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The next day, Sabros called all Moriquendi to the front of the palace to make an announcement. I stood beside him, holding our son and crying. There was no-one else left to protect me. I was all alone. As Sabros was naming Ladicilion the Crowned-Prince and heir to the thrown of Maddas, I had no idea what was going on in Mirkwood.


“He’s insane,” Legolas yelled as he threw the report back down on the table. “Killing an entire royal family, save the one who makes him part of that family.”

“We’ve known for a long time that he wanted to be king,” Vestel, one of Legolas’s advisors, said.

“Of course, but through murder?! I thought that he would care about Moriwen enough not to kill her family. Obviously I don’t know him as well as I thought.”

“Prince. None of us know what goes on inside that mind of his,” Vestel answered.

“But I’m his-.”

“Legolas, we all know what you are. But that
doesn’t mean you know his deepest secrets,” Thranduil said, trying to calm down his son.

“He will pay for what he did to Moriwen,” Legolas muttered.

“Of course he will. But the biggest problem is that Sabros wont be satisfied with just a kingdom. He wants Middle-earth. All of it,” King Thranduil summarized. “I have called a meeting of all rulers of Middle-Earth. King Aragorn and Queen Arwen, Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel, Lord Elrond, even Master Gimli of Moria.”

King Thranduil assumed that this last guest would cheer up his son, but it didn’t. Legolas was too deep into depression and anger to hear any of his fathers words.


“Why me?” I mused to Silayah.

“What do you mean, Your Majesty?” She asked while she was brushing my hair. I was feeding Ladicilion (with a bottle).

“Why did I have to marry Sabros? Why did I have to be King Ruinruak’s daughter? Why did Sabros have to kill my family?”

When I asked this last question, I felt Silayah deliberately yank my hair.

“Your Majesty knows that you are not to talk of such things,” she said in a warning whisper. “King Sabros did nothing of the sort!”

I rolled my eyes. I hated living like that! My husband was considered “innocent” of the murder of four people, and I knew better. I also hated acting like I loved him. I couldn’t believe that I, at one time, made myself believe that I did.

“Aw. There’s my beautiful wife and child,” Sabros said as he came in. “You can leave now, Silayah.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” she answered, bowing and leaving.

“May I hold my child?” Sabros asked, taking Ladicilion out of my hands as he asked.

“I guess you can,” I answered sarcastically.

Sabros glared at me and took the bottle out of my hand. He started talking about politics as he fed Ladicilion.

“I just received word from the other elven kingdoms. They wanted to inform me that they do not believe that your father and brothers died accidentally. And that I am considered a very prominent enemy. As if I needed THEM to tell me that,” Sabros added with a small laugh. He then looked at me and then at the unlit fire-place. “My Queen, it’s awfully cold in here,” he mused.

He was so subtle. I rolled my eyes and quickly lit the fire-place


“Much. Now, my dear, I was wondering if you would mind doing me a favor. You see, I have informed my troops that we are going to attack Rivendell, and I think if we had your magical aid, the battle would be completely one-sided.”

I sat there in shock.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to do this?” I demanded to know.

“I just did.”

“What “magical” aid do you wish me to give?” I stood up and tried to take Ladicilion from him, but he pulled him back.

“Fire. I have seen how you can light weapons on fire. I wish you to do that to ALL of my mens swords and arrows.”

“I’m not sure I can do that,” I said with a tone of voice that suggested flat out refusal.

“What do you mean you’re not sure you can do that? I have seen you do it!”

Sabros walked over to the baby’s cradle, and laid him down. He was afraid of holding his son when he was angry. He was worried that he would hurt him.

“I’m not sure the fire would last without being held by my hand! The blade would catch, but the flame will extinguish,” I yelled.

“Here. Let’s see if what you say is so,” Sabros said as he pulled his sword off the wall. He handed it to me and I lit it. When I handed it back to him the flame didn’t even flutter. The sword remained lit. “I guess you were wrong. My army and I are leaving tomorrow. I hope to see you in the armory at dawn. There, you will proceed in lighting each and every sword and arrow my men posses.”

I bowed my head. I didn’t dare oppose him.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” I muttered.

“There’s a good girl,” Sabros said.

He ran his hand over my cheek and I turned away from him, knocking his hand away.

“You ungrateful little-,” I cut him off with a sudden burst of fire leaping from both of my hands.

“Ungrateful?! Are you saying I should be grateful that you killed my family? That you took me away from the man I love?! Yes, I love Legolas, not you,” I said, seeing him open his mouth to speak. “I hate you! You say over and over again how much you love me. But you don’t love me. You only want me because I’m powerful and a princess. And, for some reason, because Legolas loves me. I don’t understand why you want to hurt him so much! For instance, why did you want him to come to the wedding? So he could see that YOU got me, not him. All you want is to hurt him! And I want to know why? You’re sick and twisted and I HATE YOU!” I screamed these last words.

Sabros grabbed my throat with one hand and shoved me against a wall. I heard Ladicilion start to cry.

“I don’t care if you hate me. But you will never disrespect me like that again, understand? And about Legolas, the reason I want to hurt him is because he hurt me. Taking the girl he loves is nothing compared with what my little brother did to me.”


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