Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 41

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Elrohir came out of unconsciousness and slowly opened his eyes. He vision was a little blurry at first but he saw the Elladan was laying just 3 feet away. His eyes were closed and he looked very pale. As the fuzz cleared from his head he remembered what happened and he carefully looked around to see if there were any Goblins around. There was no one around so he tried to move toward Elladan but excruciating shot from his leg up the whole length of his body. He yelled out of sheer shock from that pain. Immediately he wished he had not yelled because far away but not far enough for comfort there was the bone-chilling howl of a warg.

“Elladan wake up! We have to get out of here!” But nothing came from Elladan lips. There was another chilling howl just slightly closer this time.

“Oh Elbereth! Please help! I can’t move to well and Elladan won’t wake up. Please let Estel find father in time.” He asked this but he doubted that they would be saved because it would be too far to get to father and then get back here by now.


What Elrohir did not know was that Elrond and the elves heard the same howls that he was hearing. Elrond was not happy to be hearing those howls. It was twilight not enough light to see at all and he had to fight Goblins. He did not want to add wargs to that. He talked to Raion to get the others ready to fight wargs also.

Half the group scaled the trees and traveled through them. The others spread out but not too thin they did not want to be caught off guard.


Elrohir was not happy about what was going on around him. He had no weapons and the Wargs were too close for comfort. A big stone was just out of reach he knew he could use it but it would never be enough against a pack. Well he had to at least try. He crawled on his arms and he was sweating and the pain from his ankle was so bad he had to fight the urge to pass out. He made it and he lie on the ground holding the rock and panting. At that moment he heard a low growl and he turned to face two yellow eyes standing dangerously close to Elladan. He sat up and through the rock hitting the Warg Square in between the eyes. The warg fell hard but another one just took his place, and from the trees appeared ten other Wargs making a circle around the brothers.

“Get out of here!” screamed Elrohir but the Wargs just laughed.


Elrond heard that scream and the elves charged toward the desperate cry. They came upon the twins just as a warg took his huge paw and swiped it right across Elrohir’s chest. The swipe knocked Elrohir and brought an anquished scream from Estel. He took the knife he had used earlier and ran for that warg. He ran so fast that no elf dared shoot their arrows for fear of hitting him. He jumped on the back of the warg and stabbed it four times before it fell dead. The other wargs turned to the elves and the rained arrows on them killing all of them. Elrond was by Elrohir’s side in a matter of one second. He checked the wound from claws of the warg and found it deep but nothing quite a few stitches would not fix. He checked the ankle and he was very worried about that. It was broken in two places and he was not positive but he thought there were pieces broken off. He set the ankle so it would not be jarred too much as they traveled back to Rivendell. By the time it was over both Father and son were sweating and shedding tears holding on to each other just from the relief of finding each other and for comfort.

After Elrond composed himself he went over to where the other healer was working on Elladan. He was not in good condition at all Estel was grinding up Athalos for another poultice but the punctured lung was not looking good at all. Elrond talked to him while the healer worked but there was no response from him.

Raion and Two other soldiers were preparing stretchers for the men. They made the sheets as tight as possible so there would be little sagging from their body weight and less stress from the walk.

Raion was watching Estel work tirelessly beside his brother, but he also knew that he was soon to the breaking point in his strength. He noticed his hand would shake when they were not working, and he just sat down because he could hardly keep himself up anymore.

“We are going to need another stretcher for Estel. You work on it while I go and talk to him.” The other two nodded in agreement as Raion started toward Estel.

“Estel, Why don’t I make you some tea?”

“No thanks Raion. I need to stay here.”

“Estel, you are going to be no help to your brothers if you don’t care for yourself.”

“I need to stay.” Estel yelled. “Please don’t make me go.”

Raion gave in but he made Estel promise to drink some tea that he would make. He made some tea and asked Elrond for some Atholas. He took the atholas and crushed it up and set a bowl beside Estel. The fragrance and the tea gave Estel new strength for him to be able to stay awake. He held his brothers hand and watched as the healer did what he could to inflate Elladan’s lung. He was not hopeful but if Eru willed him well he would get well. Estel prayed that Eru would bless him with his brother.

They loaded up the stretchers and Estel flatly refused to use the one made for him. Elrond had to convince him to use it. He was not on the stretcher long when he fell asleep. The long journey back to Rivendell began then. They knew the boys would never recover even if they only waited until morning.


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