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In the morning, I was woken up by a maid at dawn. Not how I like to start my day. I was led to the Dining Hall to have breakfast with Elrond and Legolas and Elrond’s sons’. It was weird, being treated like an equal. Afterwards I headed back to my room. I had been told to pack, but I didn’t have anything to take! Nothing there was mine! At about ten o’clock, I went to the main entrance of the palace. I was given a horse to ride. It was beautiful and white. It was also good tempered, which was great since I couldn’t ride a horse.

Legolas and I rode day and night. Any attraction I had for him was gone in a day. He was completely cocky and arrogant. When we DID talk, he would talk only about himself. And at night, at camp, he would just gently stroke my hand. Nothing really bad or anything. But I didn’t like to be touched. I quickly learned not to sit next to him.

But on the third week, all things bad that I had thought of him, would leave my mind.

We stopped in a small clearing, for the horses to rest. About twelve yards off, there was a small pond.

“I’m going for swim,” I said as I walked away from Legolas.

“Just be careful,” he called after me.

“I will.”

He was so paranoid. Any time I left his side, he would tell me to be careful. When I asked him why, he said because every dark creature in the world would be after me. Fun.

I took off my dress and laid them over a branch. The whole time during my swim I felt as though someone was watching me. `Great,” I thought. `Legolas’s paranoia is rubbing off onto me!’ When I was done, I climbed out and put on my clothes. At that moment, six Moriquendi stepped out of the forest.

“Hello, Moriwen,” the one I assumed to be the leader, said.

I looked around in the trees expectantly. Wasn’t Legolas supposed to be my protector.

“Where is your prince?”

I did not answer.

“Your father has missed you greatly, Princess. So have your brothers,” he said with a steely voice.

All six elves turned their head when a flock of birds flew out of a nearby tree. Two of the elves drew arrows and set them in their bows. They stepped away from the circle and toward the tree. Then two arrows came flying from the opposite direction and found their marks in the two Moriquendi’s backs. Two more stepped forward and pointed their arrows in the direction that they had come from. Another one pulled out a knife and put it across my neck. Then…swoosh! An arrow flew past my face into one of the archer’s side. The leader walked forward and pulled an arrow out of one his companions back.

“So, Prince Legolas. You have decided to grace us with your presence. Why don’t you just come out. We have Moriwen, and you can’t possibly kill all of my men-.”

He would have said more had an arrow not pierced the back of the elf who was holding a knife to my throat. As he slowly fell down, his knife dragged across my neck. I let out a stifled yell and crumpled to my knees. I held my hands to my throat to try and stop the bleeding.

“I wouldn’t know about that. You only have one man left.”

I looked up to see Legolas step out of the trees. He had his bow set and aimed.

“Actually, none,” I heard a second voice say. I turned my head to see the last Moriquendi plunge his sword into the leaders side. I gasped and almost fainted.

“Moriwen,” Legolas said as he dropped his bow and ran over to me. He tilted my chin up and examined the cut on my throat. “Well, it’s not fatal. Sauros, I’m not to good with healing. Could you do it?”

The Moriquendi walked over to me.

“Here, I have some herds that I can use, but I need to go look for some more. I’ll be right back.”

While Sauros was gone Legolas kept his hand on my throat and the other on my hand. Tears were rolling down my cheek.

“It’s okay. It will stop hurting soon,” he said as he gave my hand a slight squeeze.

When Sauros came back, he had a handful of leaves.

“Do you have a camp set up, or anything?” He asked as he neared us.

“Yes. It’s just on the other side of those trees,” Legolas answered.

“Perhaps we should go there. It would probably be more comfortable. Legolas, can you carry her?” Sauros asked as he picked up his weapons, which he had put down before going into the forest.

“Of course,” Legolas said. He put an arm behind my back and another underneath my knees. He stood up slowly. His step was light, and I swear, if I had closed my eyes I would have thought I was floating!

Back at camp, Legolas laid me down on a blanket and moved away to let Sauros do his business. The look on his face told me that he did not like not being able to do something. When Sauros was done, Legolas and him went to the opposite side of the clearing and talked. I don’t know what they were talking about, but when they came back, Legolas came over to me.

“Moriwen, Sauros is going to stay with us for tonight, to make sure that you heal. Is that alright?”

I nodded, which wasn’t smart. Sauros had stopped the bleeding and healed the cut, but it still hurt!

At about midnight, Sauros went out into the forest to make sure that nothing was out there. He had thought that he had heard a noise. I stood up and walked to the other side of the fire, where Legolas was sitting. I sat down next to him, but he continued to stare into the fire. I was about to say something, to see if he was awake, but…

“Yes, Princess?” He said. The sound of his voice made me jump. I didn’t think he knew I was there. I quickly recovered and remembered what I was doing. I placed my hand on his hand and entwined my fingers with his. He looked down at my hand and then up at me. I had never been this close to him, therefore I had never noticed the intensity of his eyes. It was enough to make any girl faint.

“Thank you,” I said shakily. “Thank you for saving me.”

Legolas went back to staring into the fire.

“I am your protector. I did only what I was expected to do. Nothing more,” he said tonelessly.

I looked down at the ground then back up at Legolas. I leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. I stood up and walked back over to where I was sitting. When I looked up, I saw that Legolas was staring at me from over the flames. His face was expressionless.

He turned his head sharply to the left, as if he had heard something. A minute later, Sauros walked out of the trees. He smiled at us and then sat down next to the fire.

“Nothing out there,” He said cheerily. “Oh, Moriwen. There is something that we were supposed to give you. I took it out of the captains bag. Here, it’s from your eldest brother.”

I took the ring that he was holding and held it up to the firelight. The stone was red and the ring was gold. The fire seemed to dance in the reflection of the stone.

“It’s beautiful,” I said, looking back up at Sauros.

“He wanted you to wear, so if he saw you, he would know you by it. But that ring is not needed. There is no doubt in my mind who your parents are. You look so much like them.”

I slipped the ring onto my middle finger (the band was so big) and looked up at Legolas. He was smiling, surprisingly enough.

“What are you smiling about?” I asked.

“My friend used to own that ring. It brought him great luck and power. I hope you wear it responsibly though. You must.”

I started to lay down and before I fell asleep I heard Legolas’s voice speak.

“It’s name is Narya.”


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