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Well here goes my first submission. I have no one to
check grammar or spelling or content. So you can tell me w
where I am wrong. This is a chapter story but you guys
can let me know if you hate it.

Quickly pack! But what do I take on such short noticwe.

Gilraen was in a panic. Elladan and Elrohir just came
from the battlefield, and they were here to take her into
hiding. Arathorn had made them promise to get Gilraen and Aragorn to the safety of their father. He knew Elrond would
protect them from Sauron. Because sauron was bent on
killing all heirs of Isildor.

“I should have been prepared for this” ,she thought,
“I knew in my heart he would not come back to me.
Now I must run from Sauron with a tiny child. I am so glad Elladan and and Elrohin are here with the other men. I could not face this this journey alone.Not with Aragorn. Oh I must get it together
for his sake.

Aragorn was sleeping and as she touched his face she
felt a strength come from him that helped her get it
together. She had time to pack, so she went to the
kitchen first. Food was a must and it was a 2 day journey.
She packed enough food for 4 days just in case you never
know with a young one how long a journey will take.
Next was the clothes. She packed as much as she could get into the
saddle bag. Then she went to the chest in her room.

Drawing out a sword she made a few practice swipes.
Right now she was glad her father had taught her to use
a sword. As a young girl she had hated the lessons but
her father had said “You never know when you may need to
to defend yourself or your loved ones. I will not have you
be a helpless woman.” So she stuck with it until she
became good.

Now as she sheathed her sword she knew she was ready for
anything. So she picked up Aragorn and walked out
to her horse that was waiting for her.

I hope I got the history right. I just took it off the appendix
at the back of the Return of the King book.


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