Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Gilraen went back to her room mauling over what Sermë had talked about. She had heard of others who had seen such sights when they had been unconscious, although none of them had been so clearly remembered. She felt so sad when the girl had talked about loosing her mother again. Gilraen had never known her but she imagined that she had been a lovely elf. She had to be look at her family. She thought on the other things she had talked about also and a disturbing and yet intriguing though came into her head. Sermë
Had said something about heagay Estel call her back from the area of despair. She remembered what her own mother had at the time of her wedding to Arathorn. “If these two wed now, hope may yet be born for our people; but if they delay, it not come while this age lasts.” She knew that the one who was to be King one day in Gondor would have a special healing quality. Was her Estel the one who would fulfill all things?

She raced away past her room to Elrond’s room and wrapped loudly on his door. There was no answer. So she sped away to the library where she knew he loved to spend time. He was not there either. She felt a desperate need to have the questions answered that were spinning in her head. She thought if they were not answered soon she would explode. Finally she found him in the gardens talking to King Thandruil.

“Elrond!” she exploded before she realized that she had interrupted the king, ” I have need to speak with you!”

Elrond looked at her strangely; then she realized what she did, and meekly stepped back saying, ” I am so sorry. Please continue I will wait for you in my room.” She turned quickly so they could not see her face turning seven shades of red, and walked quickly back to her room. She never felt so humiliated in her life and she hoped Elrond would not seek her out for a long time.

Her wish was not so granted to her and before she knew it there was a knock at her door. She took a deep breath, straightened her skirt, and humbly opened the door.

“I am so sorry, Elrond. I never meant to interrupt you so rudely.”

“I must admit you certainly took me off guard, but the king and I were just finishing up our conversation. So tell me what was important that you had to come flying to see me.” he said this with a twinkle in his eye that made Gilraen feel at ease so she felt ready to ask her question.

First she told Elrond what Sermë had seen in her dream while she was unconscious. Then she got to the part about Sermë being in desperate after her mother left her. She relayed how Estele’s voice had drawn her back from that dark place.

“Elrond my mother convinced my father to allow me to marry Arathorn; because she felt that hope would be born for my people if we were to wed. I also know the coming will have the hands of a healer. Arathorn knew how to cure diseases because of some things you taught him but he never could call back from the realm of despair. Does Estel possess a special gift and does that mean that he will one day be the king of men? Was my mother prophesying about our future child?”

Elrond was quiet as he digested all that Gilraen had told him. He was not sure he knew the answer. He could see some things of the future, but he had never tried to see any of Estel’s future. He knew when he had taken them in that it was necessary to protect him from any onslaught that Sauron may send after him. He had felt that it was very important to save anyone that was a direct line from Isildur, but he had never considered that Estel might actually be the one to become king someday. He need time to ponder this and ask the Valar for help and guidance in this area.

“Gilraen I need to think and ask for guidance from the Valar. You need to be patient and wait for my answer. I also must reread the prophecies concerning the king. I will come back to you with an answer. At least some kind of an answer.” He added the last line as if he was not so sure what would transpire.

Elrond left Gilraen to ponder her own thoughts on the matter. She truly hoped that Elrond would find an answer that she needed.


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