Gothic Human -> Elven Princess – Chapter Four

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Four days after the big kiss, Legolas proposed that we stop at an inn for the night. I agreed. I still wasn’t used to the elvish was of sleeping, and still enjoyed sleeping, eyes closed, on a bed. The only inn around for miles was a human inn. Great. Before entering it, Legolas took out two cloaks.

“Here,” he said, when throwing on at me. “Put this on. Don’t want them knowing who we are do we? An elvish prince and an elvish maiden. That would be disastrous,” he said with a grin. I didn’t understand. Why would it be so horrible?

“Will they still let us in?” I asked as we neared the gates. We were leading our horses.

“I’ll just say something to the gate keeper in elvish and he’ll let us in. He probably doesn’t speak a word of it, but knows that you let our kind in or else.”

Legolas did exactly as he had said. The guard was completely confused! He let us in and I followed Legolas through the tavern. The place was loud and crowded. Much like a sports bar in New York. I sat down at the table Legolas told me to.

“Stay here and keep your hood up. I’ll be right back,” he said before disappearing into the crowd. A few minutes later the bartender brought me a drink. It was weird. It was sweet, like sugar or honey. Not like any beverage on Earth! I finished it in five minutes. After awhile, a tall man bumped into me. I don’t think it was an accident, because when he did, he pulled my hood off my head.

“Well, look at what we have here. An elf! A pretty at that, too,” he said as he picked up a strand of my hair. I stood up and faced him. I had an evil glint in my eye. Something that I had developed due to having to take care of myself with men. I looked very evil when I did that. This man was to drunk to even notice.

“Leave, sir. It would be folly if you did not,” I cautioned.

“Oh. What is the young elf going to do to me then?”

“Did you not notice my eyes? I am a Moriquendi. A dark elf. We practice the dark arts, sir. And every human knows that almost all spells are deadly,” I threatened.

The man just laughed and placed a hand on each of my shoulders.

“Let’s go up to my room, shall we?”

“Have you not understood a word I’ve spoken? Not only am I a Moriquendi but I am their princess,” I said, forcefully,

“What would a princess be doing alone here?”

I looked around for Legolas. I didn’t see him. `Yeah, great protector!’ I thought.

“I am not alone. The prince of Mirkwood is here as well.”

“The great Legolas? Where is he? I don’t see him. I guess you’re lying. Come on, let’s go up to my room,” he ordered. He grabbed my hair and dragged me towards the stair.

“Would you be so kind as to remove your hand from the princess. I have the distinct feeling she does not want you doing that,” I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up to see one of Legolas’s blades against the mans throat. The man immediately let go of my hair.

“Go to our room, Moriwen,” Legolas commanded. I headed up the stairs and the inn keeper showed me which room I was to go to. I instantly dropped to my knees and pressed my ear against the floor. I didn’t want to miss a thing.

“Your room? As in you two are sleeping in the same room?” The man asked.


“Yes, we are,” I heard Legolas answer.

“Are you two in love, Your Highness?”

There was another long pause. I waited anxiously for Legolas to answer. He would be telling me as well as the human.


Okay. That wasn’t the answer I was looking for. It certainly didn’t tell me anything I already didn’t know.

“Then I am sorry, Your Highness. I should not have treated her so. I had no idea she already belonged to somebody,” the human said.

“Are you saying that you would have treated an elf maiden that way if she didn’t have a lover?”

Legolas was setting the man up.

“Um…um…uh…er…,” I heard the man mutter.

“I expect the truth. Do you know the penalty for lying to someone of royal blood? And I’m sure that my friend, Aragorn, would be more then willing to enforce it,” Legolas said sharply.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“What is your name?”

There was more silence.

“Could anyone here tell me this simpleton’s name?” I heard Legolas ask the whole tavern.

“His name is Tom. Tom Withersbee,” I heard a frightened voice say.

I then heard the slight swoosh as Legolas put his knife back into its sheath. I knew he was going to come upstairs, though I couldn’t hear him. I ran over to the bed and sat down, as if that was what I had been doing the whole time. Legolas opened the door and came in. He looked pretty angry.

“I hate humans,” he said.


“They think they can take advantage of the elven maidens. Just because they look fragile, and defenseless. Do you know how many humans I have seen try to take advantage of young elven maidens? It’s disgusting. Luckily, their king is on the side of the elves.”

“Why would he side with the elves?” I asked.

“Because his wife is an elf,” Legolas smiled.

“Oh,” I said simply.

“I miss her,” he said absently.

“Who? The kings wife? Why?”

“We were betrothed. That was before she met Aragorn and asked her father to let her marry him,” Legolas answered.

“Where you in love with her?” I asked him.

“I loved her. I still do. I just was never in love with her. There is a difference. Plus we had known each other since she was born. It was one of those engaged since birth arrangements,” he said with a smile. “I’ve never been in love.”

“I have,” I said. I had completely forgotten about Chris. It made me feel guilty thinking about him. Plus, hadn’t I been cheating on him with Legolas?

“Really? You mean you are in love. Once elves fall in love, it’s for life. They can never love any other,” he told me.


“Yes. When an elf is in love, it is torture for them to be apart from the one they are in love with. It feels as though your heart is being ripped out of your chest. You must be in a lot of pain right now.”

“Well, I…,” I started. Legolas cut me off.

“May I ask what the lucky boy is like?” He asked. He came and sat down on the bed next to me.

“Well… here. Get a picture of you in your mind. Like your personality and such. You got it?”


“Now picture the exact opposite,” I told him.


“That is what Chris is like,” I said with a smile.

“So he’s nothing like me?”

“Oh no. Maybe the long hair, but that’s it.”

“Tell me more about him,” Legolas demanded.

“Okay. He has green hair, brown eyes. He’s about six foot, six inches. He plays the drums. You do know what they are, right?”

“Yes,” Legolas said as if I had asked him the most stupid question in the world.

“He wears all black. Has a lot of pierces-.”

Legolas cut me off.

“Pierces? Ugh! That’s something only orcs do,” he said in a disgusted tone.

I ignored that.

“And tattoos-.” Once again, Legolas cut me off.

“That’s something only Moriquendi do,” he said matter-of-fact-ly.

“I had tattoos, but they’re all gone,” I told him.

“You did? Where?”

“On the small of my back and on my ankle.”

“Oh. Okay. Back to Chris.”

“Okay. He had the coolest car in the world! Wait, you don’t know what a car is, do you?”


“It’s like a carriage, except it doesn’t use horses or anything. It uses electricity and a motor, and that’s only going to confuse you more.”

Legolas nodded.

“Well, it’s like a carriage. And for me it is very special,” I said. I realized what I said to late, and (unfortunately) it had peeked Legolas’s interest.

“What do you mean?”

“Let’s just say something special happened to me in there,” I said.

“Like what?”

“Like, it’s none of your business,” I said, feeling slightly irritated.

“Please? You can tell me,” he said.

“Fine. You really want to know. I gave myself to him in that car.”

Legolas’s jaw dropped and he looked at me in disbelief.

“And how old are you?” He asked me.

“Seventeen,” I answered.

“You’re a child,” he almost yelled.

“Not to much of a child for you to kiss me,” I said in my defense.

“I’m sorry then. I didn’t know that you had a lover,” he said.

“I am not sure that I truly do love Chris, though.” I didn’t want him thinking I was available.

“You must, if you gave yourself to him. Why don’t you get some rest, Princess. Take advantage of the fact that we are under a roof.”

Legolas went downstairs and I laid down to go to sleep. I felt so guilty! I just wasn’t sure if I was guilty about cheating on Chris, or Legolas thinking I was in love with Chris.


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