Gilraen:Giver of Hope – chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Raion almost thought he was dreaming when he saw Gilraen looking at him with the love he had hoped to see there for the past 3 months. He wondered how she could have changed so quickly, or in one day, after all this time. She put her arms around him and kissed away his tears. He just sat there and drank in the attention. He wanted to talk he wanted to react but he just sat mutely.

Gilraen was not at all surprised by Raion’s reaction. She was so afraid she had pushed him past the point where she could fix the situation. She was very grateful that he did not push her away, so she whispered in his ear, “I have been wrong about the way I treated you. I am so sorry.”

Raion heard those words and all he had hoped for was true. His Gilraen was back. She still loved him. Love for her started to grow and seemed to give him the strength that had been lacking in his arms. He took her face in his hands and started kissing her. At first it was a soft and tentative kiss, but as his need for her grew, and she responded in kind, the kisses became more passionate. Their passion took over and their coming together was like waves crashing on the shore.

Afterwards as they lay in each other’s arms, Gilraen started to cry. Raion thought it was for Enelya, but she started to talk before he could even comfort her. “I was so scared, Raion. I thought I might loose you forever. I pushed you away so much. I only thought on my pain and never once tried to find out about your pain.”

“I understand, Love. I had the same problem.”

“My selfishness could very well be the ruin of this family though. Sermë is out there all by herself. Estel thinks I am a monster, and you, the most important person in my life, I drive into utter despair. Elrond came earlier and I screamed at him about not being a good healer. Then last of all I screamed my rage out at Eru. I blamed him for everything. All my anger came out in a hurricane of emotion. I cared not for anything. Then I felt scared of my loneliness. I realized what I had done to my family and I called on Eru for help. I need to be fixed so I can fix things here. He was there just like he had never left and he picked me up and he holds my heart. It is not fixed but it is ok because I know he can make it better. I have been sitting here asking him to make you not leave me for what happened today. I knew I had to make it right. I have to get things back.”

“You and I will get this family back together. Our life has been a shambles and it is all our fault not just one person. We all have emotions to deal with and we need to deal with them, but we will do it together.”

“Oh Raion, how could I have been so stupid? I love you. You are the most important person in the world to me.”

“You, my love, are the most important person to me, also.”

They held each other for a short while longer. The first light of morning was showing itself and they needed to find Sermë. They were not prepared to let things go as they were with her. They were determined to fix things.


Elrond and the children had started back right away after Sermë was found. She was tired from running the day before and all the emotional strain she had put herself through. Estel put his arm around her and practically had to carry her along. He too was exhausted and helping her was taking a toll on him. He stumbled a lot and he steps became slower the more they went. Finally after Estel stumbled and finally fell, dropping Sermë, Elrond picked up Sermë and carried her. He gave Estel another apple and some water. They started off again. They were close to home and Elrond knew it would be better for them to sleep in their own beds than to make camp and sleep here. Estel plodded along moving mechanically not even thinking about anything but getting home.

The sun was peaking its head over the horizon when Rivendell was in sight. Estel could hardly move. It was yet one mile from where they were and there was a hill to climb. He did not have the strength to go on. He fell to his knees not caring anymore. Elrond Turned and saw him and tried to encourage him but nothing got through until he heard his mother and Raion calling him. They were at the bottom of the hill and Estel called out to them. Raion came racing up the hill. He thought Sermë was injured or dead but when he got to the top Elrond showed him that she was just sleeping. Raion picked up the exhausted Estel and carried him home. When the children were tucked in Elrond turned to leave but Gilraen stopped him.

“Elrond, I am so sorry for the words a said last night. You are and have always been a great friend. Thank you for bringing the children back.”

“All is forgiven, Gilraen. You get better and that will be the best thing for this family.”

They embraced and Elrond was gone.


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