Gothic Human -> Elven Princess – Chapter 9

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After almost an hour of wandering the halls of the palace of Mirkwood, I found a room that I felt comfortable in. A library. The room was about ten times the size of the library at school. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling with books and scrolls. The room was decorated in sofas of white and green fabric. There were two giant windows on the farthest wall that allowed the sun to shine through and for the forest to be made visible. I walked over to the shelves to my left and pulled out a green, leather book. It was the length of my forearm and four inches thick. I lifted the cover to reveal pages, yellow with age, covered in a beautiful text. I assumed that it was in elvish. I put the book back and walked over to the window. I looked down to see many elves busying themselves. I smiled as I saw an elven two elven children chase each other.
“What are you doing in here?”
I started at hearing the voice. I turned around and saw an elf standing there. At least, I assume it was an elf. They were wearing a cloak that completely covered their face and trailed down to the floor.
“I asked you what you were doing in here!” The cloaked figure asked again. It was definitely a male.
“I- I- I’m sorry. I got lost,” I tried to explain.
“Who are you?”
The question startled me. Everyone else could tell who I was by looking at me, why couldn’t he?
“I am Megan, I mean, Moriwen. I am the princess of Maddas,” I stated. I had stumbled on my own name!
“Of the Moriquendi, I see.”
The figure stepped forward and reached out to touch my face. I pulled back.
“Excuse me sir! I’d prefer it if you kept your distance,” I yelled. I then noticed that he was between me and the door.
He laughed and reached forward again. I shrunk back as I felt his fingers touch my cheek.
“You’re a very special girl, Moriwen. You have powers beyond anyone’s expectations. You will prove to be very important to our friend, the prince.”
OUR friend? And which prince, Legolas or Raukos?
“What are you doing?” I heard a familiar voice ask.
“Oh, hello, Legolas,” the stranger said before turning around and facing the door. He pulled his hood back to reveal long, golden hair. I could just make out the points on the tips of his ears.
“Sabros! This is an unexpected surprise,” Legolas exclaimed and ran forward. He stopped about a foot away from him. He reached out and put his right hand on his friends left shoulder; Sabros did likewise.
“Moriwen, come here. I’d like you to meet one of my greatest friends,” Legolas said.
I walked forward and stood beside Legolas. I curtsied and Sabros bowed. I looked up at his face to see two exquisite green eyes. He was a very handsome man, and he had a look of nobility about him.
“I can’t believe that Ruinruak had a daughter,” Sabros said sadly.
“He did. She is a daughter off the Maia as well,” Legolas said. The tone of his voice suggested he was bragging about me.
“Then she must have extraordinary powers.” Sabros’s gaze turned to me.
Legolas yelled something at Sabros in elvish. Sabros nodded and apologized.
“Sabros is from Lorien,” Legolas said, trying to change the subject.
“Oh,” was all I could say. Where?
“Legolas, I do not mean to intrude, but… are you and the princess together?”
Legolas’s eyes fell to the floor and I almost laughed. It was okay that my father and brother knew, but he couldn’t tell his friend.
“I’ll assume that since you are blushing, that the answer is yes.”
Legolas laughed and the two friends left the room, leaving me alone. I just continued to stare at the door after they had gone. Why had Sabros acted in such a way? He had said it himself that I would have extraordinary powers, then he says it as though he was shocked. He had also acted like he didn’t know me. This unnerved me a bit, but I dismissed it and found my way back to my room in time for lunch (I had slept through breakfast).
At lunch I was once again introduced alongside my family. Sabros was there and across from Raukos. I noticed that throughout the meal he kept staring at me. Legolas noticed one of his friend’s long glances and seemingly dismissed it. When I left the meal I felt a strong hand grab me by above the elbow and lead me down a hallway. The person was cloaked. Great! I saw blonde hair peek out so I knew it could be….anyone here in Mirkwood!
“Let go of me,” I ordered.
“Shut up!”
It was Legolas! He told me to shut up?! I stopped struggling. That was until we reached the stables. What the heck was going on?
“Legolas, what are you doing?” I asked as he took a horse out of it’s stall. I saw that it was the same horse he had ridden on the way here.
“Get on,” he ordered.
I looked down at my dress. How was I supposed to mount a horse with this thing on?! Legolas saw my look and picked my up. He set me atop the horse side- saddle style, and then jumped up behind me.
“Hyah,” he yelled and the horse leapt forward.
I felt like I was being kidnaped. Legolas rode for a long time and didn’t stop till we reached the outside of the forest. He jumped off and then helped me down.
“What are you-,” I started to ask.
“Sorry about that. I had to get you out of there,” he said. I then noticed that the horse had several packs on him and Legolas was carrying some himself.
“Sabros was there. He’s a great friend to me, but I fear that you two should be kept apart. I wouldn’t want you getting hurt,” he explained.
“What? Why would he hurt me?”
“He practices the dark arts. Someone like you would appeal to him. You’re the princess of Maddas! He might put a spell on you, and I don’t want that. Plus, one of my servants overheard your father and brother talking. They are planning on kidnaping you, and taking you to Maddas anyways.”
I just sat in silence. It was long past midnight and I was tired. I decided to ask Legolas about all of the luggage.
“We’re um… going to travel for awhile,” Legolas said without looking at me.
“Why are you friends with him when he practices the dark arts?”
“Would you like to eat something? I brought plenty of food,” Legolas said.
“Legolas?!” I stomped the ground. He was ignoring me!
“What?!” Legolas turned to look at me and seemed very angry. His eyes scared me.
“Why are you friends with Sabros?”
“I am not going to answer you, no matter how many times you ask me,” he said simply.
“Yes, sir,” I answered.
At hearing me address him so formally, Legolas looked up at me with pained eyes. He went back to lighting a fire. After a moment I went over to the pile of sacks that Legolas had set next to his horse. I looked through and found Legolas’s extra pair of long knives. I twirled them in my hands for a moment, then walked over to where Legolas was sitting.
“Wanna duel?” I asked.
Legolas’s smile returned.
He pulled out his long knives and stood in a ready pose.
“You do know that I will beat you, right? As I have done every other time we dueled,” he said smugly.
“Probably. How `bout this? You win, and I’ll give you a kiss and if I win you’ll tell me more about Sabros.”
“Fine. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to tell you.”
With that we began. He won! We put our knives down and he pulled me towards him.
“I believe, Your Highness, that you owe me a kiss,” he said with a smile.
“That I do, Your Highness,” I answered.
Just as our lips touched we heard hoof-beats. Quick as lightning, Legolas had his knives.
“Oh, calm yourself, Legolas! It is only I,” a voice called out.
“Ugh! You startled me. I thought we were to meet in the morning?”
“The road was easier then I expected,” the man answered as he dismounted. I noticed that he was wearing an all-white robe, and his horse was the noblest I had ever seen. Of Rohan breeding, probably.
“Hello, Princess Moriwen,” the man said as he took my hand. I saw that the man was very old, but when he touched my hand I felt something odd. Like a power surge!
“She is her mother’s daughter,” he said, turning toward Legolas. He dropped my hand and the sensation ended.
“Hello, Mithrandir,” Legolas said with a bow. “Will you see to her teachings?”
“Yes, my friend. Even though King Thranduil said not until she had a better understanding of Middle Earth,” Mithrandir answered.
“Thank you,” Legolas said with another bow.
My teachings? I wondered what I was to be taught.


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