Gilraen:Giver of Hope – Chapter 6

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Author’s Note: With the help of some friend here in the reading room I made some changes to give more detail. I hope it helps. Thanks Out of Sheol and FlowerofLorien.

Chapter 6

Gilraen and Estel were on their way to the schoolhouse. Gilraen was listening to Estel talking about how he was excited to be going to school. As he was talking he said “Momma look at the leaves on the trees they are so pretty this year.” Gilrean looked at the scenery around her and moved by the awesome beauty that surrounded her. She felt privileged to live in place that had such contrasting beauty. All of Rivendell spoke of spring and summer. The houses and Great Hall were colored in the light green and deep greens of spring and summer with carvings of trees in there prime and vines beginning to bloom. Beautiful flower gardens that carried every color long into the time of the cold and dormant months, but when you look at the trees and the mountainous areas around Imaldris you could see the changing seasons. The colors were rich reds, yellows, and orange.

While she was admiring the beauty around her she was also not watching where she was going and did not see the tall elf that was coming across her path. Boom! She ran smack into his chest causing her to stumble. He caught her by the wrist to steady her. “Are you alright?” he asked

Gilraen turned many shades of red from the top of her head to her feet in her embarrassment. I-I am fine.” she sputtered. “I am so sorry Lord Elf.” She bowed and backed up from him to make a quick escape. She was afraid to look in his face, but he did not let her go so fast.

Whoa there if you are going to run into me I should like to know the name of my assailant.”

This made Gilraen feel more embarrassed, but then she looked at him and he was smiling and it was a most endearing smile. I don’t think I ever saw an elf look at me this way she thought. Many times she just would meet elves along the way and say hi but many never bothered to go out of their way to talk to her. She had a few acquaintances but none would she ever call a good friend.

She lifted her eyes to his and quietly said, “I am Gilraen, and I am so sorry that I was not paying attention to where I was going.”
“Well I am Raion and I am no worse for the whack. .I am taking my daughter Serme to school.” he said.

” I too am taking my son Estel to school.”

“Would like to walk with us.”

“Can we please Momma? Estel asked pleadingly.

“Who can deny that plea.” Gilraen laughed. “I guess we will be joining you Lord Raion.”

“Just Raion please.”

The children walked ahead and talked together leaving the parents to talk.

“I believe that I have already had the pleasure of meeting you.” Raion said casually.

Gilraen looked at him quizzically. “If you have met me I am sorry to say that I don’t remember you.”

“I don’t suppose you would remember. You were out cold at the time.” He laughed at the shocked look on her face. “I was on guard duty the day you came in riding with Elladan on his horse.”

Gilraen felt the redness rising in her checks again. “I guess I am doomed to have met you always in the worst position on my part.”

Raion laughed, “Well some people are just lucky I guess.”

Gilraen liked his laugh and as she walked she studied him. He was tall. Even taller than Arathorn she guessed. He had not the care lines that Arathorn had although in the deep recesses of his blue eyes she knew he was older, though not as old as Elrond. If she were to guess she would say Raion and Elladan & Elrohir were the same age. He had long blond hair that was pulled back on the sides and braided down the back. She marveled at the silken look of the braid and was a little envious because her brown curly hair seemed to have a mind of its own some days.

“Why is your wife not here with you?” she asked

A cloud came over his eyes furrowing his brow and a slight frown played at the corners of his mouth. She wished that she had not asked him that question. “I am sorry. I should not have asked.”

He turned to her and smiled sadly, “It is ok. It is just that there is not a day that goes by that the thought of her does not make me sad. I lost her 20 years ago to an orc raid on our family. We had been in Lothlorien visiting her parents. One day from Imaldris and they attacked. We eventually defeated them but not without much loss. Lirinen was shot with poisoned arrow and never recovered.”

“Dirty foul things” Gilraen cursed angrily. “Don’t be too shocked I lost my husband to the filth 4 years ago. If I could I would go to Dol Goloth and kill the whole lot of them. Such evil should not be allowed to exist. The only thing that kept me here is Estel.”

“I know the feeling. Many times I felt like dying too, but I do have reason to live. She needs me more than I need her right now.”
The school then came into view. Estel came and gave her a kiss goodbye and Serme kissed Raion. They watched as the children walked away. Then together they walked home. When they got to the road where they met Raion said, ” Here we part and I hope we `bump’ into each other again.”

Gilraen laughed, “I hope so, too. They parted and Gilraen hoped that after all this Time she might have found a friend.


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