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Chapter 27

Gilraen awoke in the warm comfort of her bed and she felt the strong arms of her husband circle around her. It was a feeling she had lived without so long it felt alien to her. She did not deny though that it was a most wonderful feeling. She had long denied her need for this kind of happiness, but now that she had she was going to hold on to it for dear life. She knew she belonged exactly where she was at this moment.

Raion woke to Gilraen’s soft kisses and he too felt happier at this awakening than he had in a long time. Denying his happiness for so long was beginning to wear on him. Peace now reigned in his life, and the feeling was indescribable.

“Are you ready to go get the children today?” Gilraen asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“Children? What children?” Raion asked innocently. “I sure don’t know anything about children.”

They both laughed, and sighed settling back in their bed getting comfortable again.

“You know I could just stay here forever basking you love.” Gilraen said.

“Yes, so could I except we must now get back to real life. We do have to get the children today and tomorrow I must get back to the border.”

Gilraen’s face changed from cheerful to serious in a matter of half a second. Her body became stiff with agitation. Raion knew it was because of his work. He tried to get her to talk about it but she felt a little silly about her feelings. She knew what it was like to loose a husband and she was not all that ready to loose another. She had an idea though. She would talk to Elrond. He would surely understand having lost Celebrain. So she smiled for Raion and acted like all was well with her.

“I think it is time we get out of bed, or are we to starve to death wrapped in each others arms.” She teased as she jumped from the bed so as to not be caught in his grasp.

“Oh she thinks she can away from me does she.” he cried as he jumped from the bed and promptly fell in a tangle of covers. “Ouch!!!

Gilraen ran over to him and hugged him as she crooned words of love to him. “Oh my love, Are you ok? I am so sorry. Is it bad?”

Raion stopped holding his leg, grabbed her and started tickling her. She laughed gleefully and socked him playfully in his arm. “You are such a tease.” Then her eyes grew soft and tender looking as she said, “I love you.” She took his face in her hands and kissed him with such tender passion that they decided not to go and get breakfast just yet.


Elrond was looking all over the house for Estel. He was starting to get frustrated when he heard a rustling sound in a far corner of the library. He quietly walked over to the corner and watched Estel reading. He noticed it was history book.

“You know I don’t know too many 10 year old boys who would choose a history book as their favorite past time reading.”

Estel looked up with a sarcastic look on his face. “Huh you don’t know too many smart kids then. Any way this is not for pleasure. I am interested in finding out what happened to the Kings of men.”
“Why the kings of men?”

“Well they are my race. You know I love being here but I am not an elf. I felt the need to learn about my people.”

“You can just ask me you know. I have known quite a few of those men you are wishing to learn about.”

“I know, but you get agitated when you talk about these guys.”

Elrond sighed because he knew that talking about the former kings always did cause anger to rise in him. He was very glad his brother was not alive because he was sure that he too would be disappointed in the race of men. They did not turn out, as his brother would have desired. It was during these thoughts that always made Elrond miss Elros so much. He felt that if his brother were alive the world would not be in the mess it was now. Elros had a very high character. Something that seemed to be lacking in all the race of men as time waned. He felt the need to teach Estel these things

“I must admit that I do feel upset because I put my trust in the race of men so many times and always they choose power before what is right. Few have ever gone beyond their selfish desires. They do not think what is best for the world. Elves are not always correct either and they are fooled at times, but you will find that they try thinking of the welfare of others better than own selves. Of course there are always those foolish few such as Feanor.”

“Why do men always want for themselves?”

“If I could answer that then I would be able to fix them. I do believe though that each person has a choice to make when it come their time to decide. Elves or men. We each must decide which path we will choose. I have chosen a way that I hope will help the world.”

“Here is an example. Isildur a king at the beginning of the third age became king because he was able to destroy the evil Sauron. In the process he took his ring of Power that was on his finger. I told him to destroy the ring. He selfishly took the ring not bothering to think of what would happen in the future. He kept the ring and he soon was destroyed because he kept it.”

“Do all men have this fault?”

Elrond look into his son’s eyes and saw the innocence of a child who can’t imagine that others would be so thoughtless. ‘Oh my son’, Elrond thought, ‘If only I could teach you not to be so foolish. I fear you shall hold the fate of the world in your hands. What will you do with that big decision?’

“There is one who will be able to change all of these problems. He will have the wisdom and strength to deny his urges and look past himself to others.”

“I sure hope I get to know that man. Maybe he will learn the ways of the elves and that will make him be the smarter one.”

I pray to Valar that you will my son.

“Well, is this enough of a history lesson for today? You need to get ready for whenever your mother and Raion come.”

“I am already prepared for them. I packed as soon as I got up this morning. I was hiding from Sermë and got involved in reading. Oh dear I bet she is mad at me. I better go.”

He was gone in a flash. Back to his childish play again. ‘How they quickly change from serious to playful in the blink of an eye’, thought Elrond.


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