Gilraen:Giver of Hope – Chapter 44

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The sun slowly danced across the sky calling everyone to wake up and enjoy the day, but Gilraen just wanted to snuggle back under the covers. So she borrowed deeper. But she was not awarded the sleep she sought. Instead she was awarded kisses planted on her neck.

“Happy Anniversary my love!” Raion whispered into her ear.

“If I must wake up then I would rather wake up to kisses than the sun shining in my face.”

“Well allow me to continue waking you then.” Raion replied sweetly as he kissed her mouth. Her arms went around his neck drawing him closer yet. Suddenly a harsh knocking was heard on the bedroom door.

“Ada, Linwë is protesting loudly that she wants you.”

“Ohh” Raion groaned.

“Gilraen laughed, “Well I guess it is time to get up my love.”

“I suppose but why did we have to get a daughter that decides to rise so early?”

“You pretend to be upset but I know better. You love every minute you get from her.”

He smiled a big grin. “I only hate when I must be interrupted while I am kissing you.”

“Me too,” said Gilraen, giving him a small pout.

He kissed her lower lip and whispered. “Later tonight, we WILL be alone.”

Raion left to save Sermë and Estel from the baby tantrum that little Linwë was throwing at that moment. As the yelling died, Gilraen laughed to herself. Linwë sure did know how to let herself be known in the house, but she would have it no other way. Linwë had brought such happiness and sunshine into the home that no one knew was missing until she showed up. Her smile brightened the whole house and yet her tears could wrench your heart from your chest. She was truly a blessing from Eru.

When Gilraen had asked for a calm life, she was granted that request. The past 5 years had been pretty normal. Then came the day, the day after Estel’s 18th birthday, that some news came to shake up their mundane life. Gilraen was pregnant. Gilraen and Raion were so ecstatic one second and scared the next second that they felt like they were high on a mountain and suddenly plunged deep into the ocean with no air. It was a very strange feeling. The pregnancy went well and they got their beautiful ray of sunshine in the end. Gilraen could not have been happier.

Everyone was thrilled with his or her new addition. Every morning Raion woke up and took care of her so Gilraen could sleep. Estel loved and doted on Linwë. He would have given anything to keep her safe. Sermë was so much like a Mother that she could have been mistaken for her Nana instead of Gilraen. Linwë was spoiled, that much was true, but she was spoiled happy not spoiled bad.

Tonight though was about mom and dad. Linwë would have to be content with sister and brother. Tonight Gilraen and Raion were celebrating their ten-year wedding anniversary. Raion had their night all planned out. Gilraen had to pack some clothes and that was it. So she decided to get busy getting packed.

Raion was busy in the kitchen, with Sermë. She was helping him pack their lunch and supper into a basket. Wine, cheese, fruit and some meat was packed along with the plates and glasses. He then went to their room to find Gilraen. She was standing in the closet trying to find the perfect dress. He snaked his arms around her waist as he nuzzled her neck for a moment. She smiled as she lovingly put her hand on his cheek turning her head to kiss his lips.

“I am off for a little while. You be sure to be ready when I get back.” Raion whispered in her ear. Gilraen turned and gave him a parting hug and kiss. “I will be ready, love.”

Raion left because he had some things to do at the place he had picked for their night. Estel went to the stables to help get the horses ready.

Gilraen was still standing in her closet trying to decide what to wear. Sermë came in just to watch her. Linwë came toddling behind her. Gilraen pulled out two dresses; one a blue sleeveless that stopped midway between her knees and ankles, and the other a short sleeved yellow of the same length. “So which one do you think I should wear?” she asked the girls.

“Definitely the blue dress. It helps make your eyes sparkle. Plus Ada loves that one the best.” Sermë instantly replied. Linwë grabbed the silky material of the blue dress rolling it in her fingers. “Oh so you like the blue dress, too.” Gilraen laughed as she scooped up Linwë into her arms nuzzling her neck causing her to giggle from the attention. “Ok girls let me get dressed then you can help me with my hair and make-up.”

Sermë was having a lot of fun trying different hairstyles on her momma. She piled all her hair on the top of her head in one very high bun; that was quickly discarded. Then she curled it into ringlets all over, but it made her look too much like a little girl. Sermë re-curled it into big soft curls and then took some combs so she could pull it back so the curls cascaded down he back into a continuous flow. A few strands curled softly around her face. She loved it and then it was time for the makeup. She never used a lot of makeup, just enough to enhance her eyes and her lips. She surveyed herself in the mirror and was happy with what the mirror showed her.

She picked up Linwë and went to the main room to wait for Raion.

“Is Elrohir coming over tonight?”

Sermë smiled. She could never seem to comprehend how she got to be the luckiest girl in Rivendell. Some of the elleths her age were horribly jealous of her, but she never let it bother her. It had been 10 months since they started dating. When she had developed that crush on him all those years ago, she had never expected anything to come of it. Usually nothing ever does come of such things. Ten months ago Elrohir had found her walking along the sand of the lake and they had started talking; by the end of the night he had asked her to meet him the next night at the same spot. Things just kept going from there. Her birthday had been the first time they kissed. It had taken her breath away.

“Yes, Elrohir is coming for dinner. We were thinking of taking Linwë on walk through the gardens. I love the rose gardens this time of year.”

“Oh that sounds just perfect. Just remember you have your sister with you.”

Sermë turned red, “Don’t worry, momma. I will remember.”

Raion came just then and stood staring at Gilraen like he had never seen her before.

Gilraen smiled and walked over to her husband. “What’s the matter love has it been that long since you saw me.”

“No, but you are stunning today.”

“Well its nice to know I can still make you speechless after all this time.”

“Shall we go my love?”

“Yes, lets.”

So they left and headed north. Just as they got out of Rivendell’s borders there was a waterfall with a beautiful meadow covered in daisies at the base of the falls. Gilraen had never seen it before and it took her breath away. There was an area with their dinner all spread out. Gilraen drank in the beauty of her surroundings and then turned her attention to her husband.

“It is beautiful.”

He smiled down at her his blue eyes lost in her face as she reached up and ran her hands through his hair drawing him into a kiss. Their kiss deepened and he pulled her closer.


She sat leaning against him as they watched the sun set. The blues, purples and reds all collided in a cascading array of color down the waterfall. As twilight took over, Gilraen whispered “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For loving me.”


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