Gollum- His Story – Leaving the Cave

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‘They’ll finds us, precious’ he wept, wringing his hands. ‘Baggins stole it, and now they’ll see us! See us!’ Gollum crawled forward reluctently, not wanting to stay in the vunerable spot he was in, or flee to possible more dangerous areas.
A chink of armour against armour rose in the cool mountian air. Orckish voices begin to get louder. ‘They are coming!’ Gollum whispered. In fright and fear, he fled back towards his cave.
Soon after, Gollum was safely off his boat, on his little island. ‘Thief. Tricksey, little thief! He stole it, he did, stole it!’. Then he dissolved into tears. He was fumbling with the garment around his waist, wrapping it round his thin finger, trying to imagine the safe touch of his precious. Though it was not the same. Nothing could concemplate the feeling of safety that the Ring gave the old creature.
After a while, Gollum curled his body into a ball and wept himself to sleep. It was a sleep full of anger, with no plesant dreams, just dreams full of squeezing Baggins to death, then reclaiming the precious, and not living in fear, but in security. Gollum did not know that soon it would be to late. Far to late.
He awoke later, to find that a great rockslide had occured, and that the passage the outside world was cut off. If Gollum had any thought of escaping, he would have to elude the orcs, and so escape through one of the side doors, maybe the west-gate.
So in time Gollum began to rebuild his strength, and his old cunning and daring revisited him at times, and he even journeyed to the outskirts of the orc town, and at one point, the great hall of the king. Who was of course dead, killed by some of Baggins’s friends.
Now at one point during the rebuilding of his mischeivous personality, Gollum toyed with the thought of leaving the mountains, and heading after Baggins. He cast his mind back to the riddle game, and tried to remember the full conversation. In the end Gollum had decided to track Baggins down, by travelling to the land of the Shire.
In his evil mind, he carefully planned out his escape of the mountains, and of how to discover the whereabouts of the Shire. But everytime Gollum attempted the escape, he faltered, and returned to his cave insanley muttering: ‘We’ll gets it, the little theif, one day. We will!’
One day when out hunting for stray orc imps, Gollum came unnervingly close towards the west gate. It seemed, very much unguarded, as if the goblins had run short of troops. Gollum then had this sudden impulse to leave the mountains, and journey away, after Baggins. The guards seemed bored, and sleepy, and quite useless. Gollum saw sunlight flooding threw the door. He bounded forward. A great howl rose up. The troops had seen him.

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