Gothic Human -> Elven Princess – Chapter Seven

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I am so sorry that I haven’t posted in forever! I hope that this will make up for it!

“Father,” I heard Raukos yell as he walked in the room.
“What is it, Raukos?” My father asked.
“Your daughter lied to you! Ask her if the Silvan elf was a `complete gentlemen’.”
My father turned to me. The look in his eyes told me that he wanted to believe what I had told previously told him and not what Raukos was saying.
“What do you mean by this, son?”
“I mean that the prince has just told me that he took advantage of your daughter!”
“Moriwen, is this true?” My father asked me. His dark brown eyes bore into mine. I turned around to see Legolas enter the room. I looked at him. He saw the scowl on my father’s face and figured out what he had missed. He looked at me and nodded.
“Yes,” I admitted.
“I’m going to slit your throat,” my father yelled as he turned toward Legolas. The fire in his eyes subsided for a minute as he turned back to me. “Did he force you to… you know?”
The king put his hands on my shoulders and shook me slightly.
“Tell me the truth!”
“I am,” I answered.
He let go of me and I walked over to where Legolas was standing. My father, the king, was scaring me. Legolas grabbed my hand and gave me and small smile. He let go and walked over to my father and brother. He got up in Raukos’s face.
“I would greatly appreciate it if you left. Now,” he said with clenched teeth.
“They can’t,” I heard a third voice say. King Thranduil had reentered the room.
“What?!” Legolas turned to his father, a looked of disbelief on his face. Raukos snickered. I guess he found it amusing to see the prince being proven wrong.
“They cannot leave yet. I gave them permission to be here to see Moriwen. They are our guests for the next two days. I trust you to treat them fairly while they are in Mirkwood.”
“You trust them?!”
“Yes. Plus, they are under treaty. No blood is to be spilt between us,” Thranduil said. This made Legolas extremely angry. It was actually beginning to scare me.
“Elichai,” he screamed, and then stormed out of the room.
A maid later explained to me that `elichai’ is a curse word.
I started to follow after Legolas, but Raukos reached out and grabbed my arm.
“Stay away from him,” he ordered after my father and Thranduil left.
“Elves of his kind are not to be trusted. I’d feel better if you promised to keep to yourself while you are in Mirkwood.”
“Like I’m leaving? I want to stay in Mirkwood,” I protested.
“You’ll change your mind,” he said. He stoked the back of my head and kissed me on the cheek.
Later, at dinner, I was introduced alongside my father and brother. I had been dressed in a overly decorated black dress. My father had given me a crown. It was silver, decorated in onyx and rubies. My lips had been painted blood red. The maids that had helped me get ready had cringed at the sight of me. Even as a gothic teenager, I thought that I looked evil compared to the delicate elven maidens. The Silvan elven maidens.
I sat next to my brother and everyone avoided my eye. I knew what they were all thinking. The same thing that everyone on earth thought when they saw me. `If I don’t look at her, maybe she wont know that I’m here, and wont put a hex on me’. Legolas wasn’t present.
I asked the guard that took me to my room where the princes room was. He told me that it was across the hall and two doors down.
“Thank you,” I said with a small curtsy.
“You’re welcome, Your Highness,” he replied.
He turned and walked away. I stood there shocked that someone had just called me `Your Highness’. The fact that I was royalty was just registering.
At what seemed to be midnight- I was just estimating from the time that the sun had set- I left my room.
I had changed into a dark green dress that, with my dark hair and eyes, made me appear very natural. As I reached my destination, Legolas’s door, I heard someone behind me.
“What are you doing?”
I turned around to see Raukos. I quickly shut the door.
“I asked you what you were doing,” Raukos said. He walked closer to me. When he was so close that he had to look almost straight down at me, Legolas’s door opened.
“What are you doing here, Raukos?”
“I was trying to find out why my sister was here,” my brother answered.
“Oh. I assume she was opening my door to see me,” Legolas replied. He put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me towards him.
“Get your hand off my sister,” Raukos said slowly, enunciating every word.
I felt Legolas lift his hand. Raukos grabbed my arm right above my elbow and pulled me to his side. I felt like a female rope in tug-of-war.
“Moriwen, it’s not proper for a lady to visiting a mans chambers. It’s undignified. It’s demeaning and dishonorable.”
“Plus, you don’t want her to be seen with a Silvan elf,” Legolas chimed in. Raukos gave him an evil glare. “Raukos. If she want’s to stay, let her stay. I’ll keep it a secret.”
“Yes. I’m sure you will,” Raukos said with a sneer. He let go of my arm-involuntarily I think- and I went into Legolas’s room and stood behind him.
“Moriwen,” Raukos called my name. He snapped his fingers as if to emphasize the command.
“Raukos, don’t worry. I’ll have her back in her room by dawn,” Legolas assured Raukos. He stepped back and began to close the door. Raukos stopped him.
“If you lay a hand on her, I’ll…” Raukos’s voice trailed off.
“Whatever you say Raukos.”
I began laughing as soon as Legolas closed the door all the way. He and my brother really didn’t get along!
“What? Did you find that funny?” He asked.
I nodded and walked toward him, I broad grin on my face. He gave me a small, lop-sided smile before leaning down and giving me a long, passionate kiss.


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