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I woke up and noticed an elven maiden in my room. She appeared to be about my age.
“Hello, milady. My name is Silayah. The king appointed me to be your personal servant,” she said with a bow. I just looked at her.
“Here, let me fix your hair for you.”
She went over to a mirror and pulled out several vials of some liquid. She poured them in my hair and then began combing them through. The scent of jasmine filled the room. Silayah selected a few small sections of my hair, and braided them. To hold them in place she tied a small black thread around the end that you couldn’t even see.
“Do you like it, milady?” She asked expectantly.
“Yes, it’s beautiful,” I answered.
“Oh, I almost forgot! Lord Sabros requested you meet him in his quarters.”
I bit my tongue to control the words that were about to come out of my mouth.
“I do not know where Lord Sabros’s quarters are,” I muttered between clenched teeth.
“I can take you there when you are ready, milady.”
“Thank you,” was my forced answer.
I finished getting dressed and Silayah led me to Sabros’s room. All the way I envisioned ways to inflict massive pain upon him. None of them were probable, but all were comforting.
“Here we are, milady,” Silayah said as she stopped in front of a door. She knocked and then walked away, leaving me alone when he opened the door. He smiled when he saw me, and I only glared.
“Come in, Moriwen,” he said, opening the door wider and letting me through. I looked around me and saw the ideal room for Sabros. The walls were made of dark stone, and there were blood-red tapestries all over the walls. There were endless weapons mounted on the walls and shelves and shelves of books. The bed was about two times the size of mine and the bedding’s were black. He motioned to a small, blood-red velvet couch for me to sit on. To my dismay, he sat down next to me. Trust me, that couch wasn’t big enough for to people. While he was talking, I was looking down at my leg touching his and his fingers playing with a small section of the skirt on my dress.
“Why so quiet Moriwen?” He let go of my skirt to stoke my face.
“I don’t feel like talking.”
He turned my face up towards his and kissed me. Luckily, this time he pulled away on his own.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, looking at all of my face. When he did that I almost started to cry, for that was something Legolas would do. Trying to look at my whole face all at one time.
“Do you have nothing to say, Moriwen? Our relationship would work better if you said something.”
“I hate you,” I answered bluntly. I was looking him in the face while I did so.
“Well, you’ll have to get over that. We are to be married in two seasons, and have to spend the rest of our lives together. You hating me is only going to make things worse. So, just pretend I’m your sweet Prince Legolas,” he added with disdain.
“How dare you… How can you even suggest that? You are such a jerk. I LOVE Legolas. And you can never…ever even hope of replacing him in my heart. If you think that you can, you’re even more of a simpleton than I thought,” I yelled.
He only smirked and pulled me closer to him. He gave me a small kiss on the lips and whispered, “We will see.”
With that, he dismissed me. I stomped down the hall to my room and was met by Silayah.
“Excuse me, Your Highness,” she said with a curtsey.
“What?!” I snapped.
“Um…um…your father, the King,” she stuttered meekly. “He requests an audience with you.”
“I’m sorry for yelling at you, Silayah. I am just…tired. Where is my father?”
“He is in his study, Your Highness.”
“Thank you,” I replied and walked briskly to where my father was.
“Ah! Moriwen, there you are, my child. Come in, come in,” he said with a smile, as I walked in. I sat down in a red leather chair opposite him.
“We must discuss the wed-,” he was interrupted by a messenger.
“Your Majesty, there is a letter here from Prince Legolas.”
At hearing his name I turned around. I looked back at my father expectantly.
“Give it here,” he said with a wave of his hand. I held my breath as he broke the wax seal and took the letter out. As he read it I bit my lip so hard I thought it would start to bleed! When he put it down on the desk and held his head in his hands, I knew it was something good for me.
“The Prince demands we give you back. He demands that I abolish the betrothal between you and Sabros. He says that if I do, that will be enough for a treaty of peace between our two kingdoms for one thousand years.” He paused and looked up at me. “I’m going to decline his offer.”
“What?! But…but… one thousand years of peace with Mirkwood. Surely that is more important than me marrying Sabros,” I insisted.
“No. I’d get much more out of joining Sabros to our family, than by `peace’ with Mirkwood. Now, be a good girl and go busy yourself. Why don’t you go for a ride? The stables are right outside. I’ll send for Sabros to accompany you,” he said without looking up at me.
I rolled my eyes and left. I decided that, even though it would mean spending time with Sabros, I would take my fathers advice and go for a ride. I was met at the stables by my `betrothed’.
“Hello,” he said. “I already chose a horse for you to ride. His name is Armal.” Sabros pulled out two horses by the reins. He mounted the black one that I recognized as his horse from our previous journey. I mounted the white stallion.
“Follow me,” he ordered.
“Yes, sir.”
He set his horse into a steady gallop. I urged my horse to follow after. When I was less then half a horse length behind him, he kicked the horse to make him go faster. As the black stallion sped ahead, I followed after with my eyes. After a moment, I sped my horse up as well. For a few minutes both stallions raced together in unison. Their pace matched, Sabros and I looked at each other with steely glares. Then, Sabros sharply turned his horse to his left. I cursed under my breath and followed him. The path that he had taken was too narrow for us to ride side-by-side. I was forced to stay behind. As I rode behind, he once again picked up the pace. I urged my horse to do so as well. The tree branches grew lower, causing me to ride with my head pressed against my horses neck.
After about half an hour of this, we reached a small meadow. He slowed his horse down, and I followed suit.
“Good ride, Moriwen. I wouldn’t expect a princess to be able to have such horsemanship,” he said as he started walking his horse in a circle around the field.
“I had many lessons in horsemanship on Earth. I have skill with horses.” In my mind, I added, `The ONLY skill I had on Earth’.
“Of course. So, my future bride.” Once again I rolled my eyes. “Have you thought at all of your wedding?”
“By what do you mean?”
“It is custom that the bride plan most of the wedding. What colors and flowers and food would you choose? These are a few of the things you must decide within the season,” Sabros concluded.
“But, the wedding is not for two seasons,” I protested in shock. Don’t tell me that I would have to marry this jerk a day sooner than before.
“Yes, but it will take almost a whole season to prepare. The wedding of two such as us is a big, extravagant event. There will be much to be done,” Sabros said with a smile. “The most important, your dress.”
“Then weddings here do not differ much from weddings on Earth,” I commented.
“Most likely not,” Sabros said as he brought his horse to a halt and dismounted. I stopped my horse beside him. He walked over and offered his hand. I took it and, too dismounted. When I was ground, Sabros did not let go of my hand as I had expected him to. Instead, he pulled me toward him and held me in both of his arms. He smiled down at me and kissed me. Not hard as he had always done, but gentle and loving. He pulled away only far enough for our lips to no longer touch.
“I love you,” he whispered. “I love you as more than anything you could name.”
I looked into his eyes and saw not a drop of deceit. I saw only love. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.


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