Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 48

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Gilraen woke to another bright morning. There air was cool and there was the smell of autumn on it. She usually liked this time of year. Rivendell was arrayed in such wondrous colors and a walk down the lane meant beauty beyond compare. Yet today she woke with a small tinge of sadness. Today was Linwë’s first day of school. Her baby was growing up and it was a sad thought for Gilraen. Dwelling on that thought would not get things done though so Gilraen threw back the covers and went to get her bath ready. She got ready and was just about to go wake up Linwë when who should appear at her door than a sleepy yet excited Linwë.

“Good Morning, sweetheart.”

“Hi momma,” Linwë said as she went over to Gilraen and gave her a hug. “I get to go to school today.” She said with a big smile.

“Yes today is school. You need to get ready while I make you breakfast.”

“Ok,” she said as she ran back to her room to get ready.

Gilraen went to go and get breakfast ready. She made pancakes and smiled because she remembered that she had made the exact breakfast some 20 years ago when she had first sent off Aragorn for his first day of school. She thought about that day long ago while she was waiting for the pancakes to be ready to turn. She was so deep in thought that she did not hear Raion enter the kitchen. She jumped a little when she felt his strong arms wrap around her waist.

He laughed, “A little jumpy this morning?”

She leaned against him and turned her head just slightly so that she could get the kiss she knew was coming. “I was thinking about Aragorn’s first day of school all those years ago. I made him pancakes that day also.”

“First day of school, I remember that day also. It was the day a sweet and beautiful human bumped into me while I took a certain little girl to school also.”

Gilraen smiled, “Well I wonder if this first day of school will bring me such a wonderful surprise?”

“I am pretty sure you couldn’t find anything more wonderful the one you found that day.”

“You are quite confident aren’t you?”

“YES” he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

She laughed and kissed him. “Now go get your daughter and make sure she is ready.”

“Maybe I should see how both daughters are doing.”

“Yes see if Sermë is nervous or needing some fatherly advice.”

Raion left the kitchen in search of his daughters. Gilraen got breakfast on the table and soon her whole family was sitting ready for the day. She silently sent a prayer to Illuvitar for giving her such a wonderful blessing as her family.


Raion and Gilraen walked to school hand in hand with Linwë. Sermë walked ahead a little way. She was nervous. This was her first year as a teacher of the younger children. Actually her sister would be one of her students. She knew she was ready to teach but she was nervous about being a good teacher. She was quiet and when Raion tried to get her to talk she just gave him short distracted answers.

She arrived at the school and walked into the room. All was quiet. She scanned the room making sure that everything was ready. Everything was in the exact place it should be and as she scanned her desk she saw an envelope sticking out from under one of the books. She recognized the handwriting and smiled as she picked up the letter. Elrohir wrote her a letter for her first day of school. She ripped it open and sighed as she scanned it. He has been gone for 2 months and to see this letter from him meant he had thought of this long before he left. She sat down in her chair to read it.

My dearest Sermë,

Here you are on your first day as teacher. Such a big step and I know you are standing there with your nerves all in a jumble. Please try and relax. The children don’t bite and you are ready for this job. Do your best and know I will be proud no matter what. I love you and I think of you everyday. I will be home as soon as I can and in the mean time know that I hold you in my heart.

I love you always,

Sermë sat there holding the letter and smiling as the children came into the room. She felt calm and ready for the day. She faced the children with growing confidence. Sermë called the class to order.


Gilraen waited on the porch for the girls to come home. She saw them coming down the road and walked down to meet them. Linwë was a regular chatterbox about what went on in class. Sermë was smiling at her little sister and Gilraen could tell things had gone well for her.

Once Linwë was done talking Gilraen asked Sermë how things went for her. Sermë smiled as she told Gilraen about the letter. She felt everything went wonderfully. She was a teacher and she was confident.

Later that night as she lie in bed Gilraen sent up a prayer for her one child who was not with her. Aragorn was somewhere in the world. She did not know where at the moment but she prayed for his protection.


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