Gilraen:Giver of Hope – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Sermë sat on the ground of the schoolyard and she rolled her eyes as she heard Estel tell her for the thousandths time that he was getting to go to Mirkwood with his brothers. She was growing tired of hearing the same drabble all the time. How much can one person take for pity sakes?

Why don’t you just shut-up,” she exploded. ” I am so sick of hearing Mirkwood this and Mirkwood that. You are becoming so annoying.”

“Well, excuuusssee me! I am so sorry I stepped on your precious little feelings.” he retorted back sarcastically.

“You… You make me so mad.” Her face was contorted by her anger and her chest was heaving heavily. Estel was looking at her like he had never seen her before. After gaining his thoughts in his mind he spat back at her, “You are just jealous because I get to go!”

“Maybe I am but that is only because you are going and you are taking my dad away from me for the whole summer.” She sat down and cried. Estel was totally confused by the sudden change of emotion. He stood there looking at her not too sure of what to do. He hesitantly touched her shoulder but she turned from him and ran. “Fine then go away see if I care,” he shouted after her.

After school he told his mom what happened. “Girls can be so dumb,” he said as he was done telling the story.

“Well son, I admit sometimes anyone whether boy or girl is hard to understand, but why did you have to be so cruel to her?”

“Well she started it.”

“So it was right for you to finish it?”

“Well no, but..”

“There are no buts. You need to treat people how you would want to be treated. Think Estel, how would you like it if you were left here while father and I went away for the whole summer? Even if Laliath was the person who was taking care of you?”

“Oh, I know I would not always be happy, and I would miss you terribly. Oh momma I feel just terrible about how I treated her.” He sat beside her and his shoulders drooped as he thought about how he yelled at her. He let out a sigh as a few tears slid down his cheeks.

Gilraen put her arms around Estel and squeezed him. “It is hard to be good especially when you are mad, but if you remember to treat others how you want to be treated maybe next time things will go better.”

“Momma why can’t Sermë come with us?”

“I do not know,” She said thoughtfully. “In fact I never thought she would not come.”

“She knows how to ride as well as I do, and she is the same age as me. Plus why should my best friend have to stay here?”

“I think it is a great idea. Lets go see what father says.”

Estel ran over the lawn and knocked on the doorbell and waited impatiently. He knocked again, but still no answer. Next he made a fist and pounded on the door. Elrond came to the door as he got finished pounding. “Good grief Estel! Are you trying to break my door? Why do you have to pound on my door.”

Estel hung his head and said “Sorry father, but I was excited to find out your answer.”

“My answer to what?”

“Can Sermë come with us to Mirkwood?”

“I never said she couldn’t. Why do you need to ask?”

“She and I got into a fight today and she thinks she can’t come with us.”

“Oh well then to save the friendship by all means she may come.”

“Good I want to go tell her. Will you come with me?”

“Sure but first I must finish the things I was doing in the library. Do you want to come upstairs with me?”

“Yes” Estel said as he bounded up the stairs to the library. He liked going to the library with all the intricately carved pillars and its bookshelves full of so many interseting books. His favorite book was and elfish fairytale book. It had many stories of dragons, trolls and the brave elves that killed them. He grabbed that book off the shelf and sat down on the emerald green sofa and started to read until Elrond was done writing in his record book.

When all his work was done Elrond, Gilraen, and Estel walked to Raion’s home. Raion answered the door after the first knock. “Hello Lord Elrond, Gilraen and Estel. To what do I owe this pleasure of you visit.” He looked at Gilraen and smiled as he said hello.

“I need to talk to Sermë.” Estel said as he looked past Raion to see if she was anywhere in site. She was not and he was looked pleadingly at her father. “I need to apologize for this afternoon.”

He stepped aside to let them in and he led them to the sitting room. “I will go get her.”

He was gone for a while and when he came back it looked like he was dragging Sermë behind him. Her eyes were red and puffy like she had been crying all afternoon. She barely looked at him and mumbled a hasty hello to the others in the room. She then sat down across the room from Estel and did not look at him.

Estel crossed the room and sat beside her. She turned herself away from him. He looked to his mother and shrugged like he was asking her what to do. She nodded her head one time as a way of encouragement and he pulled himself up straighter and took a deep breath.

“I am sorry about this afternoon. I never should have yelled at you. I talked to momma and father and we want you to come with us to Mirkwood too.”

She turned to look at him and then at Lord Elrond, and he smiled his ascent. Her face brightened as she looked to her father pleading with her eyes that he would say yes. He looked to the adults and asked, “It’s true you really want her to come also?”

Gilraen smiled and said, “Yes we should have made it clear to you in the first place that it was ok for her to come. The whole summer is far too long to be separated from your child.”

Sermë jumped up and squealed hugging her father and then she shyly turned to Estel and said, “I am sorry too. I was the one who started the fight but some how I could not bring myself to say I was sorry. Do you forgive me?”

Estel hugged her and said, “Yes, you are my best friend I could never stay mad at you.” They hugged again and then went off to play talking about all the wonderful things they could see on their journey.

Raion thanked Lord Elrond again for allowing her to come, and he hugged Gilraen for her understanding. She was caught off guard at first by his hug, but then she leaned into it and relished in how it felt to be encircled by his strong arms. The hug ended all too quickly for her liking, but then she was shocked by this realization. She had never thought about another man since Arathorn’s death. She liked the way it felt to be in his arms even for those few seconds, and yet at the same time she felt dirty. She pushed these thoughts from her mind as turned back to the conversation Raion was having with Elrond.


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