Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Gilraen was sleeping when Raion ran into the House of Healing. Elrond had just got done cleaning things up and he was had tears in his eyes. Raion took one look at him and panic welled up in his heart.

“What’s wrong? Is Gilraen alright?”

Elrond took him into another room and talked to him.

“Gilraen will be fine in time. The baby has died. I am so sorry”

Raion sank into a chair as shock started taking over. He felt as if he was standing beside himself watching what was happening to his real self. He could hear Elrond talking yet it seamed like he was speaking from a long tunnel.

“Gilraen had some problems we did not foresee until it was too late. I am so sorry.” Elrond said his own voice thick with emotion.

Raion went to go sit beside Gilraen. He took her hand and kissed it. She did not wake up. Elrond had given her a tea to help her sleep. So Raion crawled into bed beside her and held her as his tears silently fell from his face.

The next morning Gilraen woke up and was confused. Why was she in the healing house? Where were Raion and the children? She sat up and it all flooded back to her. Where was her baby? She wondered. She called for Linwë, but it was Raion who walked through the door. She looked at him and felt a sudden dread grip her heart. His eyes were red, and his face held nothing but sorrow.

Raion, What happened?

He cleared his throat and sat down taking her hand. “There were problems. Can you tell me what you remember?”

“Not much. I came to see Linwë and I suddenly did not feel well. I know I was having some pain and since I see that I no longer carry our child I assume it is born.”

Raion sighed, “It was a girl and was born dead.”

“Dead how?”

“You had a problem with your Blood pressure. Your heart was racing and our girl could not take the stress. Elrond and Linwë did all they could do but nothing helped this time. Mandos called our little one.”

“He can not have her! I did not tell him to take her!” she screamed at him. She fell into his arms and criedsobbs that hurt her chest. She felt like she was falling into a cold dark pit and the only small help was Raion’s arms.

“Where is she?”

“She is washed and dressed, would you like to see her?”

“Yes” was all she could manage.

Raion left and brought back a small bundle. Gilraen thought she looked like a sweet sleeping baby; except that her face was white instead of the usual rose color of babies. She was dressed in the soft muslin pink dress Gilraen had made in case of a girl. She was wrapped in the white blanket on which she was going to embroider the baby’s name.

She looked at her girl and said, “I want to name her Enelya. It fits her perfectly.”

Raion looked down at his wife and daughter and chocked out a soft, “Yes it does.”

They sat there holding her and crying until Gilraen could not take it any more. “Please take her back to Elrond and tell him it is time to bury her.”

Raion took her to Elrond and Silently gave her back. He just nodded to let him know it was time. Gilraen stayed in the house of healing that day and Estel came to see her. No words were said between them she just held him as he cried.

The next day they Burried her and the elves sang the most haunting song for the little one. There were no words spoken because never before had a child been buried in Imaldris before this time. There was no way they understood what to say. They just sang.

Gilraen went home and crawled into her own world of darkness. Not letting anyone in to help her. Not Raion, Not Sermë, and not even Estel.

Enelya means Lily

I am so sad right now.


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