Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 46

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The family was having breakfast when there was a knock at the door. Raion went to get it and Elrond stood at the door. He asked to speak to Gilraen outside please.

Gilraen came to the door and closed it behind her. “What is the matter, Elrond?”

“Nothing right now I just have something I need to talk to you about.”

Gilraen walked to the other end of the porch and leaned against the railing. She faced Elrond and waited for him to speak.

“Gilraen I think it is time.”

Gilraen knew what he was talking about and somehow she had known this was what he wanted to say as soon as she saw him. She was ready but was he ready to hear it.

“He is definitely old enough now, Gilraen. I have also heard from my sons how he is during battles. He has the skill of his father and he also has the leadership abilities showing through already. He needs to stop being an ordinary man become who he is meant to be.”

“I know Elrond.” Gilrean sighed, “I also know once he knows this and starts to become this man that puts him danger. I am his mother, and I never want to see him in danger so it scares me.”

Elrond wrapped his arm around her shoulders and drew her to him. “I feel that way every time I see my sons go off on a mission also but he must face who he is soon.”

“You are right. I also would not be doing anything a ton of other mothers have done through the ages of time. It’s just that it is one thing to talk about it and another to actually do it. I also know he is strong. I have seen him come through so much in his life and I also know I would never want to be on the opposite end of his sword. He has been trained well and he is ready. So when do you want to see him?”

“I think this afternoon.”

“Alright he will be there.”

Gilraen went back into the house and told Estel he was to go to his father’s house after lunch. “What is up?” Estel asked.

“Elrond wishes to speak to you that is all you need to know for now.”

Estel eyed his mother curiously but dropped the questions. She was glad because she did not want to have to answer any more questions.


Estel went to Elrond’s house after lunch as he was told and met Elladan on the steps leading up to the house. So he asked him, “What does father want to see me about?”

“I guess you have ask him.”

Estel punched his arm. “Why does everyone have to be so mysterious?”

Elladan punched him back and said, “I guess you have to find out all on your own little brother. Don’t punch me so hard next time or I won’t be so nice next time.”

Estel went into the house and found Elrond in the room where the picture of Isildur and Sauron was painted on the wall. He was studying the picture but turned when Estel walked into the room. He smiled at Estel and asked him to sit on the bench.

Estel sat and said, “Why do I get the feeling that something big is happening?”

Elrond chuckled but then became serious. “Estel do you know what happened to To Isildur’s sons?”

“Yes, one ruled the kingdom of the north and one ruled the kingdom of the South. All the heirs died though, so both kingdoms are without kings.”

“Well part of that is true. I am about to tell you something that will shock you, and it may turn your world upside-down.”

Estel looked from Elrond to the Picture and nervously twisted his hands.

“Estel there is an heir to the Northern Kingdom. There is group there called the Dunadian and their chieftain is of the line of the kings. They can trace their ancestors all the way back to Isildur. They have a ring, which was given to Barahir and was saved by Beren. They pass from father to son the shards of Narsil. I have been entrusted with the Star Elendil, and the scepter of Annúminas. These are mine to give to the rightful king who claims the throne of Gondor. Estel you know that I have called you son for these 20 years of your life but you are not my real son. You know you are human and I am Elf kind but I have raised you as my son and I am very proud of you. Your true father is Arathorn son of Arador the chieftain of the Dúnadain. Your rightful name is Aragorn. You were brought here and your name was changed to conceal you from Sauron for he sought your life to kill you. You can trace your ancestry to Isildur. You are the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor.”

Elrond paused there so Estel could gather his thoughts. Estel just sat there thinking about what he had been told. Elrond took his hand and dropped into it a silver ring with two serpents surrounding an emerald stone. Estel looked at it and turned it over in his hand. He stroked it and thought about all the men who had worn it. Now he was expected to wear it.

“What if I can’t be a man like them? What I fail at the task?”

“Son, look at me.” When he did not look up Elrond put his hand on Estel’s chin and turned his face toward him and said. “You take one day at time. All those men made mistakes and you will make mistakes, but that does not make you unfit to be who you are. You are Aragorn and no matter what you want or say it will never change. Aragorn is the strong confident man he was raised to be. He is there even if you can’t find him. I have given you the things you need to be able to find him. Son, most important of all Eru has given you all you need to be him. You have proven yourself over and over to me. You have grown up to be strong and confident man who even knows how to take orders and to be in charge if necessary. Most important of all son..” Elrond made sure Aragorn was looking him in the eyes. “Most important of all is that I Am Proud of You.”

Estel hugged Elrond hard and felt more ready to face his new life as Aragorn. So he left Elrond’s house. He walked towards his mother’s home, but the wonder of the news and beauty of night compelled him to go to the gardens to contemplate all that was laid on him.


Gilraen sat at home waiting for Aragorn to come home. She was worried at how he would react to the news he was given. She had told Raion about what Elrond was going to talk to Estel about and how his name was to change. He was her rock and he gave her confidence not be too worried about things. Aragorn was raised well and he had a good head on his shoulders. Raion knew that he would not fall to pieces. He also waited though with Gilraen so he could be her support if she needed him.

Later than she thought Aragorn came home. He seemed to be in a trance but when she asked him how he was he smiled down at her and kissed her cheek. “Thank you momma for bringing me here, and for giving me a chance at life. I love you.” he hugged her and went off to bed with a silly grin on his face. Gilraen was dumbfounded. Of all the reactions she was prepared for that was not the reaction she expected. She stared after him for quite sometime, even though he was not there, just trying to grasp what could possibly have happened to him over the hours he was gone. News like that is usually a jolt not something that makes you want to float off the ground. She went to bed puzzling over him until she fell asleep.

Author’s Note: I have skipped the part of where Aragorn and Arwen meet because Tolkien does a fine job of it in the book. I am also sorry if any of the explaination about the kings id wrong. I read it through and I wrote it how I understand it. i hope it is alright. I will be away on vacation for 2 weeks so if this comes up before I get back and I don’t respond to you then you will know why. Thanks for reading. Love you all.


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