Gilraen: Giver of Hope – CHAPTER 35

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Chapter 35

Estel could not believe how his life had changed in 4 short months. His happy world had been shattered and it seemed to him like a dark cloud was constantly over his head. Even in the times that have been mostly happy, the black cloud seemed to follow him wherever he went. He tried pushing it aside, but that never worked. He tried to follow his momma in praying to Eru but the cloud always seemed to stop the prayers. He felt weighed down by the cloud, and in the back of his mind he always felt it was his fault.

One day when Estel felt particularly sad he went to Elrond’s house and when he knocked who should open the door but Elladan. Estel yelled in excitement and jumped into his arms. “It is a good thing I have such strong arms brother. You are no lightweight.” Elladan laughed.

Estel laughed and said, “When did you get in?”

“Last night.”

” Is Elrohir home also?”

“Yes,” Elladan said as he roughed Estels hair, “why don’t you come in and be a polite boy and say hi to him.”

Estel ran into the house and tackled Elrohir as he was getting up from the table where he had been talking to his father. “Hey what’s this little rat who is jumping on me? Would that be LITTLE Estel?”

“Little!” Estel cried in an exasperated voice, “I’ll show you how little I really am.” He proceeded to wrestle on the floor with Elrohir.

Finally Elrond stepped in and said in laughing voice. “Alright boy take it outside or you will have to fight me, and I don’t think either of you want to do that.” He may be 5,000 years old but that had no bearing on how strong he was.

The three boys went out into the garden. Estel felt a happiness fill his heart that he had not felt in a while. The bad feelings tried nagging at him but he just pushed them so far down that he could not hear their voice anymore. Elladan sighed as he walked around and breathed in the life giving air of his home. He was happy to be home and have some rest from all the fighting and wandering. Finally he spoke, “Ada told us how you helped in tracking Sermë the other week. Elrohir and I would like to take you on a trip so we can teach you tracking and hunting in harder conditions.”

Estel brightened at that thought. Time with his brothers was always hard to find and it was always shorter than he really wanted. So he jumped on the idea. “I would love to go, when?”

“What do you think, Elrohir? A week soon enough to get packed and have a short rest?”

“Short being the word I would say.” Elrohir said as he rolled his eyes. Estel’s face fell and Elrohir elbowed him. “I guess I can give up the rest just for Estel.”

Estel went to talk to his mom and Raion about going on the trip. Of course they said yes, and she hoped maybe the time spent with Elladan and Elrohir would help to heal his heart. She prayed for this everyday, but if he did not let it help there was nothing she could do.

So off went Estel to spend time with his brothers. He spent the week at Elrond’s house. Bright and Early on Monday morning the trio headed out on thier trip.


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