Gilraen: Giver of Hope. – New title same story

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Chapter 2

One and a half days into the journey and Gilraen was feeling tired. Aragorn was asleep in the saddle in front of her. They had stopped the night before, but she was not used to sleeping outdoors so she only had a few hours of sleep. Plus they kept a fast pace because all hast must be made to get to Rivendell quickly.

Just as Gilraen was drifting off there was the cry of an angry orc. The men made a circle around her and started shooting as soon as the first orc came into view. The arrow hit him right in the eye and he fell over dead. All the other orcs came charging out of the woods at them. Elladan was on her right and Elrohir was on her left. Fighting so hard you could hardly see their swords. They were determined to protect her and aragorn from all harm with their lives if need be. No way did they want to fail Arathorn and have something happen to his wife and son.

Then it happened the 2 men in front were shot and 2 orcs broke the wall of protection coming up beside her. She was ready for them. Her sword went singing thru the air . Off went the first orcs head and the second one got stabbed in the neck. Another orc slammed into the horses side causing the horse to stagger but he did not fall. While Gilraen was getting her balance the orc brought his knife up trying to stab her. She blocked the attack, but the knife cut into Aragorns leg. This made her so angry she next move was to chop the orcs head right off. Elladan and Elrohir got rid of the last of the orcs. ” We better get away from this place before we look at the wounded.” Elrohir said.

Aragorn was crying and calling out for his Daddy. Gilraen was crying and Elladan had a slash across his arm making it hard for him to handle the hose with only one hand. They found a shelter in some fir trees. No fire was made but everyone got bandaged up that needed it. Bread and dried meat was their supper with a little water. Aragorn was still upset but he stopped crying. He sat in Gilraen’s lap sucking his thumb. He looked up at her and said ” Want Daddy.” ” Me too ” she agreed.

She turned to Elladan and Elrohir and said ” thank you for being here with me. I would have lost my courage awhile ago.”

“You are very skilled yourself with the sword. I should have known Arathorn’s wife was not helpless.” Elrohir said.

“Not helpless just afraid”, she replied.

“Do you think you can go on a few more hours with out rest?” Elladan asked. ” I think we should get more distance between the battle area and us.

” I can go on, but should we even stop if Sauron is searching for us.”

“We killed all the orcs and I do not think they knew who Aragorn was or they may have tried more deadly strikes on him than just on you. I have a feeling they were just out hunting when we came along their path. They also did not have poisoned blades. If they had things may have gone differently.”

“Ok ” was her simple reply. She picked up Aragorn and sighed.

Why don’t you let him ride with me?” Elrohir asked , “I am not hurt nor am I tired right now.”

Gilraen Handed him over with a thankful look. They gathered up their stuff and were on their way.


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