Gilrean:Giver of Hope – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Estel ran off to find Elladan. He found him talking to Elrond about what happened at the practice pen. Elrond was thinking over the situation when Estel came in the house. Elrond gave him a hug, sat him on his lap and said, “Are you ok son?”

“Yes father I just got done talking to momma and I am ready to get started again. I am not an elf but I sure can learn to be the best I can at things just like any other elf.”

Elrond looked on him with pride. Sometimes child like tenacity is good. “Well I am so proud of you, son. Elladan and I were worried for you, but I see your momma helped you over the bump. The attitude you have is very good. I think though we should come up with a new place to teach you. I though you could use the open meadow above the falls as a good place to learn. What do you think of that?”

“Oh I like that idea a lot. Can we go now and try some more?”

“I just put Titton in his stall for the night. I think we can let it wait until tomorrow. The sun will be gone soon anyway.” Elladan said with a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. “Just be ready tomorrow after school.”

“I will,” came Estel’s eager response.

Elladan said, “I know what we can do though. We can go say goodnight to Titton and you can brush him down. Then he will get to know you for more than just the carrots you bring him.”

“Yes, I would like that a lot. Let’s go.” Estel said jumping off Elronds lap.
Gilraen was sitting by the pond soaking up some peace and quiet and some last of the suns rays when Raion came walking down the path. She smiled as she saw him coming and patted the ground next to her.

“Come join me as I soak up the last of the suns rays for the day.”

Raion sat down with a sigh. He looked to west and liked the way the sky was turning a deep orange before the sun was gone for the day. They sat there quietly for a little while just listening to the water ripple on the ground at their feet. It was a soft and soothing sound, and for Gilraen it helped to wash away the frustrations of the day. She let out a soft sigh of contentment. Raion looked at her to see if she was alright, and seeing a slight smile cross her mouth for a second knew she was alright.

“Serme told me what happened to Estel today.” Raion said breaking the silence.

“Yes it was unfortunate but I think he ok now.”

“Are you ok about it?”

“If I really had the choice I would clock that kid, but these things happen to us to help make us stronger. I think Estel has a good head on his shoulders. He told me he wouldn’t let it stop him from doing his best. I just hope these things do make him stronger and not eventually beat him down.”

I think he has a good example to follow that will help him.”

Gilraen laughed sarcastically, “Oh I am not always as strong as you think. His Father would have done a much better job of showing him than I do.”

“Don’t sell yourself short my friend. You have survived a lot in your life and you have the wisdom and strength to help Estel see thing right.”
I also have the help of Elrond.”

“I hope you know you have my help also.”

She looked at him and smiled, “I do know that, and you help me in many ways. Just by being here tonight has helped me feel so much happier. Talking things out helps my melancholy also. It gives me strength to face another day.”

Raion put his arm around her as he said, “That’s is what friends are for.”

It was twilight and Gilraen knew she had to get home to get supper. She got up and asked if Raion wanted to join them for supper.

“I need to get Serme first. Would you like to walk with me?”

“Yes I am sure Estel is well taken care of at Elrond’s house.”

Off they went talking and laughing together until they got to Raion’s home. Serme was happy to go see Estel. She was worried about him too. She ran ahead of the adults and got to Elrond’s house first. She knocked on the door and Estel answered. She gave him a hug and he invited her to come in the house.

“Father! Serme is here may she and I go out to the swing?”

“Yes,” Elrond said with a wave of his hand. He was busy with the cook getting her to make venison for supper.

The children ran out to the swing and Serme sat there while Estel pushed her.

“Do you feel better, Estel?”

“Yes, father said I would be learning to ride up in the meadow above the falls that way I can have peace when learning to ride. Titton does not need to be scared either. It is not good for him.”

“I am glad you are happy again. Don’t let Varyar defeat you. He is just a big bully who does not know how to be kind.”

“I know. He may think he is better than me but he will see I can be every bit as good as he is in things. I won’t be mean back to him because I just think that is wrong and it hurts.”

The children went off to play tag and the adults heard happy laughter coming from the back of the house as they came to get them. Gilraen went in to tell Elrond she was taking the children home. He told her to stay and have dinner with him and the boys.

“Raion and Serme were going to join us for dinner at our house.”

“They can join us also.”

So the evening was spent in happy conversation around the table at Elrond’s Home.


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