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“What am I doing here?” I asked as I sat up. I was in the middle of a forest that I didn’t recognize. Then I remembered. Sabros.
“Good morning,” Sabros said as he walked over to where I was lying. He knelt down beside me. “Did you sleep well?”
I just stared at him.
He smiled at me and stroked my arm. I looked down at his hand and then up at his face. I thought, `Sabros is actually a very handsome elf.’ Then I yelled at myself for even thinking that. It was just, as he leaned forward to kiss me, I didn’t want to pull back. When his lips touched mine my heart raced and the memory of Legolas was wiped away.
Sabros pulled away and looked into my eyes. The green in his were so intense that they seemed to reflect the color of the grass. He smiled at me and ran his hand across my cheek. An excited shiver went up my spine and I tried hard to think of Legolas. There was some sort of guilty pleasure about being with Sabros, that I wanted to eliminate.
“Come on. We have a long way to go,” Sabros said as he stood up. He then helped me up and packed up all of our stuff.
When he had said we had a long way to go, he wasn’t joking. It took three and a half months to get to where we were going, which, I figured out, wasn’t exactly his home. Soon all the trees in the forest beside us turned dark and the leaves looked sickly. After about a mile of this, we were confronted by a man in a black, hooded cloak. He had an arrow drawn and aimed at us.
“Who goes there?” He called.
“It is I, Sabros, and the Princess Moriwen. Let us pass,” Sabros commanded.
“The Princess?!” The man dropped to one knee and said “milady.”
“Will you give us escort to the palace?” Sabros asked, but his tone of voice made it sound like a command.
“Yes, milord Sabros,” the elf stood up. He took off his hood and I saw his eyes. They were a dark brown, like mine. I noted that Sabros was called `milord’.
When we reached the palace, I was both awestruck and filled with fear. The castle wasn’t as big as the others in the elven kingdoms, but it was undoubtedly a castle. The walls were dark and black with age. There were statues of elves standing with swords everywhere. I assumed that the sword was the weapon of choice amongst the Moriquendi.
I was looking up at the tower when I heard someone running in our direction. I looked over my right shoulder to see Raukos. He came over to me first. He gently and swiftly pulled me off the horse and hugged me tight, spinning around in circles.
“Oh, Moriwen, I was so worried about you,” he said as he set me down. He grabbed my hand, looked at my face and smiled. He then turned to Sabros, still holding my hand. “Was she difficult to apprehend?”
“No. But he was a little reluctant to let her leave,” Sabros said as he dismounted.
“Of course. I expected nothing else of him.”
Raukos looked around as the guard left. We were basically alone.
“Thank you for bringing my sister back, Sabros,” Raukos said as he put his right hand on Sabros’s shoulder. Sabros mirrored the action.
“I’d do anything for a friend,” was Sabros’s reply.
“I missed you greatly, where were you?”
“Traveling, Raukos. It was such a surprise when I received word from you that my future bride had arrived,” Sabros said, turning to look at me. He gave me a seductive smile.
“Well, I knew that my father wouldn’t want her to wed so early. Luckily for me, Legolas helped me prove my case that she shouldn’t seem available. Plus, when she marries you, she wont be taken that far away from us.”
Once again, the men were talking about me as if I wasn’t there. I just stood there and listened. Then I heard my name.
“Moriwen, come with me,” Raukos said. How could I have done otherwise? He was still holding my hand! I noticed Sabros walking behind us. I then realized why Raukos would approve a marriage between Sabros and I. Because they were friends! We went up some stairs and then down a few halls. Finally we reached a room I assumed to be Raukos’s bed-chambers. Sabros sat down and Raukos leaned up against the wall while I stood in the middle of the room, as if I were on display.
“Moriwen, I know that you are aware of the powers that you have. Now, I want you to show us,” Raukos instructed.
I thought of which power would be most obvious and not that dangerous. I chose my telekinesis.
I saw a pair of long-knives laying on a chest. I picked one up with my mind and made it fly across the room and land between Raukos’s legs. He looked down at the blade and then up at me. I looked at Sabros, he seemed less then amused.
“That is all that I am capable of,” I said, as Raukos lifted his leg up above the blade. I noticed he didn’t bother pulling the knife out of the wall.
“No, no, no! That is not all that you can do,” Sabros growled. He stood up and began pacing. “Let’s think. Your father is gifted with the dark arts, and your mother is a Maia of the Sacred Flame… Ah! That’s it! Why don’t you show us what you can do with fire?”
I glared at him and turned my attention to the knife, still protruding from the wall. I brought it back to me and the instance it touched my hand, the blade burst into flame. I twirled it in my hand and then held it out in front of me. My brother smiled.
“What a useful tool,” he mused.
I pointed the blade in his direction and glared at him.
“Not if you’re on the other end of it,” I hissed.
“Wonderful. My future bride has charisma to burn. No pun intended. Now, what else?”
“Nothing, that is it!”
“Now, I have reason to not believe you. You lied to me earlier, now what can you do?”
“I can heal.”
“Prove it,” Sabros ordered. He took out a small knife and slide it across his wrist. He held it out in front of me.
“What makes you so sure I will?”
“I’m not. But you are not the only one with extraordinary healing power, your brother has them as well. Now, you heal it or, he does and I beat you!”
“Fine, I’ll heal it.” And I did.
As my hands touched the warm red liquid, I had a premonition. I was holding Legolas as he lay on the marble floor. It was an extension from the earlier scene when I had seen him die. I had my hand pressed up against his throat, but he was already dead. As Sabros’s wound healed, the vision faded away.


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