Gilrean: Giver of Hope – Chapter 40

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Author’s note: I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get the next chapter up. I have been so busy. We had two projects to do for the end of the school year and it got to be so much. now school is done so I hope to write enough to get this done thhis summer. I hope this makes up for the long delay.

Chapter 40

Estel was crying like a baby on his father’s shoulder. He could not help it. He knew it was silly for a 13 year old to cry so badly but he had never been more scared in his life and to be enfolded in his father’s arms was such a safe and Loving spot he just gave into those emotions. Elrond just stood and held him whispering words of comfort to help calm his son. He did not berate him for he knew how hard it was for Estel to have endured what he has the past day. Plus he knew it was for grief for his brother’s situation. He allowed some tears to flow also as those thoughts passed through his head.

Estel gained control of himself and sat down to tell his father all he knew. Just as he was finishing up there was the sound a great beast lumbering through the forest. All the elves hid amongst the trees or rocks that were around that area. Elrond asked Estel to do something for him that might upset him again and if he didn’t want to do it was ok. Estel knew he could do it because he had control of his feelings again. Elrond asked him to get into the stream and call the goblin over to him this way they would have control of where he came upon them. Estel steeled his emotions and he knew he could do this; so he shook his head in assent.

He stepped into the stream and yelled like he was afraid at the sight of the goblin. The goblin turned and charged toward him with speed that belied the cumbersome way he looked and sounded. He was almost within grasp of Estel when two arrows hit him one in the right side of his stomach and the other in his leg. He fell an inch from Estel and got him all wet. Quick as lightning Raion was on top of the goblin flipping him over and standing over him with his bow pulled taught while Elrond, with more calm than he felt, walked up to the goblin so he could interrogate him. He bent down and held a knife to the goblins throat and asked, “Where are my sons?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“Because I can save your pathetic life.”

“I care not for my life.”

“Its ok because I can still find out the information I want. Ok everyone lets move.”

They all started to walk off when they heard, “Wait!”

Elrond turned and walked back “Was there something you wanted to say?”

“Just this,” And he took out a knife and stuck it into Elrond’s thigh. “NOO!!!” Estel screamed and ran grabbing a knife from one of the elves’ sheath on his back. He jumped on top of the goblin driving the knife deep into his black heart. The goblins eyes went dark and Estel ran to Elronds side.

“Father are you alright?”

“I will be fine as soon as we get this knife out of my leg. Can you help me?”

“Yes, I can. Raion bring me the bandage kit.”

Raion came with the kit and kneeled down so he could help. Estel extracted the knife and had Raion hold a cloth tightly over the wound to keep Elrond from loosing too much blood. He made a poultice of Atholos and laid it gently on Elrond’s wound then he wrapped the wound with cotton bandage.

“I think, Estel, that you have become quite a skilled Healer.”

“Only because I have had the best teacher.” Estel said hugging his father.


Elladan and Elrohir were being bounced and jostled as they were uncaringly being rushed through the forest. All the bouncing caused pain to constantly be filling their bodies. They could hardly think much less try to come up with a plan to save them. Their only hope was a rescue from Estel and hopefully he would bring their father. The goblins crashed through a particularly dense part of the forest and the rammed Elrohir ankle into a tree. The pain that shot up his body was so intense it made him loose consciousness. Elladan was glad for him but it did nothing to ease his pain. His leg kept beating itself against a particularly hard part of the goblin’s breastplate. He wished to pass out also but that never happened.

Elladan started to feel extremely afraid as he saw the mountains coming closer into view. He needed to do something so they would not be taken into the mountains, but what could he do. Nothing was stopping these guys from their present course. Scenes of the room where his mother was held when she was a captive of the orcs started flashing before his eyes. The torture instruments strewn on the floor, the filth and the most horrible sight of all His mother huddled in a corner bloody and unaware of anything around her; not even of the fact that her sons were there to rescue her. All these things plus the constant pain caused Elladan to retch all down the back of the goblin that was carrying him.

“AH! Why you stupid elf! STOP!” he yelled as he dropped Elladan fiercely to the forest floor. Elladan could not help but retch some more. All the goblins around him stood back and stared and then laughed at their fellow goblins predicament.

“You stupid elf.” The goblin screamed as he started kicking Elladan. He was so angry and he kicked him so hard that he broke Elladan’s ribs puncturing his lung. Suddenly Elladan could not breathe.

The leader came over to the scuffle and saw what happened and he took out his knife and stabbed the goblin, who beat Elladan, in his heart Killing him instantly.

“They were supposed to be brought before Gorgoth unspoiled. Now what am I to do?”

He paced the forest and then decided. “Let them here. This one is dead soon and the other can be live food for the wargs. Now lets get home before anyone finds us.” The goblins left them laying there and raced on toward the mountains.

Elladan lay on the forest floor beside his brother and ever so slowly reached out his hand to grab hold of Elrohir’s hand before he passed out.


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