Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 17

by Jun 17, 2004Stories

Chapter 17

Sermë opened her eyes to a blurry world. She heard her father’s voice and she saw a woman looking intently at her. “Nana is that you?”

“No Sermë it is me Gilraen, Estel’s mother.”

“Nana why is it so dark? Is it night time?”

Raion tried talking to her. “Sermë, you are in the healing house in Mirkwood. Remember we were coming here with Estel and his mother? You fell and hit your head, and you were out for quite a few days.

“Ada, my eyes are blurry. I can see but it is just shapes. Help me!”

Raion’s turned in fear to look for Elrond. Elrond moved in to take a look at her eyes. Raion left her side, so he could give Elrond room to work.

“Ada don’t leave me I am scared!” Sermë called in an anxious and fearful voice.

Raion wiped the tears from his eyes and steadied his voice. “It’s ok, sweetheart, I am not leaving. Now let master Elrond Check your eyes.”

Sermë allowed Elrond to check her out but she held out her hand to her father so he could hold it. She needed the comfort of his touch just now. He was not going to deny her anything that she wanted right now. He would give her the moon if it were at all possible. This is how much Joy and sadness was in his heart at this very moment. The two were not crowding his heart they were filling it until he thought it would burst. Then the tears flowed again as a way to release those two feelings.

Elrond used the light and a mirror to look behind her eyes to see if there was any real damage. He saw nothing amiss so he just figured she needed some time and her eyes would clear right up. Estel was helping through the whole process because Elrond did a full body exam. Her reflexes reacted very well and her hearing was fine. She had full range of motion with her right arm, and her left was healing beautifully.

“Well young lady I believe you will be up and running in another day. Your eyes should clear up and then you will be ready to go again. Just stay out of trees for awhile, ok?”

“Yes sir, Lord Elrond,” Sermë said quietly.

Elrond turned to Raion. “I want her to stay here for a couple days just for observation but feel free to take her out to the gardens. Just have her back here in the evening.”

“Ok, thank you so much master Elrond. There are no words to tell you how grateful I am for what you have done.”

“I know how you feel. I am just happy to see her awake.”

Raion sat back down at her side. He stayed there the rest of the night and a cot was brought in so he could sleep with her. They fell asleep holding hands, which comforted both of them.

Gilraen and Estel stayed until evening. Estel talked to Sermë about all the things he has been learning from Elrond about healing. Gilraen was amazed at the things he remembered. Children always seem to have a quick mind for memorizing things. She watched Raion’s face the whole evening and was glad to see the worry gone. His face was softer, less wrinkled from the agitation that was eating at him. His eyes had some of their spark back, and he even laughed when Estel told a joke. She was so glad that Sermë was fine, not just because she wanted the girl better; but it made her so happy to see her Raion back. She had felt so helpless for him and now she could see things were going to be just fine.


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