Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 49

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Ok I know it has been 3 months since the last post. This school year is crazy. I hope to crank out the last 3 chapters pretty quick here. Yes it is coming to the last 3 chapters. What a shock!

Chapter 49

Gilraen calls, “Linwë, where are you dear?”

“I am right here momma.” She answers as she rounds the corner of the flowerbed. Gilraen looks into the ocean blue eyes of her youngest child. She is the splitting image of her father right down to her long gracefully beautiful toes. The only thing that reveals her mother at all is the curls that fill her head. The blonde hair cascades down her back in curly rivulets causing her to turn quite a few heads of the men in Rivendell. Gilraen cannot believe how fast the years have gone since her birth. She brushes that aside though as she must help her daughter get ready for the midsummer celebration. This year Linwe had a man to escort her.

“Come dear,” said Gilraen, ” You want to get Sermë to do your hair before it gets too late to do anything but brush it.”

“Alright, I was looking for a flower to give Amras for his cloak. What do you think?” she asked as she held up a yellow rose that blended into red at the tips.

“It is lovely. Were there any more like that? I should like one for your father.”

“Nope this is the last one.” she smiled mischievously as she held it to her breast. “But there are some of the red and white striped ones you like so much.”

“Oh! They bloomed a little early this year.”

“Yes it is just the buds showing but maybe you can find one nice enough for ada.”

“I will go check right now,” Before she left she planted a kiss on Linwë’s cheek. “Now go see your sister so she can work her magic on you.”

Gilraen went to the Garden and found the one perfect bud. It was not too small and it was just starting to open so it showed the beauty of the red blending with white. She went into the house and checked how the girls were making out. Linwë was patiently sitting with some of her hair up in pins while Sermë was working on the bottom. She was arranging the curls to fall all one way then she put a couple butterfly clips at the edges then she gathered her more of her hair in a tie making the curls fall down over the other ones last of all she gathered the top into another pile of curls with a tie. She successfully hid the ties around her curls and added some more butterfly pins. When Sermë was done she allowed Linwë a look and Linwë squealed with delight. “Its just perfect.” she said as she hugged Sermë.

“Alright momma it’s your turn.” Sermë said as her sister let go of her.

Gliraen sat down on the chair and Sermë started working on her hair. “Momma by the time I am done Ada is going to be the envy of the evening.”

“Well, I doubt that will happen, but at this time of year I love making him see me as the beautiful woman he married so long ago.”

“Oh momma, you are always beautiful, and Ada knows it.”

“Yes you are right but you can see also as you brush my hair that there are signs showing of my age.”

“Yeah but don’t you worry momma Ada only sees you.”

“I know Love thank you.”

Sermë did Gilraen’s hair as a twist swirled with a string of Pearls through it and at the top curls spilling out and down to her shoulder blades. Gilraen loved it and went to go put on her dress. This year she had a new one made for this day. In fact all the girls had a new dress made. Gilraen’s was a midnight blue with broad shoulder straps but no sleeves, it hugged her waist and then the skirt was slim straight to the floor. There was a beautiful line of pearls sewn at the bottom of the skirt. It was simple yet elegant.

Sermë’s dress was a pastel purple color with sleeves that went to the middle of her bicep then fabric went mid forearm but it was slit so it hung like a graceful wing when she would dance. It too hugged her waist but the skirt was an A line which puffed from the crinoline sewn under it. Sermë let her hair hang down but Gilraen braided two strands of hair on each side of her face; as she braided she ran a ribbon through the braid the same color as her dress. Sermë loved the end result. She only lamented the fact that Elrohir would not be here with her. He had been gone for two years now. Gone with the rangers but she held him close to her heart even though he had not been able to do more than write to her every month or so. It was hard but she knew some day they would be married and able to live in peace. Hopefully when her brother Aragorn would take his throne, and he too would live in peace with his love, Arwen.

Linwë had a dress that was mint green. This had half sleeves of a sheer material that closely hugged her arms. The dress hung as one piece from her bust to the floor. It had a small train that she would have to lift as she danced. This was her first Midsummer celebration as an adult and with a man she was very excited. She felt butterflies attack her stomach as she stood in front of the mirror.

As she stood looking at the finished product worrying her lower lip there was a knock at her bedroom door. “Come in,” she called as she turned to see who knocked. It was Raion who entered the room. He looked at her and smiled. “You look like an angel ready to fly. Yes fly right into the arms of another man.”

“Oh Ada!” she said a little sarcastically yet with a small imperceptible hitch to her voice. She was ready yet she felt a little uneasy about her man. Oh she knew him, in fact she had grown up with him, but tonight could change everything between them. Raion could feel how uneasy she felt and so he went to her and hugged her. She relaxed in his embrace and when she was ready she pushed against him. He held her at arms length and said, “Well my little girl is all grown up. Does she feel ready to take on the world?”

“Well I don’t know about the world but I am ready for this.”

“Just so you know, my love, you may be grown up and ready to face the world but you will always be my baby and I will be here for you. No matter what.”

