Gothic Human -> Elven Princess – Chapter Five

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Legolas and I rode in silence for four days. We only even looked at each other when he was teaching me to use long-knives. I was actually getting very good. When we were done with the lesson, I put up the long-knives and sat down next to him.


He didn’t even blink. I guessed that he was mad at me. I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He turned and faced me, seeming slightly surprised, and I put my hand behind his head and kissed him fully on the mouth. For the first few nano-seconds he seemed to enjoy the kiss. Then he put his hand on my shoulders and pushed me away.

“Wait, wait, wait. You have a lover,” he said, while starting to stand up.

I put my hand in his and asked him to sit back down.

“Legolas, I have been thinking. I don’t love Chris,” I assured him.

Legolas looked at me questioningly.

“Honestly, I don’t.”

I kissed him again as a way to show him. We spent the night at that one spot.

For the next eight days, Legolas and I talked more than we had during the whole trip. On the eighth day I felt like he knew all of my secrets. Also, on the eighth day, Legolas announced that we would be arriving in Mirkwood the next day. That night, Legolas and I sat down next to the fire, taking advantage of the fact that this was our last night alone.

While we were kissing Legolas put his arms around me, and his kiss was more demanding. Ironically enough (since I wasn’t a virgin) it made me a little nervous, but I let him. I shouldn’t have. Because then, he started to push me down onto the ground. I didn’t make a move to stop him until my back brushed against the cool grass and nearly his whole torso was on top of me. I removed my hands from his back and pressed them against his shoulders. I couldn’t have made him move even if I wanted to, but it got his attention. He stopped kissing me and slowly sat up. As soon as I felt the pressure leave my body, I sat up quickly, nearly hitting Legolas in the face.

“What? What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Oh. Nothing. Just…don’t do that,” I said. I leaned forward to kiss him, and he stopped me.


“I don’t feel comfortable with you on top of me like that,” I explained.

“But, with Chris…”

“It’s different with you. Special. And I want to keep that way.”

“I wasn’t trying to get you to give yourself to me, or anything. I was just… I thought that…,” he started. He seemed confused on what exactly to say. I leaned forward and pressed against him. I kissed the side of his mouth.

In the morning, Legolas seemed pretty excited. It had been four months since he had seen Mirkwood. But I didn’t share his enthusiasm. I was nervous about being there. At about midday, I asked Legolas if we could wait.

“Why?” He asked. Seeming completely bewildered to the fact that I wouldn’t want to get to Mirkwood as soon as possible.

“I just…please…can we just stop right here? I just want one more day, please?” I asked/whined.

“Why? I’m not saying `no’, I just want to know why.”

“Because… I’m… nervous,” I admitted.

Legolas smiled and hung his head.

“Fine, though I don’t see why you would be nervous,” he said.

We stopped in that spot. That night, I started getting scared. Legolas had told me of the spiders that lived in Mirkwood and that they were huge. At the time, he didn’t know that I was arachnophobic! I swear, on Earth when I saw a small spider I wouldn’t kill it, I would just scream or whimper until someone came along and killed it! So, when my fears had reached the highest they would go, I got up from where I was lying down and laid down next to Legolas.

“Is something wrong?” He asked.

“No. I just got a little scared,” I said, timidly.

“Of what?”

“The spiders.”

When I said this, Legolas laughed and stroked my face. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer, and I felt safe. I fell asleep only two seconds later.

(I]I am so sorry that this one is so short! I’ll have chapter six up as soon as possible.)


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