Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Raion sat on a chair and watched as the sun bathed Gilraen in its glory. He marveled at how it caused her hair to shine. He thought it made a lovely halo that framed her face in its rich dark curly mass. She looked so peaceful and content sleeping in his bed. She slowly opened her eyes and was startled by his presence.

“What are you doing here?”

“You slept in my bed last night or do you easily forget?” he asked with a grin.

It all flooded back to her and she smiled lovingly at him. “No I don’t forget. I just am not used to someone in the bedroom with me much less staring at me as I wake up. How long have you been there?

“Most of the night. I found I could not sleep knowing you were so close to me. I needed to be here with you. Do not fear though I sat in the chair all night.”

“Good!” she said with a laugh. Now get out so I can dress. It will never do for me to stay in bed all morning on the day of my wedding, that is if Elrond can arrange the time.”

Suddenly she jumped up wrapping the bed sheet around her and said, “There is so much to do I need to get home soon. Would you please leave?”

Raion walked up to her and pulled her into his arms. “Not before I get a quick kiss my soon to be wife.”
She wrapped one arm around his neck and smiled saying, “I think there is time for that my love.”
Their lips met in a tender and sweet kiss that sent Gilraen’s mind twirling. Her thoughts bugged her as they parted, “I sure hope I am worthy of this wonderful elf. I sure hope the Illuvatar knows what they are doing.” For a little time the old thoughts plagued her again, but she knew she could trust the Illuvatar and that he never makes mistakes. She quickly dressed and hurried home as quickly as possible.

Elrond was delighted to perform the wedding. They set it for that very evening. Laliath helped her pick the right dress. It was a cream colored silk with the bodice covered in tiny beads. The sleeves were long and flowing while the dress swished the floor as she walked. She had worn the dress once before a few years ago for mid summer celebration banquet. Gilraen had picked out a bunch of Lilies, which were her favorite. They were white with a yellow center stamen. She was so excited that she did not feel the nerves that almost ruined her first wedding. She was very young her first wedding and she did not know what to expect or what Arathorn would expect of her: him being so much older than her. Right now she was just so happy to have finally given in to hearts longing that the freeness her heart felt after all these years of suppression far out weighed any nervousness she would normal feel.

She walked toward Raion with the biggest smile on her face. She barely heard the words spoken by Elrond but she knew she meant the promises that she made to Raion. She would truly love and cherish this man all the days of her life. Raion felt like an orc spear could impale him and never feel a thing. His happiness made him fully complete in the wedding on this day to Gilraen. He never took thought on this day of the fact that he would one day loose her to death. He just knew that this marriage would last, and that he would be pleased to live the rest of his day loving and honoring Gilraen to the best of his ability.

Estel and Serme watched and reveled in the love and happiness they saw shining through their parents. They felt they had suffered almost as much as their parents. Worrying if either would ever be truly happy again. Now they witnessed the final result of all their prayers and they could not be happier for the 2 most important people in their lives.

Elrond pronounced them husband and wife. They kissed and the whole world faded. The only thing that mattered to them was each other. The kiss lasted for a whole minute. Elrond cleared his throat and smiled.
When they parted, they smiled and hugged. Elrond then told them that he would take care of the children for two days. Gilraen gave him a hug and they went home.


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