Giraen:Giver of Hope – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Gilraen awoken a beautiful room. As she looked around she saw a large airy room with a light green color and carvings of tree leaves. She thought this was all very nice but she could not figure where she was or why she was not at home. She sat up and called out , ” Arathorn where are you?”

Immediately a beautiful woman walked into her room. She had long brown hair and brown doe eyes and pointed ears letting Gilraen know that she was an Elf. ” Lady Gilraen you must lay back down .”

“Where am I? Why am I here? Where is my family? Oh I feel so dizzy right now.”

She lay back down ever so carefully. The girl left the room and ran to get Elrond. Elrond was busy tending to another elf who had a wound and he quickly finished up with him. He went to Gilraen’s room. He sat on the edge of her bed and started checking her head while he was talking to her.

“I see you have awoken. How are feeling right now?”

“I felt very dizzy before I laid back down. Elrond Why am I here?”

“You do not remember? I guess that is a dumb question since you would not have asked if you knew. Well you are here in the house of healing because you hit your head on a stone as you passed over the river.”

“Ok that answers the reason I am here at the healing house, but why am I in Rivendell.”

Elrond looked worried at this question. “Can you tell me last thing you remember?”

Gilraen thought for a while. “I remember that Arathorn said he was going to battle an army of orcs that was invading our town. Elladan and Elrohir were going with him.”

Suddenly a horrified look came over her face, “Oh Eru, please don’t tell me something has happen to him.”

Elrond took her in his arms as he said, Yes Gilraen, he is dead.”

She just crumpled in his arm and sobbed. She thought her heart was going to break as she sobbed. It took her a long time to calm down enough for Elrond to talk.

“You have come to live here because we know that Sauron is looking for any heirs of Isildor. He will surely kill Aragorn if he knows he lives and where he lives. I will do all I can to protect him. Your husband was a very good friend of mine and I too feel saddened by his death. This was my vow to him should something happen to him.”

“Thank you Elrond for all you will do for us.”

“There is also another thing. I have changed Aragorn’s name as an added protection to him. He will now be called Estel. It means Hope. I hope it pleases you.”

“It is a very lovely name. I like it a lot.”

He saw that all this information had drained her so he said, ” Gilraen lay back down. Estel is being watched by Laliath. She has been taking care of him when I am busy so he is in good hands.”

Gilraen smiled and laid back down ready for some more sleep. All would be well for her and Aragorn here in Rivendell. Suddenly she sat up, ” Elrond did you look at Ara- I mean Estel’s leg?”

“Yes everything is fine. Elladan was right those arrows were not poisoned. I was thankful for His sake and my sons sake. You rest now.” He left the room and Gilraen fell into a much needed sleep.


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