Gothic Human -> Elven Princess – Chapter 12

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“You called for me, milady?” I asked as I entered Galadriel’s room.
“Yes. Come, sit down,” she said as she sat down on a white sofa.
I sat down on the chair across from her.
“I know what you saw,” Galadriel said in a whisper.
She nodded.
“Why would I be with Sabros?”
“I think Legolas would be better at explaining that. I wanted to discuss you and him,” she told me. “You two are in love. That makes things difficult.”
“How so?”
“You and him are very important. And after you talk to him, you will understand where Sabros fits into all of this. I am worried about you Megan. Middle-earth’s fate consists in your heart. You shall decide what will happen to us all. I am sorry that such a burden is to be placed on you. Hopefully, Legolas will help you make your decision. Now, I told you I wanted to know more about you and Legolas,” Galadriel said, her tone of voice changing drastically.
“What do you want to know?”
“Have you given yourself to him?” Galadriel asked with dread. The question shocked me and I didn’t know how to answer.
“Um…no! I-I-I-I haven’t,” was the answer that I chose.
“Good. That would have ruined you, and everything else…. You love him?”
“Yes, I guess I do.”
“Good, good. Well, you can go now. And, Megan,” Galadriel asked as I headed toward the door.
“Legolas is in the courtyard down the hall,” she said with a smile. I would have to ask Legolas if she could read minds.
I found Legolas exactly where she said I would. He looked at me and smiled (I had changed into one of Galadriel’s dresses after the mirror incident).
“You look beautiful,” he said as he took my hand and kissed it.
“Legolas, can I ask you something?”
Legolas stood up straighter and furrowed his brow.
“Can you tell me more about Sabros?”
“I told you I am not going to talk about him!”
“Mithrandir said that you must, so tell me!”
I looked into Legolas’s eyes. His intense blue eyes were filled with an anger that frightened me, but I looked into them sternly.
“Fine. You want to know more about him, I’ll tell you. As you know, he practices the dark arts. Well, he’s very good at it. He is, in fact, the greatest dark one in Middle-Earth and is as powerful as the Lady Galadriel and Mithrandir. He has known your father for a very long time. Ever since his skill with black magic began to show.” At this, Legolas lowered his voice. “Sabros would make a very powerful ally to the King of Moriquendi, but…what would Sabros want from your father?”
I just shook my head in disbelief. The visions in the mirror began to make since.
“I know that Sabros wants you. He likes the idea of marrying a princess, and your father has said that you will be given to him when you are of age. This is one of the many reasons why your father doesn’t want you around me.”
`I was to marry Sabros,’ the thought loomed in my head. No wonder Legolas wanted me out of Mirkwood!
“You mean, I’m supposed to marry Sabros?! When were you planing on telling me this?”
“Why do you think I brought you here? I didn’t plan on him coming to Mirkwood, so I didn’t think that there would be any problem with you staying there. I assume that your father or brother told him that you were there.”
“But…Sabros doesn’t even know me! Why on earth would he want to marry me?”
“You are so naive,” Legolas said as he stared at me. He shook his head took a step closer to me. “The fact that you are a princess and that you are the daughter of a Maia is enough to make him “love” you. He will say anything he thinks you want him to; he will do anything for you, because you have power. All men of political and magical power wish for you to be their bride. Actually, all men do, but only ones of power have any chance. You are very sought after, you were ever since you were born.”
“Then how come everyone seems to be angry that I’m with you?”
“Like who?”
“Mithrandir didn’t seem to happy, neither did Galadriel. And then there is my father and brother and your father,” I told him.
“Mithrandir and Lady Galadriel are worried about you and I being together. Your family wants you to marry Sabros, so that is their reason. And my father is also worried about us-.” I cut him off.
“But why is everyone so worried?”
“Because… who your heart belongs to determines what happens to Middle-Earth. There is a lot of pressure on you, and I am sorry, but I think I’m only adding onto it.”
With that, Legolas kissed me on the cheek and walked away. I walked over to a bench and sat down. I held my face in my hands and cried. What was I supposed to do? I knew that I loved Legolas, but everyone was making it seem like that didn’t matter. That even if I did, Sabros still had some power over me and my decision. I was scared. I stayed on that bench until nighttime and went straight to my room. At about midnight, there was a knock on my door.
“Who is it?” I called from the chair I was sitting in.
“It’s me,” I heard Legolas answer.
I hesitated before saying he could come in.
“Hello,” he said as he closed the door.
I studied his face and it looked like he had been crying. I had been too, so I stopped trying to hide my face.
“Are you alright?” He asked. He walked over to were I was sitting and pulled a chair up next to mine.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Are you?”
“Yes. Look, I’m sorry about earlier. Sabros just… I don’t like him that much anymore. He’s changed ever since he got into the whole dark arts thing. And now, he’s after you. The girl I love.” As Legolas said this, he stroked a my hair back behind my ear. He leaned forward and kissed me. I put my hands behind his head and kissed him back. After a short while, Legolas and I pulled apart.
“Better stop. If Galadriel found out, she would have my head,” Legolas said with a smile.
“Which brings up something else that confuses me. If you and I are in love, why can’t we, ya know, kiss?”
“Because, you’re a daughter of a Maia. You’re holy, and it would be a sin to do even the slightest impure thing to you. Though, I believe a kiss out of love isn’t impure, but…,” Legolas’s voice trailed off and he smiled at me. “Well, good night.”
“Good night.”
Legolas and I stood up. I gave him a hug and then he left. After the door closed I thought, `Nothing could take me away from him. Nothing’. If I only knew how wrong I was.


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