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I woke up to the beautiful sun shining through my window. As soon as I sat up, a maid rushed in with a tray.
“I’ve brought you your breakfast, Your Highness,” she said, setting the tray down on a table. I got out of bed, the blanket still wrapped around me and walked over and sat down. I ate my breakfast quickly, for today already seemed to have a rushed air about it. Afterwards, the maid rushed me into my bathing room. She pulled out several lotions and oils, and instantly began washing my hair. I soaked in the hot water for almost an hour when I was, once again, rushed into my room. For some odd reason, the wedding was to take place at noon, which was in three hours! Silayah came in and brushed my hair. She decided it would be best for me to let my hair hang loosely that day. Then she put on my jewelry. I wore a diamond necklace, much like the garnet one I wore the day before; and, on my right-hand ring-finger, the ring that Raukos had given me. Narya. Then I put on my underdress and such. And then, the dress. After it was over my head and the hem touched the floor, I looked into the mirror. I noticed how much my black hair contrasted with the pure white of the silk. While I was standing in front of the mirror, Silayah put the silver headpiece on my head. I asked Silayah what time it was.
“It’s an hour before the wedding, milady. I expect the King and Crowned- Prince will be here any moment.”
Well, that `any moment’ was in half an hour! When my father came in he was smiling and when he saw me he gasped, as did Raukos.
“Moriwen, my child. You look beautiful… just like your mother,” my father said as he put his arms around me. “I only came here to say that I love you, and good luck. I have to go back out there. I do play a minor part in your wedding,” he said teasingly. And he did. He was to marry me and Sabros.
After my father left, Raukos turned to me and looked me up and down.
“You look like a Maia. Father was right. Well, I guess you and I get to wait in here until it’s time.” Raukos was to walk me down the aisle. “Are you nervous?”
“I wasn’t until you asked that,” I answered.
He laughed.
“My apologizes.”
“Raukos? Do you think that maybe, I shouldn’t marry Sabros?”
“Now, why on Earth would you ask me that? It is obvious that you and Sabros had fallen in love, for it only was a matter of time before you did. Is this about Legolas? I knew father shouldn’t have invited him! But Sabros, being the cocky kind of an elf that he is, just had to gloat in front of Legolas. Proving that Sabros was the better of the two, and the winner,” Raukos said, his temper flaring.
“The winner? As if I was some sort of a pri-,” I was cut off by a maid entering.
“It is time, Your Highnesses,” she said with a bow.
Raukos and I took a few deep breaths to calm down, then I wrapped my arm around his, placing my hand on his fore-arm. Silayah (who had been getting ready, putting on a simple white silk dress) walked behind me, holding my train. Then Raukos and I reached the ballroom, where the wedding was to take place, and I gasped. The whole room had been decorated in red roses, even the white cloth that made a path before me, had red rose petals on it. There were people standing on either side of me (there weren’t seats like at human wedding) and they were all looking at me. As I walked down the aisle, I looked through the crowd for someone I knew. Towards the ack I recognized some people of the court, but at the front was where royalty sat. Then I saw Legolas. He stood there with a face mixed with pain and anger. We locked eyes for a moment and he acknowledged me with a bow before looking at Sabros. I followed his gaze.
He wasn’t even smiling. My husband to be wasn’t even smiling! He had a look that suggested that this was all a business deal! But to him, my father and our kingdom, I guess it was. When we reached the end of the aisle, I let go of Raukos’s arm, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek, then went to stand beside my father. Sabros and I joined hands and looked at my father during the ceremony. Then my father handed each of us a ring, and we put them on each-others finger. At the end of the ceremony, I took a few steps backward as Sabros knelt to be made a prince.
During the reception, Sabros dragged me over to where Legolas was talking to Elrohir (Elrond’s son).
“Hello, Legolas,” Sabros said with neither a bow or a nod of respect.
“Hello, Prince Sabros,” Legolas said, holding up the glass of whine in acknowledgment. “Congratulations. You are finally a prince again. Albeit a prince through marriage, but I wouldn’t expect you to be picky after all these years,” Legolas said with a smirk.
“How dare you speak of such things?!” Sabros hissed. “I love my wife, that was why I married her. Her being a princess had nothing to do with it.”
Even I wasn’t buying that! And I was his wife!
“Forgive me, Your Highness,” Legolas replied. Then he turned to me. “You look beautiful, Princess. Though I pity the fact that you are now bound to this elf,” Legolas said, turning back to Sabros.
“Moriwen, go over to your father,” Sabros commanded. When I made no intention of moving, he turned to look at me. “Now!”
Then I did. As soon as I stood beside my father I heard the sound of a fist coming in contact with a jaw. I turned around in time to see Legolas return the blow. In a second my father, my other brothers and I were at their side. Sabros and Legolas both had their hands locked around each-others throats.
“Stop it! Just stop it,” I screamed as guards attempted to get between them. Then I looked at each of their faces. Sabros was attempting to keep a determined look on his face, but it was being contorted by pain and lack of oxygen. Legolas’s face hadn’t changed at all in color and his face was maintaining the look of determination, and hate. His eyes shifted to mine and we stared at each-other for awhile. Then I reached out and touched his shoulder and gave him a pleading look. He looked down at Sabros, who was now kneeling in front of him due to having no strength to stand, and reluctantly let go. I mouthed thank you before dropping to my knees beside my husband, who was gasping for breath.
“I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him,” he kept gasping. I just put a hand on his back and tried to calm him down.
Then I heard my father yell, “Guards, get him out of here! Now!”
I saw two guards join Legolas and led him out of the palace. Legolas shrugged them off and walked ahead of them, and out to the stables.
My marriage was normal for the first five months. We shared quarters, always sat next to each-other at meals, and I got pregnant. But in the sixth month, things started going wrong.


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