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“Haldir, you never cease to amaze me,” Legolas said as he gave the elvish sign of greeting (coincidentally it is the same/ sign for saying `good-bye’). Haldir returned the gesture. He then turned to me and bowed. He took my hand and kissed it.
“Lorien is honored to be visited by such an elven girl. Your coming here was greatly looked forward to.”
I looked up at Legolas and he raised one eyebrow and gave a half smile.
“Follow me. The Lady of Light is waiting,” Haldir ordered.
He turned around and began walking briskly through the forest. Legolas and I quickly followed after him. While we were walking, Legolas slipped his hand into mine. I think Haldir wasn’t meant to see that, but nothing escaped the elven guards eye.
“Are you two together?” Haldir asked as casually as possible.
“Umm,” Legolas and I said together.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
At that time, Legolas let go of my hand. Why did it seem that I wasn’t supposed to have a lover?
We arrived at a great tree and I saw that twisted into the branches was a palace. As we walked closer to it I realized how huge it was. Once inside, Haldir told us to stand on a platform and wait for the Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn to arrive. When she did, I gasped and nearly fainted of shock. She had long golden hair and an ageless face. Her eyes were deep blue and wise, and the crown on her head was regal. The white dress she was wearing seemed to flow as she walked.
When her eyes rested on my they flared slightly. She turned to Legolas.
“It has been long since who have visited these woods, Prince,” Galadriel said with an airy tone.
“I have missed Lorien greatly, milady. It gives me immense pleasure to return here,” Legolas said in a far more formal tone than I had ever heard him use before.
He turned to me and without looking at me, told her who I was. I bet she already knew.
“This is Princess Moriwen of Maddas,” he said in yet another formal tone.
“Yes,” Galadriel said simply. She let go of Celeborn’s hand and walked down the stairs to where we stood. Legolas stepped back, seeing she was looking directly at me as she walked. She stood in front of me and looked into my eyes. I felt as though someone were in my mind, as though SHE were in my mind. After a moment, she gave Legolas a quick glance, which set of the trance. She grabbed my hand and smiled.
“You are the daughter of a Maia, and you are capable of doing great things. Some will be terrible, but others shall be for good.”
Still holding my hand, she turned to Legolas. She seemed to be doing the same that she had done to me. He looked as though he were very uncomfortable, but trying to mask it. She then let go of my hand and turned to Lord Celeborn.
“Leave us,” she commanded.
Before leaving he bowed to Galadriel, Legolas and then to me. He started to turn and leave, but then looked back at me with a horrified look in his eye. It shocked me.
“Follow me,” Galadriel bade us.
She began walking down a long stair-way and Legolas and I quickly followed. When she walked, it was so smooth that she appeared to be floating. When we reached the last stair, we saw her standing in front of a small well type thing.
“Come here,” she said, looking at me. I looked back at Legolas who made no sign of moving, but a small nod in Galadriel’s direction.
“Look into here.”
I walked forward and looked down into a pool of water. My reflection as so perfect that it may have been a liquid mirror. I looked up at Galadriel, but she had backed away, so I looked back into the water. Then something horrible happened. I saw a burst of flame, and then I saw Sabros and… me. I was standing behind Sabros, wearing a crown. The scene changed and I saw Sabros and I in bed together. I tried to look up at Legolas to see if he could see it, but I couldn’t move my head. Once again, the scene changed and I was holding a baby. I wore all black and a crown. Sabros was next to me wearing my father’s crown. Then…the most horrific scene of all. Legolas. It was Sabros, me and Legolas. Sabros was pulling Legolas’s head back by his hair, exposing his neck. There was a small, dark blade being held to his throat. I tried to cry out as I saw Sabros drag the blade toward him. `Farewell, my old friend,’ he whispered as he let go and Legolas’s dying body fell to the ground. With that, the images ceased.
“Oh, my God!” I screamed as I backed away. I ran into Legolas and turned around. I wrapped my arms around him as I began to cry.
“Sh, sh. It’s okay, it’s okay. They’re just images, that’s all. Nothing more,” Legolas said, holding me.
“What she saw is more than just visions. They are reality. Whatever she saw either will happen, or may happen,” Galadriel said.
I looked up at Legolas in time to see him give Galadriel a worried look. Then he looked down at me and kissed me on the cheek.
“What did you see?” He asked me.
“What she saw was for her alone, Prince. You have no right to ask her,” Galadriel said sternly.
“She can tell me if she wants to,” was his reply.
“From her reaction, I doubt that she does. Look at her, she’s frightened… for you,” Galadriel answered sadly.
Legolas only pulled me closer (if that was possible) and kissed the top of my head. I heard the rustle of Galadriel’s dress as she left. Legolas let go of me and tilted my face up towards his.
“I love you,” he whispered. He leaned down and gave me a deep kiss.
“I love you, too,” I breathed into his mouth.
Those words, just those three simple words, made me forget all that I had just seen. It was the first time we had said `I love you’ to each other, and it was a very special moment.


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