn, the class clown. Handsome, brainy, talented, confident… His arrows landed in a straight line, blue, red, yellow. “Show off” Findel muttered, Hadmn heard and grinned at her, winking and shrugging his shoulders.

Rebeka. She didn’t know if it was just her, but it seemed that Professor Narie looked at her expectantly. “Well, here goes,” She thought bringing her bow up horizonatally, placing an arrow on top. Vertical again, Rebeka pulled back the string with her pointing and index fingers, the arrow nestled between. With the taunt weapon next to her face, she squinted, pointing the arrow towards the centre…and let go. The arrow disappeared into the forest. Breathing deeply, Rebeka repeated the process, this time not pulling the string so far back… It landed with a rustle into the bushes guarding the trees, scaring out a rabbit, though Rebeka didn’t notice. “Third time lucky…” She whispered to the arrow and it flew in a perfectly straight line. As soon as she’d released the string, Rebeka screwed her eyes tightly shut. On opening
them, she saw her `lucky’ arrow planted snugly in the rabbit. Her hand flew to her mouth, shutting the flow of apologisies that threatened to flood out. The other nine stared at her. Professor Narie strode purposefully towards the rabbit, removed the arrow and flung the carcass into the bushes.

“Okay, pack you things away while I write out your assessments,” pausing at the stares, she smiled. “Don’t worry! It’s only so you can do better next time, though what
I’ll write for Miss Rochir and Mr Ingiz, they’re near perfect.”

Face bright red, Rebeka allowed her long hair to cover it while she fumbled with the equiptment. Findel approached her.

“You were really good!!” she exclaimed.

“What?” Rebeka cried in astonishment, “I missed completely! Everytime!”

“Yeah, but, those were good shots. I mean, did you see that rabbit?”

“Obviously not, otherwise I wouldn’t have hit it would I!”

Seeing she had hit a sore spot, Findel backed off and went to retrieve her assessment.

Rebeka had to admit to herself, she was envious. Findel has never so much touched a bow or arrow. Nor had she, but the nearest she’d got to the target was the rabbit. The rabbit! She couldn’t believe it. She’d shot a rabbit! Head bowed, she approached Professor Narie, hand outstreched. A slip of paper was placed on top and she turned to go.

“Celana?” She stopped. “I know you’re hating yourself for missing, but I’ve never seen anyone shoot a rabbit dead, without even aiming.” Rebeka frowned. “Don’t worry about the rabbit, there’s thousands of them. You’ll see I’ve written on your assessment that you’ve got amazing talent, only it needs to be pointed in the right direction.” Rebeka paused. Had she finished? Could she go now? “You may go now.”

Sorry this is so short!! I was going to do one called ‘Lessons’, but there were too many lessons to do, and it was too long. Instead there’ll be lots of small ones…


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