Gilraen: Giver of Hope – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
Gilraen was shocked when she heard what Estel said. “What do you mean you are going to Mirkwood this summer?”

“Elladan said that I have gotten so good that I could go with him to and Elrohir when they go to Mirkwood.”

Gilraen was angry her eyes got a hard look in them and she stormed over to where Elladan and Elrond were standing. She grabbed Elladan’s arm in order for him to face her. “How dare you tell Estel he could go with you to Mirkwood,” she seethed. “You had no right! Especially without my permission.”

Elladan pulled back from her with a puzzled look on his face. “I never told Estel he could come to Mirkwood”

“Well he just came up to me and said those very words to Me.,” she proclaimed indignantly.

Elladan thought for a moment and then a realization started to come over his face. “Oh no! I never meant that when I told him about coming with me. I am so sorry. It happened about a week ago during practice. He was doing well and feeling so confident in his progress and I just made the comment that he was getting so good that he could go with El and me without any trouble. I never really meant for him to actually come with us.”

Estel had come up behind his mom and heard what Elladan said, and he got angry. His eyes flashed and he burst out around his mother and yelled, “You liar! I know you meant I could go. You are just saying that cause you think I am too little to go, But that is not what you meant! I know what you meant and I wanted to go.” At this tears started running down his face and he ran home.

Elrond saw the whole thing, and he went after Estel. When he got to the house Estel was sitting on the steps to his house crying. Elrond sat down quietly beside him and waited for his tears to be spent. The he took Estel’s chin in his hand and turned his face so he could look at him. “Estel why all this fuss over something you know Elladan never meant.”

“But that is what he said”

“Ok maybe he did say that but you had to know that your mom and I had to approve such a thing before you could go.”

“Well maybe I did, but I just miss them so when they go. They go for such long periods of time.”

“I know what you mean. It seems like they are hardly home before they go again, but that is because they have duties to perform. Mirkwood is a dangerous place also not to mention it takes a good week to get there. You never know what you may meet along the way. There are many bad things in this world that mean to hurt you. You have no idea how to defend yourself.”

“When can I learn such things?”

“Soon you will be taking lessons on how to use a bow, but sword fighting will not come until you are at least 10.”

“Oh” Estel said hanging his head sadly. Ten may as well have been a millennium as far as he was concerned. At that moment Elladan come down the path and called to Estel that he needed to take care of Titton. So Estel ran off to get Titton”s saddle off and brush him down.

Gilraen was with Elladan and she asked Elrond if all was well. “Yes he is calmed down, but I would like to talk to you and see if there is a reasonable compromise here.”

“I was trying to come up with one myself but I can’t see how. You know what will happen if Sauron gets a hold of him. I just don’t know.”

They sat there quietly thinking for a little while, when Gilraen broke the silence. “What if we went but we took 2 scouting parties of 20 elves each and then in a small group around Estel we had you and me, Raion, Elladan and Elrohir. One group of scouts in front and one group behind us to protect us from what comes along.”

“I can certainly make it happen,” Elrond said with a smile.

“I would not want the scouts where Estel can see them. I do not want him to know that he is in danger.”

“Ok, That is fine with me. Elladan when were you planning on leaving.”

“El and I were planning on leaving in May but we can wait until June. It will hurt nothing.”

“So it is settled then,” Gilraen said with a little apprehension.

“Don’t worry Gilraen. We will do our best to keep everything safe.”

“I know but I am his mother. I have to worry some.”

Elladan Got up from the porch and said, “So does anyone care if I tell him the news.”

“No but I am going with you,” Gilraen said as she got up also.

They walked to the Stable where Estel was brushing Titton. Elladan leaned lazily on the door to the stall, and watched Estel as he brushed out Titton’s mane.

“So Estel have you ever done that with Titton tied to a stake in the ground?”

Estel’s brow furrowed. “No you know that I never have.”

“Well you better get me to teach you so that when we go to Mirkwood together Titton and you are used to such things.”

Estel’s mouth dropped open and his eyes lit up. He saw his mom just a little way down the stall, and look to her just to make sure it was true. She smiled and nodded her head yes. Estel let out a whoop that caused Titton to jump and neigh staining against his ropes. Elladan patted his nose while he spoke some calming words to Titton and when the pony calmed down he scolded Estel for yelling. “You know that you are not to do that around Titton.”

“I am so sorry, Titton,” He said as he hugged the horses neck. He got out of the stall and Hugged Elladan then and jumped over to his mom. “Oh thank you so much, momma. I think you are the best.”

Gilraen laughed and teased back, “That is only because you got your way this time. Just you wait next time you will hate me because I won’t let you go.”

“Oh I will never hate you, momma,” Estel said emphatically.
Gilraen kissed him on the top of his head. “I think you better get Finished brushing Titton. We still have 2 months before we go.”

“Ok” was his reply as he skipped back to the stall and started telling Titton all the wonderful thing that was going to happen on the trip.


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