Gothic Human -> Elven Queen – Chapter 5

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“What is she doing here?” King Thranduil asked his son. He looked over Legolas’s shoulder and saw Moriwen, holding her son.

“I brought her here for protection,” Legolas hissed.

“Protection?! She is their queen. Why would she need protection?”

“Not from the other Moriquendi, but from Sabros. Speaking of which… she knows,” Legolas whispered the last two words.



King Thranduil’s eyes widened at the mention of his elder son’s name. He looked back over at his daughter-in-law who he would have rather married his other son.

“She’s knows that you were brothers?”

Legolas nodded.

Thranduil sighed and hung his head. She knew that she was a part of his family, and he would be unable to deny it.

“Show her in,” he ordered, reluctantly.


“Come on, Moriwen,” Legolas said, taking my arm and leading me to were his father stood.

When King Thranduil saw Ladicilion, he couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

“So I am a grandsire,” he said quietly.

I held Ladicilion out in front of me.

“Would you like to hold him?” I offered.

Legolas looked from me to his father, to Ladicilion and to his father again. King Thranduil started to reach for his grandson and then hesitated.

“No. I would be accepting my eldest son by doing this,” King Thranduil said, though his eyes betrayed him. He looked longingly at Ladicilion.

“Well, you can hold him as my child. For I would be honored if the King of Mirkwood held my son,” I insisted, finding a way around the king’s reasoning.

Legolas and Thranduil smiled. Thranduil, though a little reluctantly, reached out and took my son. He held him, rocking him back and forth.

“What’s his name?” King Thranduil asked.

“Ladicilion,” Legolas and I answered in unison. I turned toward him and gave him a questioning look and he shrugged his shoulders. I locked eyes with him and nodded my head toward the door. I started walking toward it while still looking at Legolas. It took him a second to realize I was saying `Follow me’.

“We’ll be right back, father,” Legolas said, turning toward the door.

After we left the room, I let Legolas lead. I didn’t know my way around the palace very well. He went up two flights of stairs and then we walked down a long hallway. Many maids and guards regarded me as an enemy, but Legolas told them that it was okay, I was his guest. Finally we got to a room that didn’t have a single guard in it. After giving it a quick glance, I decided that it must have been Legolas’s room. Legolas motioned to a chair and then sat down in the one across from it.

“I assume that you want to talk about something, so, talk,” Legolas said after a few moments of awkward silence.

“You’re acting…odd, Legolas,” I said slowly.

“Am I?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“How so?”

“You’re just…just… acting oddly comfortable about Ladicilion. I would have thought that you wouldn’t be very happy about my having a son.”

“Why shouldn’t I? He’s your son, and you’re one of my greatest… friends. Also, he’s my nephew. But I try not to put those two things together, if that makes any sense.”

It did. He was comfortable with me having a son, and he was comfortable with having a nephew. He just didn’t like the fact that his nephew WAS my son.

“Your father seemed to like being a grandsire,” I commented, changing the subject.

Legolas cringed.

“Yes, he did.”

Legolas had a look on his face that told me the rest of that statement. `Yes, he did. But Ladicilion should be MY son.’


I sat down next to him and put my arm on his shoulder. I was worried that he was getting too angry. He looked up at me.

“Legolas. I probably shouldn’t say this, but… I love you. And seeing you like this is painful for me.”

Legolas looked at me, shocked.

“Moriwen?! You’re married to my brother. You had his child for the Valar’s sake!”

“Yes, but I don’t love him. He’s horrible. Before he left for Rivendell, he snapped my wrist!”

Legolas’s eyes instantly fell to where my hands were resting in my lap.

“So, you do still love me?” He asked in a whisper, not looking up at me.

“Yes. When I said I didn’t love you… at the wedding… I did that because I was trying to convince myself that I didn’t. It was hard for me, having to marry someone that I didn’t love. I tried to make myself, but I just couldn’t! I love you.”

Legolas looked up at me. He leaned forward and then stopped and gave me a questioning look. When I didn’t make any move to stop, he planted a small kiss on my lips. Though the kiss was very relieving from the ones I had grown used to, I instantly felt dirty. Even though I hated him more than anything else in the world, I was still married to Sabros, and I had to honor that marriage until I could abolish it.

There was something that I had been meaning to ask anyone who didn’t work for Sabros, and then seemed like as good a time as any.

“Legolas, are there such things as divorces in Middle-earth?”


Him repeating the word didn’t lift my spirits, but perhaps they had a different word for it.

“Yes, when you marry someone, but you don’t want to be married to them anymore. You get a divorce and you’re no longer married,” I explained.

Legolas hung his head a laughed a melancholy laugh.

“The only thing that unmakes a marriage is death,” he said sadly. “Moriwen?”


“What did you see in Lorien? When you looked into the mirror?”

I stared at him. I didn’t know what to tell him. I couldn’t say, `I saw my husband kill you’!

“What I saw has already happened,” I answered, vaguely. Was I really expected to tell him that I saw his older brother slit his throat? I decided to change the subject.

“Let’s go downstairs,” I suggested.

Legolas sighed and hung his head.

“Fine, don’t tell me. But I will find out sooner or later,” he muttered as he stood up.

In my mind, I grimly though, `Hopefully later’.

When we got downstairs, King Thranduil was still holding Ladicilion. My son was amusing himself by pulling on the king’s robes.

“He is so sweet,” King Thranduil said, as we entered. He looked up at his son. “You were like that, once. Now, you’re nothing but trouble,” Thranduil chided.

I let out a small laugh. As Legolas stepped closer to his nephew, I thought about how lucky Legolas was. Here he is, surrounded by all this love. He had a father who cared for him dearly, and my love for him. Not to mention the millions of elves who were his subjects. Then there was my son. Now, I can’t tell what babies think, but he was reacting to Legolas the same way he reacted to his father and I. The last thought struck me like a bolt of lighting.

Legolas was treating Ladicilion like more than just a nephew, but like a son. And Ladicilion was treating Legolas as though he was his father! But that was probably due to the fact that you can only tell the two apart by Sabros’s green eyes (and evil look). This was getting weird. My son was confusing his uncle/ my boyfriend with his father!


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