Give me hope – -short story, chap 1

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Tear’s dripping down her face, finding their way to her bare neck. Her eyes are worn and red and she sleep’s in an uneasy dream. Reaching out, grabbing something but in reality her arm is stretched out searching, searching for her lost love. Her face’ expression changes to concern as she is aware of her loss, and the scene in her mind changes. At last she surrenders to her evil thoughts.

The moon, shining upon the world, revealing the wicked creatures of the night dances with the stars. The soft murmurs of the wind whirls past her window and then leading into her chambers. The wind lasts for a moment and sends a shiver down her spine.

Now that she feels the insecurity of her bed, she awakens to a dark world. Her green eyes are swollen and still tears shimmer in them. Wiping her tears she stands up and lights a candle. She walks out of her room and down the corridor, down the many steps and into the front of her flet, where she finds the moon frowning at her. She looks up into the heavens. ‘Why have you taken my love, why?’, she whispers.

Her weary eyes lingered to the silver boughs swaying in the night breeze giving her a bit of peace. But the dark, almost black, green leaves gave her a warning look. Her flet was upon an ancient tree seated high above the ground, a large house and she felt completely alone. Here she was and all was quiet. The flets around her were lighted with silver lamps, no elf was awake for the braking of dawn had not come. She sat at the edge of the stairs that led down, down at last to the bottom of the forest floor. At least this gave her some comfort from her dark room.

She cradled her small body close leaning her head upon her knees. The memory came back to her and she started to weep. Every night since her beloved had died, which was five nights ago, she did not come out of her flet only at night where nobody would see her in the glooms. Her tears tore up her soul and she would do this until death would take her and she would be reunited with Toloniel who died in the War Of The Ring.

A messenger of the elven company came from Helms Deep as he was injured badly but given leave to tell all those who had lost a loved one that they have been slain. This is how she had found out that her beloved had died. And since most of her relatives, especially her only brother had tried to ease her pain she did not stop weeping. Every day he would visit for her mother and father had passed over the sea and try to tell her that he would look after her.

Her brothers name was Ruan and loyal and caring he was to his sister. He had a fair face, blue eyes, blond hair, and he was tall. And most of the elleths would fall for him. He knew his sister was heart broken and moved into her flet preventing her from doing anything crazy.


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