Give me hope – -chap 3 and last

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Ruan awoke early and saw a shimmer of light leaking through his curtains onto his bed. He smiled and stood up, separating them. Instantly releasing a brilliant light. He saw a peace and serenity outside, of this autumn morning that he hadn’t seen in all of his immortal life. Ruan changed into some casual clothes of the Lorien elves and his light boots. He then plaited a single plait that set over his golden hair and the remaining free then gradually walked over to his sisters room. Opening the door he could see she wasn’t asleep but fiddling with her long auburn hair, her green swollen eyes fixed upon a lock.


She flinched and shot her eyes at him. ‘Yes brother’

‘Pardon my rudeness i have to go out for a while. I shall not be long’

‘You need not worry about me Ruan’, dismissing him she no longer looked at her brother.

He sighed and closed the door gently after him. She could hear his soft footsteps departing from her elven home.

She gracefully slipped out of bed and looked through her many dresses humming a song she had know from her father many years ago when she was but a child, sad though at peace.

many meetings

Reminiscing through all the good and bad times in her life she had in these delicately woven dresses. Suddenly she stopped and looked upon this dress she saw in front of her. It was darkest blue, deep as the ocean. Her head stirred she remembered the time when her parents left her. She scanned it and put it on. It hung at her shoulders and at her wrists the material flared out, from her thin waist it lightly grew. She sat at her table where her mirror was and brushed her long wavy hair, seeing her reflection she stared at it hard and placed her hands on her cheeks, her eyes were of concern. ‘What has happened to me?’, she whispered. Long ago in happier days they were rosy but now, pale with hurt. She let her gaze linger to where the white flowers were and walked over to the balcony, leaning down. Uncaringly she picked a single white rose and twirled it between her fingers. She threw it out of her hands, remembering how she had despaired. ‘ I should stop thinking’, she shook her head trying to clear her mind. The wind carried it down tenderly onto the forest floor where it lay quiet.

She turned away and picked up an object that glinted sorrowfully then departed from her flet. She ignored the elves that stared at her with pity and strode he way out of the city, far away where an ancient path winded many ways. The place she had known for many years where she could seek solitude.

Many autumn tree’s shedding their golden leaves layering the forest floor with a wondrous sight. The wind twirling past her merrily and disappearing in a second, faded from her sight. Little birds singing in the tree’s and playfully skipping branch to branch.

Her pace quickened now and at last she reached the place she was longing for. A berry bush growing upon an age-long stone wall had an entrance which was gnawed with sharp thorns. She crawled inside like a child, though her hair got stuck many times and she also was scathed, cursing them under her breath. She was surprised at the sight she saw, it had all changed. A single mallorn tree grew in the midst of a beautiful garden. Many flowers all shapes and sizes gave an aroma that was so mysterious though unique to this middle-earth. Making her way to the tree she looked upon them.

‘Alas!, so this is my end to die in a garden from which no one knows of, sweet but sour’, she looked at the knife she carried in her palm, small but very sharp with sapphire stones wrought upon the hilt and elven writing engraved onto the dagger.

She picked many pink roses and scattered the petals into a circle and lay herself down upon the green grass. Positioned the knife above her breast taking one last breath she cried out. ‘Forgive me’, the birds stopped signing, rustling the leaves and animals fled, the smell of death blew upon the wind.

The elves of LothLorien immediately stopped their duties sensing the animals sudden move of concern and distress, turning their sharp eyes. Winds stirred and clouds began to form. The rumble and fighting of the storm was heard loudly and the scent of rain was coming..And then the rain began showering down upon middle-earth, weeping.

Her face colourless though filled with a youthful appearance, ancient though young when looked upon and wisdom flowed once in her veins, her pale green eyes looked up into the heavens. The knife still in the chest, bloodied, stood erect and her drenched hair tangled with knots. The dark blue dress the wore was wet and cold. Her white arms lay near her frail body; the other that held the knife lay in a position of grasping something once. No one will find her body and with the decay of time it lay there as the white rose. The wind sighing as the rain continued to pour onto her.

Her sou entered The Halls Of Mandos. Seeing her beloved she embraced him, joyfully though sadly looking down at her. ‘Prudence’, he whispered.


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