Great Battle rewrite – by: Mortivore 1

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It began as a simple offering from Sauron to the Elvin city of Enkabar Totalus. The offering was a small golden ring. It was for Elrond under one condition: He returns it in 1 month. The Human delivering the ring never got to his destination. A small band of goblins ambushed him before he could reach Enkabar. Arnon was killed and the ring rolled of the road and into a bog where it sat for 150 years. Sauron, thinking he had been cheated out of his ring of power, Sauron declared war with Enkabar. Elrond thought this not fair at all, so being the elf he was, he went to war.
On the slopes of mount doom, a last alliance of me and elves marched bravely against the armies of Mordor.
“Grrrrr let their pretty face come to my sword,” said Elthil, son of Elrond.
“Patients” Said Elrond in an irritated voice.
Then a roar that startled everyone.
“FIRE!” Elrond said and arrows flew by in an angry whirr.
The Elvin made arrows consumed Rows and rows of orcs.
Out of nowhere, a high squished voice said,
“ATTACK DA OCRSES!” It was a creature named gollum. You might say gollum is one of a kind, but hundreds of similar looking creatures came of the cliff on the west.
Another loud voice said, “Ohh, Come on we can take ’em!” And out of a cave in the east, Dwarves came with their shiny blue axes and beautiful green helmets.
Being a little over excited, Elthil ran with the dwarves and when they met the orcs, you would have not seen an angrier man than Elthil.
Well into the battle, Elthil’s strength was giving out. Two Uruk-Hai charged him. One raised their sword above it’s head and Elthil caught it’s arm, did and acrobatic spin, and sliced of it’s sword arm then turned around and jabbed his sword through it’s gut. In the excitement, Elthil forgot about the other Uruk-hai until it stabbed his side, Elthil fell on his back and the orc skillfully twirled its sword and stabbed Elthil in the stomach.
“ELTHIL! ELTHIL!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!” Yelled Elrond. “I NEED YOUR-.” Elrond saw the motionless body on the ground.
“Nino thee. Loaw athow gretha.” Just then, and orc stepped in front of Elrond. Elrond had no time to react, but a Gollum creature ran up Elrond’s back and bit the orc’s neck. Elrond looked at the Gollum like creature and shuddered.

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