Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Gilraen laughed to herself because it was the 10th time today she heard him singing to himself. Today was March 1st and Estel was 7 yrs old. There was feast in his honor and Elladan and Elrohir Honor who were coming home. They had been away on in Mirkwood for about 2 years. Estel missed them very much. They had always treated him like a little brother and used to drive Gilraen mad all the teasing and yelling they would make him do. She had been happy for the respite but she knew Estel couldn’t wait for their homecoming.

“Momma I see them, I see them,” Estel came screaming into the living room.
“Ok sweetheart go get them,” Gilraen laughed. She watched as he went barreling down the path screaming “Elladan Elrohir your home.” Right before he jumped into their arms. Next thing you know they were chasing him around the trees until they caught him and ticked him mercilessly. Gilraen was sure all of Rivendell could hear the laughter.

“So you missed us, huh”

“Yes did you bring me anything”

“Oh such a greedy one we have here. Maybe we should just keep his present for ourselves. What do you think Elladan.”?

“Yes definitely! I can’t believe the manners Ada has taught you.”

Estel started to frown, but there was still a twinkle in his eye. He hung his head and slid his foot across the ground in front of him and said in the most pitiful voice he could muster. “I am sorry I am such a bad little boy.”

“Oh come on you can do better than that.” Elrohir said sarcastically.

Estel gave him a wicked grin and said, “That’s the best I got. Take it or leave it.”

“Well if that is the best you got then we must punish you.”

Shrieks of laughter erupted again as Elladan and Elrohir tickled until Estel gasped “MERCY.”

“What’s all this noise out here?” Bellowed a very stern looking Elrond. The boys all jumped up and stood very straight. Elrond looked at his boys and said, “You boys aren’t home 5 minutes and peaceful Rivendell is an explosion of noise.”

“Sorry Ada we were teaching Estel a lesson for being greedy.” Elladan said just as sternly.

Elrond broke into a smile and hugged his sons. “Welcome home my sons.” Everyone was hugging and laughing. “It is good to have you home again.”

“We are glad to be home father. We are a little tired from the ride and I think we should like a bath and some rest before the banquet tonight.”

“Yes by all means go right ahead. Estel you must help me oversee the preparations for the banquet.”

“Ok, see you later guys.”

Elrond and Estel walked hand in hand to the banquet hall. It was sight that astonished Estel. The head table was a beautiful silver table made from a mallorn tree. It had died in Lothlorien and the wood was used to make 2 such tables. One graced the banquet Hall in Lothlorien and the other here in Rivendell. It had been a wedding present for Elrond and Celebrian. There were decorations of golden candelabras with five green candles adorning them and flowers of Lilies and tulips at the base of each candelabrum. Streaming vines were traveling up the walls from their silver pots that were placed at every pillar. They traveled along the ceiling until they reached the center dropping down in an explosion of purple flowers giving the whole room a wondrously decadent sent.

“It’s beautiful Father.”

“Yes I quite like it too,” he said as he walked over to the head materdee. “How are things going Finwe?”

“Oh everything is running right on time. We will be ready promptly at 7.”

“Good just as I suspected.” Elrond was pleased. “Come Estel we shall leave these people to finish their work.” he bowed to Finwe who bowed right back.

It was short walk home and Elrond sent him in to get his bath and party clothes on. His outfit was black pair of leggings and a light blue shirt with black leather boots. Elrond had given him a silver headband with a green jewel in the middle for his forehead. Gilraen wore a dark green flowing gown with matching dark green slippers. Elrond gave her some green-jeweled hair clips to for her hairthat she used to pull part of her hair back but left the back curly and flowing. Looking at the pair they thought they looked very elfish tonight, and very fancy.

They entered the banquet hall and were greeted first by Raion and Serme. Raion was dressed in a dark blue robe and Serme had a light blue gown that shimmered as she walked.
“Hello Lady Gilraen” Raion said bowing to her, “You are looking exceptionally lovely tonight.”

Gilraen blushed, “You flatter me Lord Raion. You are too used to seeing me every morning in my everyday garments.”

“This is true and I think I like you in your Gown also.”

Gilraen smiled as he led her to her chair. Estel was sitting next to Elrond on his left and so she sat next to Estel. Raion and Serme were given seats right next to Gilraen. Elladan and Elrohir were seated on Elrond’s right hand along with Glorfindel and Lindir. Once everyone was seated the banquet began.Silver plattters carrying dates, figs, oranges and apples were brought in for the first course . Then the Fresh baked bread along with carrots, peas, and squash. Roast duck and venison was then brought to finish out the meal. A cake came later with 7 candles that sparkled brightly for Estel’s birthday.

After all the food was consumed. Elrond stood for his speech. “Tonight is a happy occasion for me. My sons have come home safe and sound and Estel is turning 7 tonight. We should all be merry and have much music and song tonight, but first I want to give Estel his present.” At this Elladan went over to the corner where there was an odd shaped thing covered in a light blue material.

“Estel I promised you something when you started school this year and that was if you do wellin school you would learn to ride Titton. I have been very proud of your progress and your teacher says you have a bright mind so starting to morrow Elladan will teach you to ride. You will have this to put on Titton’s back.,” he said as he pulled off the material revealing a hand carved saddle with Estel’s named carved right into the leather. Estel was shocked beyond word at the beautiful gift given to him. He ran to Elrond and gave him a hug to show him his gratitude. Everyone clapped and cheered for him.

Later in the Hall of Fire Estel and Serme ran up to their parents to ask them if they could go outside to the swing. Raion and Gilraen saw nothing wrong with it so they ran out side and sat on the swing together.

“Happy birthday Estel. I hope you had a good day.”

“Oh I did. Thank you Serme.”

“I have a present for you too,” she said shyly as she withdrew a hand-braided bridle for Titton. “I was too shy to give it to you in front of everyone.”

“It is beautiful Serme. Thank you. Titton will be the best dressed horse when I go riding tomorrow.”

Serme laughed. “I knew from Ada that Elrond was having the saddle made so I asked if I could make the bridle. Of course Ada helped with the braiding some.”

Estel gave Serme a hug saying, “You are the best friend I could ever have.”

I think you are the best too Estel.”


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