Gilraen:Giver of Hope – Chapter 43

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Things started to get back to normal for Gilraen and her family. Estel was able to go home and sleep in own bed every night but every day he went to the House of healing to help with Elladan and Elrohir’s recovery. It was a joyous day when Elladan woke from his unconscious state. He had been that was for a week but every day this breathing seemed to get a little better. He woke up one afternoon while Estel was sitting with him. Estel raced to Elronds house. He had been sleeping because it had been 3 days since he left the healing house. Estel burst through the door shout his father’s name. Elrond bolted from his bed because he thought for sure something had gone wrong. He was never so happy in his whole life to see the blue eyes of his son looking up at him.

Elladan took 4 months to get his strength back. He did not like being bound by his physical limitations, but Estel was a great help. Walking with him, bringing him things to do and asking Elladan to teach him important things about literature. He really was a good at knowing all the elfish poems and stories. He was a great storyteller and Estel was always caught up in one of his stories.

Elrohir also had a great deal to overcome. His leg took longer to heal because it had been broken so badly. Elrond had been afraid that he would be crippled from it, but he learned one thing for sure and that was never underestimate the power of his sons. If sheer will power had been all there was to it Elrohir would have been walking in a week. He chided at being confined to bed. Fortunately it was only for 2 weeks. Once the bone was starting it healing process and was good enough to move around Elrohir was given crutches and ordered out of his room twice a day. This helped him fell better and also exhausted him so he did not buck at being ordered back to bed.

Estel was hard pressed to keep his time divided between the two, but secretly he was so happy to have them home. In all his life Estel was never awarded such a long time with his brothers. They always had to go save the world from orcs and goblins. Now he had a captive audience and he loved it.

Gilraen was happy to see her son so devoted to his family. He even got Sermë to go to the house of healing with him. She had always looked at Elladan and Elrohir with worshiper’s eyes but now she got to know them as people and she really liked them. Actually she was developing a crush on Elrohir. She really liked the playful way he treated all things in his life. Of course he knew nothing about it and she would have died if he figured it out. Estel knew but he was not mean enough to tell. He cared too much for his sister’s feelings to humiliate her (at least in front of anyone else in private that was different). Gilraen smiled and she felt blessed at the happiness that filled her heart again. Watching everyone and everything return to normal was a soothing balm to her soul. She hoped for some quiet for a while now. So much had happened in such a short time. She was ready for some peace.

Authors note: Sorry this one is so short. I needed to cover the boys healing and so then I get to the next part of the story. So that is why this is such a short chapter. Love you all.


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