Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Sermë lay peacefully in the house of healing in Mirkwood. The healer apprentice just left her room and Estel sat with her. He was glad they were finally in a place where she got all the help she needed and he wanted to be with her when she awoke.

The trip had been pretty uneventful for them. Elladan and Elrohir had made a very sturdy stretcher that had been strapped to Sermë’s horse. Estel had ridden on her right side and Raion on her left. Gilraen rode beside Raion and had been as much help and comfort to him that she was able. When they rode into Mirkwood they had gotten Sermë to the House of Healing right away. Elrond examined her toughly and found that the wound on her head had a lot of swelling around it. He was unsure if it was from the traveling or if it was from the fall. He had done some surgery that helped to drain the fluid and relieve the pressure. Now he was sure all would go well and she would wake up.

Estel picked up her hand and started to talk to her.

“Sermë, it is time to wake up now. My father has fixed you. He is a great man and you will be well if only you would wake up. I am so afraid for you and you should not be so sleepy anymore. We need to be able to go run in the fields by the waterfall and swing in the garden behind Father’s house. I need you to be my friend again.”

He was so busy talking to her that he did not hear the door open. Legolas stood in the doorway and watched the scene before him and his heart went out to young human. When Estel was done speaking he cleared his throat and walked in. Estel quickly wiped some tears from his eyes and said, “Oh Prince Legolas, I did not hear you come in.”

“I am the one who is sorry, Estel. I did not mean to barge in during your alone time with her. I was coming to check on her progress.”

“Momma said I could sit with her awhile today. I just want to see her wake up.”

Legolas sat down next to him and felt her hand. “You know, Estel, her hand is warmer than the day you all arrived. I helped to carry her to the room and I was sure she was dead then because her hands were so cold. She is getting stronger, and I believe she will wake up soon. These things take time sometimes.”

“Father said the same thing, but I am not sure how long I can wait.”

“Waiting always is the hardest part of anyone’s life. Yet it is the most important thing we can learn. It always seems like the world will fall apart if do not get our answer right when we want it, but if that always happened we would become a selfish group of beings. Ilúvatar never promised us a carefree life. Our history has taught us that life is full of waiting. Ilúvatar is teaching you in hard way to be patient and wait on him. I know it is hard to understand why but if you learn the lesson while you are young it will save you from heartache in the future. In all my 2,000 years, I have always found waiting to be the hardest lesson to learn.”

“Thank you Legolas I will try being patient. I do ask for Elbereth to bring her life back. So I will try doing more of that until something certain happens.”

They sat in silence for a while when suddenly Sermë’s hand jerked. Estel jumped up yelling, “Did you see that Legolas, did you? Her hand moved.”

Legolas ran to the door and called for Elrond. Elrond came rushing in and checked her eyes and felt her pulse. He told Legolas to call her dad, and he watched her reactions as Estel called to her coaxing her to wake up.

Raion and Gilraen both came bursting through the door. Raion dropped to his knees beside her bed calling her name through the steady stream of tears that was running down his face. Her head moved slightly and she turned to her father and opened her eyes.

Author’s note: This chapter is dedicated to all the people who read this story. It is because you guys wanted Estel to meet Legolas so badly that I changed the way the story went. I hope you all liked it.


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