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Week after week, month after month, I lived as Sabros’s lover. I spent most of my time planning for the wedding, and in my spare time, I was with him. All Moriquendi now recognized me as their princess and treated me so. In truth, I forgot all about Legolas and my love for him. That is, until my father called me to his study.
“You asked for me, father?” I said as I entered the room.
My father nodded and gestured to the chair that was across from his desk.
“Yes, I needed to ask you a question. It’s about the wedding,” my father said. He had the tone of a parent having to say something serious.
“Yes. What is it?”
“The custom in all of Middle-earth, is that when there is a royal wedding, all of royal blood are invited. I intend on continuing this custom, but, unfortunately, there is a problem when it comes to inviting the Mirkwood royal family.”
I felt every muscle in my body stiffen. Legolas. Like a flood, memories of him and I rushed back into my mind. I saw in my mental eye, pictures of us together, of his smile and of his kisses. Following after that was a wave of guilt over what I had been doing with Sabros.
“Would you feel comfortable with me inviting the prince?”
“Of course she would,” I heard a third voice chime in. It was Sabros. “There is no reason for him not to come. I would feel… honored for him to be present at my wedding. I am sure the bride-to-be feels the same.” He smiled down at me with an actual genuine smile.
“Is this true, my daughter?”
I considered it for a moment. Did I want Legolas to see me with Sabros? No! But, I did want to see HIM.
“Yes father,” I confirmed. “I too, would be honored to have the Prince of Mirkwood present at my wedding.”
I felt Sabros squeeze my shoulder. I looked up at him and he gave me a pleased smile.
“Was there anything else father?”
“Um, actually, yes. Your dress is finished,” he said in a casual tone, like it didn’t matter.
I felt Sabros’s hand leave my shoulder, and I stood up.
“Where is it?!” I demanded, looking my father straight in the eye.
“It’s in your room. At least, it should be by now-.” I never heard him finish.
I sprinted out the room and up the stairs, Sabros close behind me. When I reached my door, I turned around to face him.
“Ah-ah-ah. You’re not allowed to see the dress yet,” I said teasingly.
He smiled and leaned down. I felt his lips caress my neck and I smiled.
“Yes, but I can’t wait three more weeks,” I heard him whisper. I giggled and pulled away from him.
“Even so, you cannot yet see the dress.”
With that, I opened my door and ducked into my room. Before he could cross the threshold, I had a wall of flames blocking the door.
“Bye, Sabros,” I said coyly, closing the door. I turned around and gasped. Hanging from the open door of my wardrobe, was my wedding dress. I walked over to it and ran my fingers along the white silk. The front was embroidered with silver thread, making a beautiful design that seemed almost Middle-Eastern. The sleeves went down past my hand, and they were so long, that the bottom of them nearly touched the floor when I walked. The train trailed behind me at three yards long. The neck of the dress was a simple round neck, but it was so wide it nearly fell of the shoulders. The dress wasn’t tight on me, but it was baggy either. It was just…comfortable.
Next to the dress was my… veil. But it wasn’t exactly a veil. It was just a head piece, a simple silver headpiece. Much like the one that Lord Elrond wore, except in the middle it had one single opal. I looked at the floor in front of the wardrobe and saw the slippers that I was to ware. They were made of the same material as the dress, with the same pattern. I was shocked. It was so beautiful, and it was for me! For MY wedding!
“Moriwen! Come on! Hide the blasted dress and let me in,” I heard Sabros demand. I did just that. I carefully and quickly put the dress inside the big oak chest, along with the headpiece and slippers.
“Come in,” I yelled to Sabros.
“Uh…I kinda can’t! There is a wall of fire in front of me, remember?”
“Oh, yeah. Sorry, I forgot about that,” I half muttered.
I opened the door and the wall of fire went away. I looked up at Sabros and saw his eyes scan the room.
“I hid it from you, just as you instructed, My Lord,” I said, using what I called him when we… ya know.
He just let out an amused “hmm” and then leaned down to kiss me. For the second time that day, I remembered Legolas. I pulled away from him, but he only pulled me back. Great, I had `aroused him’. `How wonderful,’ I thought sarcastically. I closed my eyes and cleared my head and drifted off into an elvish half-sleep while Sabros enjoyed himself.


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