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In the morning, I woke up to hear Legolas and Mithrandir in deep conversation.
“What will you teach her?”
“First I need to see what she is capable of. Then I will teach her to develop her powers. Do you know of any as of yet?”
“No, Mithrandir. I can’t detect the signs of her kind of power,” Legolas answered.
“Very well. Wake her up and we can get started,” Mithrandir ordered.
The next thing I knew, Legolas was kneeling next to me, shaking my shoulder.
“Moriwen, wake up. Wake up, please.”
“Huh? I’m awake,” I said, feigning sleepiness.
“Good morning,” Legolas said with a smile. He started to lean down to kiss me, but Mithrandir cleared his throat in disapproval.
“Legolas,” he scolded. “She is a daughter of the Maia. Something as holy as that mustn’t be treated so.”
Legolas looked down at me and smiled shyly. He then closed his eyes and turned away as his cheeks started to turn red.
I just then got a grasp on what a Maia was. A type of an angel. I was the daughter of an angel.
Mithrandir ran me through a series of odd tests that took until midnight. By then I was so tired that I felt like I would just fall over. Throughout all of these tests Legolas had sat watching, wide eyed. Whenever I succeeded in one of these tests and something happened, Legolas would just stare at me in disbelief.
I asked Mithrandir if we were done and he said yes. So, I sat down next to Legolas and put my head on his shoulder. He smiled and looked down at me and stroked the back of my head. Within seconds I was asleep. I guess sometime during the night, Legolas had carried me over to my makeshift `bed’, and laid me down.
Once again, Legolas woke me up in the morning. This time I ate a little lembas, before talking to Mithrandir.
“Sir, are there to be more tests today?” I asked as he stood up.
“No, we managed all of them yesterday,” he replied.
Legolas sprang up.
“You mean, you know what she’s capable of?”
Legolas’s eyes darted back and forth between Mithrandir and myself.
“Yes. Megan, I need you to try something we did yesterday,” Mithrandir said, using the name that I had been given on Earth. When he first used it, Legolas had been slightly confused, now, he just laughed when he heard it.
“Okay, what?”
“Okay, concentrate and make a fist with your right hand,” Mithrandir instructed.
As soon as he said this, I knew what he wanted me to do, and I finished the exercise with out further instruction. Less then a second later, I was standing with my hand open, palm up, and a fire ball floating above it.
“Wow,” Legolas gasped.
“One of the powers that Moriwen has been blessed with is the power of fire. She can control it, create it and stop it. Something her family would find very useful,” Mithrandir added with scorn.
“What else?” Legolas asked, seemingly more eager than I was.
“A power that you would appreciate, Legolas. The power to make things grow. Megan, show him.”
This task I had perfected the day before. It took less concentration than the fire ball. All I did was get on my knees and put both hands on the earth. I then took them away, and a rose-bush as tall as me stood in their place.
Legolas walked over to the rose bush, and picked a rose. He smelled it quickly, and then stared at me. He handed the rose to me and I did the same. The scent was so very sweet. I had never smelt a rose that beautiful before.
“And last, but not least. The power to heal,” Mithrandir said.
“But all elves are given the power to heal! What is so special about that?” Legolas asked, looking bewildered.
“If an elf has a fatal wound and is seconds before death, can you heal them on the spot? Without any herbs?” Mithrandir asked Legolas.
“Well, no, but-,” Legolas was cut off.
“All she needs is her hands and she can heal anything,” Mithrandir said with a smile. “Do you have any weapons for her, Legolas?”
“If you mean, does she have any of her own, no, she does not,” Legolas answered.
“Hmm. Legolas, give her yours, for only a second.”
“Okay,” Legolas pulled out his spare ones that I usually had used.
“Megan, instead of concentrating on your hands, concentrate on the blades,” Mithrandir told me. I assumed he meant for me to create fire, not flowers.
Even faster than it took me last time, the blades burst into flames. I twirled them in my hands and the flames danced to make it seem that I was holding a wheel of spiraling flames.
“Whoa,” Legolas gasped.
“Would you like to duel with me now?”
“Wait,” Mithrandir said. “I forgot something. It’s a common Maia power, so I didn’t even think of it. Megan, see Legolas’s knives?”
“Try using your mind to give them to Legolas.”
I looked at the knives and then envisioned them going over to Legolas, and they did.
“Very whoa,” Legolas gasped.
“So, wanna go at it?” I asked teasingly, twirling the knives once again.
“Only if after you burn me, you heal me,” Legolas demanded.
I nodded and we began. As always, he beat me, but this time he had a nice burn on his forearm. After he had won, he held his arm out in front of me and raised his eyebrow.
“Okay, okay,” I said. I put a hand on his arm and…it was healed. I was really getting into this whole `I am all powerful’ thing.
“Okay, Legolas. Today, I think it would be best if you headed to Lorien. I am surprised that Moriwen’s brother hasn’t found you yet,” Mithrandir mused.
“Lorien? Isn’t that where Sabros is from?” I asked Legolas.
“She’s met Sabros?” Mithrandir asked. A slightly menacing tone was in his voice.
“Yes, but it was an accident,” Legolas said.
“You should be more careful! Undoubtedly Raukos and Ruinruak invited him there. Was she alone with him at all?”
“Umm,” Legolas turned to me to answer that question.
I nodded.
“Well, Legolas. I’ll leave you to explain who he is, and why she needs to know about him,” Mithrandir said.
Without another word he mounted his horse and rode away. Legolas looked at me and gave me a nervous chuckle before going and packing up the horse.
“Wait?! Lorien? I CAN”T go to Lorien,” I told Legolas.
“Because, Lord Elrond said that a Moriquendi can’t pass the borders of Lorien.”
Legolas laughed and shook his head.
“He said that? Well, he’s half right. A Moriquendi can’t go into Lorien, but the Maia side of you allows you to. There is no reason why you can’t go there,” Legolas told me.
“Oh. Why are we going to Lorien?”
“Because it is safe, and it will be easier for you to develop your powers there, under the eye of Galadriel. I believe she shall be a great influence on you.”
When I asked this, Legolas looked at me in disbelief.
“She is the most powerful elf on Middle-earth. Her power is equal to Mithrandir’s. She is called the Lady of Light. I have met her once, and that was enough for all eternity.”
While Legolas was talking his eyes glazed over and a mystified look fell over his face as he re-lived the memory.
“She sounds amazing,” I answered.
“She is.”
With that, Legolas offered his hand to help me mount the horse. When he didn’t join me, but instead walked beside the horse, I asked him what he was doing.
“It is not proper for a Prince and Princess to share a horse. And, since I am a gentleman, you will ride while I walk,” Legolas said with a mocking formal tone.
I simply rolled my eyes.
We reached Lorien in two weeks. When we reached the borders, Legolas told me to dismount.
“Because, it wouldn’t be right. Plus, it’s very demeaning for me to be walking while you ride,” Legolas said in a whisper.
“Why are you whispering? Do we not want to be heard?”
“No. It’s just a force of habit. Plus, the land is so peaceful…voices should not disturb it.”
“Legolas, you know that we can hear anything,” a third voice said.
“Hello, Haldir,” Legolas called out, his eyes darting everywhere.
The next thing I knew, an elf dropped out of a tree onto the path in front of us.
“Hello, Legolas. Hello, Princess and welcome to Lorien.”


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