“I know ada and I will always come back to you,” she said seriously. Just as she was done speaking there was a knock at the door.

“He is here. Shall I answer it or should we just pretend we left already.” Raion asked with a mischievous smile.

“Ada!” Linwë yelled at him.

Raion laughed as he went to the door, but there was surprise at the door. It was not Amras there but Elrohir. Sermë was in the living room when her father opened the door. She just stood there with her mouth hanging open. Elrohir greeted Raion but his eyes were full on Sermë and when she still stood mute in her spot he went to her scooped her up into his arms.

“I ride all night to be with you on this evening and all I get is a mute statue to greet me when I come to take her to the celebration.”

“Oh Elrohir, I have missed you so much,” she cried into his shoulder as the tears of joy ran down her face. He kissed them away and his lips made their way to her mouth. She could hardly believe this was not a dream but as he kissed her reality sunk in and she kissed him back with much more passion then she ever would have intended showing in front of her parents. Finally Raion cleared his throat just to bring the couple back to reality. Sermë and Elrohir laughed but never let go of one another.

They were interrupted again as Amras knocked at the door. Raion opened the door and ushered him in the house. Linwë stood and Amras walked up to her with some flowers for her. He kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered, “You look beautiful tonight.” which made Linwë blush prettily.

“Oh Elrohir, I don’t have a flower for you.” Sermë lamented sadly.

“Don’t worry Love I did bring you some flowers and we can use one of those for me.”

He went out and picked up the flowers he had set beside the door because he did not want them ruined in there meeting. Sermë loved the blood red roses he had gotten for her. She broke one off and pinned it to his cloak. “Now we are ready.” she said and she got another kiss from Elrohir.

The three couples set off for the great Hall. Sermë hand in hand with Elrohir, Linwë and Amras also hand in hand, and bringing up the rear was Raion and Gilraen. Raion slipped his arm around Gilraen’s shoulders and whispered, “Did I remember to tell the most important woman in my life how beautiful she looks tonight?”

“Not yet! I was beginning to wonder if you noticed me amongst all the hustle of this evening.”

“Oh I always notice you, my love, and tonight you look especially beautiful.” He said as he pulled her off the road to a bench that was near the road.

“Raion why are we stopping here?”

“Because I want to show you something.”

He took something from the folds of his cloak and gave it to her. She gasped at the string of pearls that he produced from the box and at the end was a midnight blue jewel subtly wrapped in gold. She moved her hair aside so he could put the string on her neck. “I knew it would match your dress perfectly, and I want you to know I always will love you. Plus it is an early anniversary gift.”

Gilraen had no words to say because the emotion of the moment was choking the words out of her mouth. Instead she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Finally she was able to choke out a small, “I love you so much Raion.” he claimed her mouth again making her heart jump with desire. She finally broke the kiss and said, “We better get to party or our children will begin to wonder where we are.”

“Let them wonder they can figure it out eventually.”

“Oh no sir, I did not get this dressed up for it to go to waste. I want to go to the celebration, but later we can take care of the rest.”

Raion smiled and took her hand leading her the rest of the way to the celebration. The evening was perfect. Sermë was happier than she had felt in a long time. Elrohir never let her out of his sight and she never wanted to be gone from it. They danced all night. Linwë seemed to relax as the evening progressed and Amras had eyes only for her all night long. Amras came and asked Raion for permission to take Linwë out to the falls for a breath of fresh air. Raion agreed and they left the celebration hand in hand.

Amras quietly walked beside Linwë just thinking how lucky he was to have escorted her to the celebration. They were talking quietly enjoying each other’s company. They got to the falls almost without realizing it. Amras stood quietly listening to her talk. He could not tell her what she was saying because he seemed to be under the enchantment of her and he trying to get up the courage to ask her to be his girl. Finally she said, “Amras are you listening to me?”

He shook his head as he came out of his state of staring. “You are so beautiful,” he said before he could stop himself. ” Linwë will you be my girl?”

“Yes!” Linwë squealed with delight. She threw her arms around him and they kissed for the first time.

They stayed in the meadow for quite some time until more couples came, and it was getting too crowded for them. They turned toward home but something in the woods caught Linwe’s eye. The moon was high in the sky and it seemed to her that the trees were dancing in the moon light. She was wanted to join in the fun so she started walking toward the woods. Amras caught her hand though to pull her back.

“No Linwe we can’t go in there. It leads to the dark woods and it is not safe.”

“Oh Amras just this once for a little while, please!!” She pleaded.

He could not say no to her, but he was on alert. She was not afraid though and she danced. She looked so beautiful and the moon light glistened off her hair making Amras for get to be on guard. Soon they were dancing together, and when they came to a clearing they grabbed each other and slowly danced to their own music. Amras leaned down for a kiss and it was so sweet and tender between two young lovers. Suddenly the kiss was cut short by a stifled scream from Linwe. She felt the cold hard steel of a knife being stuck into her back.

A/N2: Ok please don’t kill me for this ending I am working on the next chapter so hopefully it will be up soon.


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