Give me faith – -chap 2

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The waning stars differed as the golden sun arose; it was less than three hours before dawn. Her eyes told he it was time to enter her flet. The wooden door flung open and she entered the main room of the first floor, then she took the steps to her room.

The door creaked open and she strode to her bed then flopped onto it releasing a jagged breath. ‘I would rather die than stay in this middle-earth, oh Tononiel why have thou left me, we promised each other we would spend all the ages together’.

She trailed her eyes to the balcony, which had white flowers entwined around it. Still she saw no beauty in it, her eyes were plain no emotion came from her fair face. Slowly a silver tear pricked her eye and fell down her cheek.


Hearing footsteps in the middle of the night, Ruan stood up feeling his sister’s presence. ‘Should I go? I should not disturb her’. But his heart was screaming out to him. ‘Go, or would you rather let her be alone in the state she is in, for all you know she might be thinking of killing herself and your guilty conscience will be haunting you for the rest of your eternal life. Go if you wish for your sister to live’.

He quickly opened his door and crept a few spaces behind his sister. Her hair untied hanging freely and the night gown she wore he saw great beauty before him. A gleam of light surrounded her, she strode with pride but underneath a great sorrow engulf at her wretched heart and he pitied her.

She had led him into the front of the flet where the moon shone brightly upon her delicate form. He climbed a bough that was near the house and watched with his elven eyes. ‘Prudence why do you weep, have I not protected you from the memory? You tear me apart when I see you cheerless’, he thought to himself. He could see now that her frail body had bent down and was sitting. His brotherly instinct told him he must go to her but instead, upon the branch sat there unmoving. Ruans concerned features stared with his blue eyes, fixed upon her, shimmered in the twilight.

The silver lamps that were hung upon the boughs of every tree in Lorine diminished, slowly fading. The shadows of the tree hid him. He saw her weep then whisper something. He did not catch the words but was still content, studying her every movement. The night waned and the warning of sunlight paranoid his thoughts. Suddenly moving down the tree, he slipped, still hanging onto a branch and his sisters heard turned quickly with a jump. Luckily she could not see him clearly and turned back to her thought.

Ruan giggled to himself and carefully went down the tree. With the soft boots he had on he crept to the front door unnoticed. And strode quickly and quietly to his room. He tucked himself in and laughed in his dreams.


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