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This is the prologue for a hopefully entertaining story. The girl in the story is me. I would like to thank all the readers and Tolkien for creating such a wonderful world. (This is a LEGOLAS story)

I ran into my room and threw myself onto the bed, in tears. They just didn’t understand. Parents never understand. It’s torture to ground a seventeen year-old girl from her boyfriend. And what was wrong with my boyfriend? So what if he had a green mohawk? So what if he had more piercing’s then I did? It just wasn’t fair. I reached over to my radio and turned up my Disturbed CD as loud as the it would allow. My parents had always told me not to turn my music up so loud. I should have listened. I pulled my comforter up over my head and listened to the hateful words of the song. Then I noticed a strange smell. It was familiar, but strange. You know when you get into your car and you’re in the city, then you get out of your car in the middle of the forest, there’s that strange smell? You know, that fresh air scent? Well, that’s the scent that was filling my room. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, had I not been in New York City. I lifted my head up out of my blanket, only for it to be covered up by cloth covered in some sort of drug. I know it was drugged because it smelled oddly sweet and after a few seconds of breathing it, I began feeling light-headed and care-free. Right before I blacked out, I saw the light of my lamp reflecting on two blue eyes.

When I woke up, I was cold and my head hurt. I tried to sit up, but my hands were bound behind my back. I opened my eyes to see… nothing. There was a cloth tied across my eyes. I could hear someone talking. They were in front of me, maybe to the left. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying, so I set to figuring out where the hell I was! The ground was cold, soft and damp. It was probably clay. So I knew I was outdoors. I leaned against the wall harder and concentrated on it’s feeling. It was hard and sharp and colder than the ground. Rock. I must be in a cave, I thought.

“Oh. Moriwen is awake,” I heard a voice say with an odd accent.

I felt a small wind as one of them walked toward me in a fast pace.

“I’m sorry,” a man’s voice said before placing yet another piece of drugged cloth over my mouth and nose. Once again, I blacked out.


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